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Chapter 1244 The sixth fruit

Chapter 1244 The sixth fruit,

Xiao Su’er, squeezed his hand into a fist, and looked at Bo Qingang lying in the ward and asked Ouyang Luo in a low voice, “How long can he last if you only rely on the methods you have developed over the years? I can’t relieve him. I can’t find Ice Cold Grass. I’m just a person who is useless to him. You come to treat him and I will cooperate with all my strength!”

Ouyang Luo frowned, “Neither do I I know how long I can keep him with my all-out effort. I really don’t know! I have frustrated his poison countless times for so many years. You can see that although he seems to have calmed down now, it is actually the poison himself. After the attack time, we are not sure when his next attack will be and how long it will be!”

“That means we stand in a room here to study medicine. Some doctors who are known as geniuses, professors from the university’s medical department, and even internationally renowned Chinese medicine doctors are helpless with his disease. We can only watch him die. Is it?”

Xiao Su’er looked at this room and suddenly felt a bit ridiculous. Xiao Shuo and Xiao Yuhan both lowered their heads. They were indeed Hua Tuo alive in the eyes of outsiders, but they were really not facing Bo Qingang’s poison. Method!

“Su’er…” Ouyang Luo was about to say something, but Xiao Su’er stretched out his hand and made a pause.

She shook her head gently, “Let’s go, let me be here with him alone. I shouldn’t have spoken like that just now. I can’t do anything about this poison. Let’s go!”

“Sister…” Xiao Yuhan still wanted A few words to comfort her, but Xiao Shuo pulled her out of the ward.

Only Bo Qingang and Xiao Su’er were left in the ward. She walked to the bed and held his hand, “I knew that this day would come sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I also drank your blood to get it. This poison, but why I’m fine, why I’m in a different situation from yours?”

Xiao Su’er sat beside and couldn’t help crying. Turning on the phone and looking at the photos taken by two people these days, there was a thin smile on her face Full of face, completely different from usual. He just wanted to give her the most authentic couple to live with.

She flipped through her phone but suddenly a hot search popped up. The headline of the hot search made her hands tremble: Chi Siang, the illegitimate son of the Bo family, has now passed away.

There are many photos attached to the hot search. In the photos, Chi Siang is lying on the hospital bed, but it can be clearly seen that his sheets are all frozen, and his face is pale, it looks like a long frozen man. The same as the corpse.

Has he traveled back again? Maybe he thought he could survive better if he could get better treatment in China Mainland!

He contracted this poison after drinking Bo Qing’ang’s blood, and now he is also dead, that Bo Qing’ang…

Xiao Su’er didn’t dare to think anymore, turned off her mobile phone and sat on the bedside. Just when she felt extremely desperate and there was no hope in this world, a shout came from the Yao Lingyu space.

“Master, come on! The great news, you come into the space, hurry, hurry!”

The voice of Cao Jing Xiaoyi, what is the great news? Now for her, there is no other good news besides finding the ice cold grass.

Xiao Suer closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space, looking at it without any energy, “What’s wrong? What happened? Call me in so anxiously.”

“Master, it’s really great news, look at it!” The fruit is on the medicinal wood. Although the fruit is still very small, it can grow up. I can feel it. I am a grass essence, and I have feelings for all the herbs in the world. This time it is the ice cold grass. Three days at most, and three days to grow!”

“What?” Xiao Su’er turned her head in disbelief. The medicinal spirit tree really bears fruit, but this time the fruit is completely different from other times, just like It was a crystal ball with blue light, but it was hollow and transparent, with a herb growing in the middle.

This herb looked very small, but Xiao Su’er could match her name in her distant memory, as if the ice cold grass grew like this.

It’s an inexhaustible road! Bo Qingang was saved, she turned her head to look at the grass essence, “Xiaoyi, are you sure? The grass will grow in three days? You didn’t count the time wrong?”

“It’s definitely not wrong, I’m right. All these flowers and plants have a reaction, at most three days! Master believe me! If you don’t believe it, you can see the results in three days.”

When Xiaoyi speaks, her torso and leaves are swaying from side to side, looking unhappy, “Master, now you can rest assured. There will be nothing wrong with Young Master Bo. You are having such a good time these days, and I am also very happy to watch. God won’t be so cruel to dismantle your lovers.”

“Thank you, thank you…” Xiao Suer squatted on the ground and touched Xiaoyi’s leaves, “It must be the good luck you brought me.”

“But… “Xiaoyi’s torso swayed, but stopped suddenly, a little hesitant to speak.

“But what? It’s okay, just say it! Now I’m very happy, Aang is saved, and I can hold on to anything that happens.” Xiao Su’er is already excited and can’t find Bei.

“Master, an ice cold grass can only save one person. In other words, if you give it to Bo Shao, then you…” Xiao Yi said halfway, but Xiao Su’er already understood what it said next. Up.

There was no smile on her face, but she smiled and said: “It’s okay, as long as he can save him, he is now in the late stage, and he can’t hold it anymore, but I can hold it, now your leaves It can also suppress my toxins for many days.

This icy cold grass is enough. As long as Aang can survive this time, everything will be fine. There is always a way to cure me. Are you right? You are not saying Will you still blossom and bear fruit in the future? Can your fruit help me too?”

“Yeah! Although I have never known ice cold grass, I don’t know how my fruit compares to it. But I have something to myself. Confidence! I am a grass essence, how many grasses can be compared with me? I think my fruit will not be worse than the icy cold grass, and I will end up if you eat it, the master may be better than it. “

That’s it, so I’m not worried at all. Three days, right? Okay, after those three days I will come to rescue people with ice cold grass. Aang will definitely survive these three days.”

Xiao Su’er opened his eyes. , I left the medicine spirit jade space, held Bo Qing’ang’s hand again, and said cheerfully: “Aang, you can be saved! We have ice cold grass. God won’t let you leave me. I will be locked up for the rest of my life. You, don’t think of throwing me away so early.

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