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Chapter 1243 Make up for regrets

Chapter 1243 Make up for regrets. The

two people have been busy with each other since they met. At the beginning, she was studying, he was busy with work, and the two were tired of spending time together on weekends. Sometimes Bo Qingang would suddenly rush after receiving a call. the company.

After that, she was busy making movies to participate in the competition. After the two people separated, there was not much overlap. In the past ten years, the two people have been busy and have no time to accompany each other, and they have too many misunderstandings. Now there is no misunderstanding between them, and finally there is Time stopped to get along well.

During the few days overseas, Xiao Suer was playing crazy with two people, and Xiao Suer was taken by Bo Qingang to play all the attractions and projects in this country that she hadn’t been to before.

Xiao Su’er looked at the energetic Bo Qingang, and for many moments she forgot that he was now in the late stage of being highly poisonous.

It was like he was pouring red wine for her in a suit now, making her feel that they were just like when they first met, when Bo Qingang was only in his twenties.

“Bo Shao, these days you have been a driver, a nanny, and a cook. Do you still want to be a waiter now?” Xiao Su’er bit the spoon and looked at him.

“I just like it, let alone being a waiter, it doesn’t matter even if you are a breeder!”

“What do you mean? Are you raising me as an animal?” Xiao Su’er glanced at him with an annoyed look and scooped up a spoonful. The dessert was fed to his mouth, even if it was the spoon she had just bitten, Bo Qingang ate it without caring. The dessert melted in the mouths of the two people, all the way sweet to the heart.

“Su’er, the two of us never seem to have been drunk together. How about trying it today?” Bo Qingang put down the red wine, unexpectedly picked up two bottles of white wine from under the table, and pushed one bottle in front of Xiao Su’er. “Dried these two bottles of liquor, it should be the same for the two of us.”

Xiao Suer picked up the liquor bottle, “why suddenly want to get drunk? Isn’t it sober and unhappy?”

“Perhaps being drunk is happier than being sober. Besides these days, don’t we do a lot of things we haven’t done before? Getting drunk is one of them, come!” Bo Qingang said as soon as he finished speaking, he opened the bottle. , Looked up and drank a lot of liquor.

Xiao Su’er looked at him, with a bitter smile on his lips, and after drinking a few sips of white wine as he did, both of them blushed on their faces.

She lay on the table and looked at him, “I used to dislike drinking very much. I feel that alcohol numbs people and delays a lot of things. Especially since I am a medical student, I know how much alcohol can harm people, so I don’t like drinking. . But now I suddenly found out that it’s pretty good, because after being drunk, I see you as if I saw you ten years ago.”

“I also don’t like drinking, because there are so many things on my back that I can’t make myself drunk. , Even if the ice poison is attacking, I have to use my willpower to support it so that others will see that I am always such a tall image.” Bo Qingang finished this sentence and directly drank a bottle of wine. , The blush on his face deepened.

The Bo family’s young man took over as the family company at a young age. In just a few years, the family company has grown and become the most powerful group in China Mainland. Relying on the ability of one person, he has become the envy of everyone. But loneliness in that high position is something most people can’t taste.

He has not been loved by his mother since he was a child, and his father left him early. How many people can understand the bitterness and loneliness in his heart?

Xiao Su’er sat next to him and slipped into his arms, hoping to warm his cold body with his body temperature.

“The next life is just like what you said, I was reborn by your side, you have to protect me from childhood, I don’t want to be as strong as in this life, and you don’t want to be thinner anymore. The two of us are just two. Ordinary people, okay to live an ordinary and warm life?”

“Okay! Ah…”


The wine bottle in Bo Qingang’s hand fell, falling from the stool in pain, and Xiao Su’er immediately hugged him “What’s the matter with you? Did the poison happen again? Wait a minute!”

She immediately entered the Yao Lingyu space and pulled out almost all the leaves from Xiao Yi. These days he had long discovered Bo Qing’ang’s poisonous effect. The more I can’t control it, there are no more leaves.

“Aang, if you eat these leaves, how can it be relieved? Eat them!” Xiao Su’er stuffed the leaves into his mouth.

Bo Qingang almost did not chew, so he swallowed all the leaves, but the moment he swallowed it again, he was sure that he was out of help now, and waited for the time limit to leave Xiao Su’er, but he Reluctant, really reluctant!

“How? Is it okay?” Xiao Su’er thought to herself that so many leaves would have to play a little role, but Bo Qingang was still in pain, her face didn’t relieve at all, she just gritted her teeth without answering her words. .

Xiao Suer slumped to the ground instantly, “What? No reaction at all? We will go home tomorrow, we will find Ouyang Luo and live in his hospital. Let’s not play around, I have a way, there must be a way! Ouyang Luo has been studying your poison for so many years, there must be a way.” She hugged Bo Qing’ang tightly, helpless and pitiful.

“If you don’t go back, we still have a lot of things left to do. Don’t you want to play some exciting things? Let’s try bungee jumping, try skiing, and finish all the things that the two of us haven’t done before. At that time I’ll be willing to leave!”

Bo Qingang stretched out his hand and stroked Xiao Su’er’s face, but the moment he touched her face, he suddenly frowned and vomited a mouthful of blood to faint.

Lying in Xiao Su’er’s arms, he seemed to have gradually lost his breath, as if the whole person had become cold. Xiao Su’er was very scared and hugged him and shouted, “No! Don’t go, you said you want to accompany me, you didn’t want to do it. Are those things? We haven’t done a lot of things yet, you wake up!”

Bo Qingang didn’t answer her words, but Xiao Su’er could feel his pulse while holding his hand. She didn’t want to wait any longer, and didn’t want to go again. What does it mean to make up for regrets doing things that have not been done? If he is gone, it will be the biggest regret.

She returned to China Continent overnight with Bo Qingang, and was admitted to Ouyang’s hospital. Ouyang Luo exhausted all her efforts and brought Xiao Yuhan and Xiao Shuo to join the consultation, which was regarded as saving him.

“Su’er, rest assured, nothing will happen. Now that the medical technology is so advanced, let alone your genius, we will definitely be able to rescue him.” Xiao Shuo comforted her.

“Is it really possible? If I used to hold him, he would be fine, but now even if I hug him with all my strength, he is still in pain, and I would no longer be able to save him.”

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