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Chapter 1241 curious

Chapter 1241 Curious

“What’s up? You come to buy clothes without money! See you are wearing ancient costumes, now that ancient costumes are so expensive, you can all afford them, come to me and go straight away? Impossible, you Don’t look at you as handsome, you’re great!” The

owner was a little stunned, and after realizing the reaction, he yelled, not giving Bo Qingang a face at all. Xiao Su’er laughed scornfully and walked to the owner girl. Next to him, “Little sister, lend me your cell phone to make a call.”


Xiao Suer thought about it while holding the phone, and dialed Xiao Yuhan’s cell phone.

At the same time, Bo Qingang’s face turned blue, and the shop owner was still uttering all kinds of ugly words. He was holding back. When did he suffer such humiliation? He suddenly regretted why he brought Xiao Su’er to such a small shop just now, and he should go directly to the mall, even if the people in the mall saw that he had no money, they would automatically give him clothes.

“Boss, stop swearing, my brother will be here soon, and he will come to help us pay.” Xiao Su’er walked to Bo Qingang’s side and held him, her face flushed with suffocation.

“You two buy this clothes for a few hundred dollars, and you still need someone to pay for it? I don’t know if you are rich young masters who don’t know how to make money, or two…” The

shop owner suffocated his throat when he said nothing. Here, the daughter who just got her mobile phone suddenly yelled, “Mom, stop scolding, do you know that you offended someone? Look!”

Her mobile page showed up, and she secretly filmed the video just now. When Qing Ang’s photos were posted on Weibo, many people commented in an instant, and some people directly said that they would come to see Bo Shao. With so many people stamping, she was almost certain that the person in front of him was Bo Shao.

Bo Shao disappeared for a month, and all the media couldn’t find him. He was not seen even if he was stuck in the downstairs of his company every day.

He hasn’t been in a magazine for so long, and he hasn’t been interviewed by the media. So many people want to see him and can’t see it. Those who like to see beautiful boys have long exploded.

Including the daughter of the shopkeeper in front of me, she yelled while holding up her mobile phone, “Mom, this is Shao, Shao! Will people not be able to pay you for these two clothes? He must have left the house and forgot to bring the driver, so He didn’t bring a wallet. He can buy them directly from this store if he wants to buy you. Give him these two clothes. Shao Shao, can you sign me and take a photo with me?”

“There is that. Is there any money? You said Bo Shao is the one who often appears in magazines? How could it be possible! Will he come to a small shop like ours? I think this person looks like him, don’t you think you and Bo Shao You don’t need to pay if you look like it? Pay!” The

shop owner wanted to pull on Bo Qingang’s clothes when he said this, Xiao Suer immediately stepped forward to block him in front of him, “Boss, look outside the door.”

In just a few minutes, many people have already crowded to the door, and the front of the shop has become full of voices. Many people are holding their mobile phones and patting Bo Qingang continuously, and the voices of discussion are endless. ——

“Look! This is Bo Shaoye. He would come to this kind of shop to buy clothes. Even if he wears clothes for a hundred dollars, he is so handsome!”

“You said that Shao Bo hasn’t appeared for a month, and suddenly appeared in such a small shop. Did something happen?”

“No, you mean Bo is bankrupt? It must be impossible!”

Xiao Suer used Looking at Bo Qingang from the corner of his eye, today should be a special experience in his life! When traveling without bodyguards, I was surrounded by a large group of people taking pictures but no one stopped me. I was also troubled by the owner of a small shop.

Until Xiao Yuhan came to check out and took the two of them away, the people around him were still taking pictures without the usual feeling of dread. After all, one stone caused a thousand waves of waves. One person suggested that the Bo family might be bankrupt, and many people believed it.

In addition, the person who came to pay the bill was Professor Xiao, not from the Bo family, which exacerbated their thoughts. Bo Shao became a soft food eater and had to ask his brother-in-law to pay.

“Hahaha…” Xiao Suer was sitting in the back seat of Xiao Yuhan’s car, and she couldn’t help laughing, watching Bo Qing’ang laugh out of her teeth.

Bo Qingang looked at her affectionately, watching her laugh out of breath, and when she finally calmed down, she put her arms around her shoulders, “Have you laughed enough? Did you see that you have been very The curious side?”

Huh? Xiao Su’er’s smile stiffened on her face, just to show her her curious side?

She had indeed wondered what it would be like if Bo Qingang was embarrassed, and what it would be like to be watched by others but helpless!

But these curiosities were a long time ago, and now she has no such heavy curiosity, but Bo Qingang keeps her emotions all the time in mind.

“Bo Shao, do you want to take me to experience things that I have never experienced before, and to see scenes that I wanted to see but couldn’t see before?”

Is this… fulfilling all her wishes with her last life? ? Xiao Su’er suddenly felt blood dripping from his heart.

“If so, isn’t it right? It used to be that I spent more time at work than with you, but now I turn it around and stay with you every day. I don’t care about work anymore. We will do all the things you want to do.”

Bo Qingang took Xiao Su’er’s shoulders, and he almost crushed his teeth where Xiao Su’er hadn’t seen him, and the feeling of almost freezing his heart came again.

He couldn’t bear it, his willpower seemed not as strong as before, but this time he tried hard to bear it.

He didn’t want Xiao Su’er to see him painful and uncomfortable at the last moment of his life. He hoped that in Xiao Su’er’s heart he would always be a strong object and a shoulder she could rely on.


Xiao Su’er was lying on the bed tossing and couldn’t fall asleep. She turned over and got up and went to Xiao Wang’s room. She thought she could see him sleeping fast, but she didn’t expect that he was still awake and reading.

“Why don’t you sleep so late?” Xiao Su’er sat beside him.

“Mom, I want to learn quickly, and then jump two more levels, and strive to enter university early. I also want to study medicine.” Xiao Wang looked up at her with distress in his eyes. Her son seemed to have grown up in an instant. .

“Don’t you like computers? Why do you want to study medicine? Do you inherit your mother’s career?” Xiao Suer rubbed his hair.

“Mom, you shouldn’t find Frozen Grass when you go back this time? Then I will solve the poison in you and dad.” Xiao Wang patted his chest, it seems that he has grown strong enough.

“Xiao Wang is so powerful? You can also solve the poison that your mother can’t solve?” Xiao Su’er felt his eyes a little hot and a little up.

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