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Chapter 1242 Life after life

Chapter 1242

“Mom, don’t forget that I am a genius, I am smarter than you and Dad, did you have me so good when you were my age? In this case, I think I will be able to compare If you learn fast, I will be able to undo the poison that you can’t solve.”

Xiao Wang smiled hard at her. Xiao Su’er couldn’t help but shed tears as she watched the child’s strong smile, and covered her mouth and walked out of the room. .

Leaning against the wall, Xiao Su’er slid down the wall and sat directly on the corridor of the room. What was it like to feel pain and weakness? Just like now! One body of medical skills can’t solve the poison of the one you love, and even your children are forced to give up what they love, just because they are worried that his parents will leave him, how can things develop like this?

“Uuuu…” Xiao Su’er covered her mouth and burst into tears. The cry leaked from the gap between her fingers, and she bit her lower lip tightly.

Bo Qingang turned over, but his hand touched the icy bed on the other side. He immediately opened his eyes and was thinking of going out of the room to find Xiao Su’er. He didn’t want to leave her every minute of his life.

But just after getting out of bed, he suddenly fell to the ground, his eyes were cracking and his head was full of cold sweat, and the pain came again, as if freezing his whole body. This time he couldn’t stand it anymore, and clenched his fist. The punch was on the floor, and it was obvious that a crack appeared on the floor.

A door separated the two people. Xiao Su’er was sitting on the ground outside the door and crying. Bo Qingang was lying on the ground inside the door with great pain. The two people were sad at this moment, but they couldn’t relieve each other’s sadness.

the next day.

Bo Qingang wore the clothes he bought in the small shop, and took Xiao Su’er on the plane flying far away with the suitcase. Xiao Su’er was a little confused from start to finish. She thought Bo Qingang would stay at home no matter what. One day, don’t think that two people will definitely take their son when they go out. He didn’t expect him to drag her and leave.

Sitting on the plane, looking at the clouds outside through the window, Xiao Suer looked at Bo Qingang next to him, “Aang, why don’t you bring Xiao Wang? We two went out to play alone, it’s not good!”

“Nothing is not so good. The two of us were separated after we were together for a long time. Xiao Wang was born within a short time in the two-person world. Now we will make up for that period of time and take you through the two-person world. Bo Qingang raised his head and put the phone in front of Xiao Su’er, “We’ll go here for the first stop.”

“Here? Isn’t this grandpa’s house?”

“Didn’t you live in this place for the five years you left me? I want to take a look at the place where our son was born, and take a look at the place where you lived in those five years.”

Bo Qingang had arranged everything a long time ago, Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing when he looked at him, “Okay! Just go! Go here. If you want to go, I will accompany you. By the way, I will show you the life of those five years.”

She has been living overseas for those five years, living under the protection of Father Ang, but despite the protection, she But I am not happy at all, so everyday life can be said to be two points and one line: the hospital and the home!

She never even went out to go shopping. All the clothes and food were provided by her grandpa. If it weren’t for her poor health and need to go to the hospital for regular maintenance, she might not even want to go out of the house.

She led Bo Qingang through every street and every road she had walked before. Bo Qingang watched carefully, and even filmed it with a camera. When she went to the hospital, she asked the doctor to ask the five carefully. The situation of Xiao Suer during the years.

Hearing the doctor said that the pain caused by that explosion to Xiao Su’er, including that their children had to endure years of painful maintenance to be considered healthy children, he looked guilty.

Xiao Su’er stroked his hand to comfort, “It’s okay, isn’t everything going through now? We are the best together.”

“Have you only been to these places in the past five years? Home, hospital, and must You’ve never been to the other two streets in the past, or even the parks?”

“Is there anything to go around ? In those years, I was so in poor health and I had to take care of Xiao Wang. I worried every day that this child would It won’t be because of bad physique that I don’t grow up. I don’t have the mood to go to the park.” Xiao Suer sat in the park, leaning on Bo Qingang’s shoulder and looking at this familiar and unfamiliar place.

She suddenly felt a little funny. This park was less than a kilometer away from their home. She had never been to this park before.

“Su’er, I’m sorry!” Bo Qingang turned his head and kissed her forehead gently.

“If in the next life you come to meet me earlier, okay? We two will be childhood sweethearts, and let me protect you from childhood! You can be not as smart or stupid as you were in your life, and you don’t need to know medicine or so. Be brave, just live under my umbrella, and let me make up for what I owe you in this life!”

At the last moment of his life, he even planned for the next life, and his love for Xiao Suer did not last for a lifetime. It also printed the promise of eternal life.

“What nonsense? Do you want to make up for the debt? Then you will make up in this life. We still have decades of life, enough for you to make up for those five years! I don’t want the next life, I don’t want those imaginary promises, I just I want you to tell me at this moment that you will never go ahead of me in this life!”

Xiao Suer took his hand and asked him stubbornly over and over again, “Okay, promise me, OK? Just do as I said. Must not go ahead of me, okay, okay?”

“Su’er, I never seem to have lied to you. Ten years ago, I would rather make you suffer for a while than lie to you. You really want to let you now Did I tell the first lie to you?” Bo Qingang didn’t say the word okay under his begging, but continued to ask.

“But…” Xiao Su’er lowered her head and shed tears. She would rather hear a lie now, or to comfort her bitter heart for a while, as long as this sentence is fine.

“Su’er! If you didn’t travel back from the Continent of All Saints, our two lives would not have an intersection. I can’t imagine what my life was like.” What was he like

before he met her? Cold, cold, and unkind! He cannot be regarded as a person, he is a machine, a money-making machine.

After meeting Xiao Su’er, he became a flesh and blood person, angry and jealous, and worried about losing.

“No, the two of us must have an intersection. Our lives have been destined to not be two parallel lines from the previous generation, but two intersecting horizontal lines.” Xiao Suer leaned on his shoulder. Looking at the blue sky.

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