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Chapter 1245 Fake fruit

Chapter 1245 Fake Fruit After

Bo Qingang woke up, he was overjoyed to hear that ice cold grass really formed in the medicine spirit jade space.

“Then Su’er, eat the ice cold grass!” His first reaction was to let her be safe earlier.

“It will take three days before it can grow up, and then eat again.” Xiao Su’er did not tell the fact that there is only one icy cold grass. She knew that Bo Qingang would rather give up herself and let her eat it, but she was the same. , Now Bo Qingang’s situation is much more serious than hers, it must be him if anyone needs that icy grass the most.

“Three days…then wait three days.” Bo Qingang nodded while lying on the hospital bed, but there was lingering sadness between his eyebrows. Although he was Xiao Shao, everyone thought that his luck was excellent. Born in such a wealthy family, it is precisely because of his extraordinary intelligence and talent that he was able to carry forward the Bo family.

In short, everything is linked to luck, but he himself knows that he does not have so much luck. This time he found the ice cold grass when he was so serious. There can be no such good things. There must be something wrong. It is impossible for him to do so.

But Xiao Su’er didn’t have so many thoughts, she only thought that there could be that icy cold grass in her heart, and Bo Qingang would be fine. After he was detoxified, he was still the handsome and energetic Bo Shao.

As for herself, let’s wait until she is a few years later to the late stage. If she really can’t grow ice cold grass, then it will be worthwhile for him to stay with her for a few more years.

“Su’er, can only you enter your medicinal spirit jade space? Can other people enter with you? I heard you say that it is the only place in the world. I’m very curious about what it looks like, you can take me Go in and take a look?” Bo Qingang sat up from the hospital bed.

“I haven’t brought anyone in, and the medicine spirit jade space seems to be bound to me. I can enter as long as I close my eyes and move my mind, but I have never tried anyone else.”

“Then let’s try it today . Come on! You said that you can enter by closing your eyes and thinking about it. Then I will hold your hand and think with you, maybe you can also enter.”

Bo Qingang stretched out and took her hand, looking at her expectantly Xiao Su’er has a guilty conscience. If this method is really used to bring others into the medicinal spirit jade space, wouldn’t I just see the medicinal spirit wood when I entered? Seeing that there is only one icy cold grass on it, it’s exposed!

“Okay, no problem! If you want to go to the place I have been to, and see the scenery I have seen, how could I refuse you? Let’s take a rest first. There are a lot of herbs in the medicine spirit jade space, some The herbs are poisonous. You may encounter

them as soon as you enter . I will go in and collect them all, and then come out and take you in with you. Can I

look at him ?” Xiao Suer looked at him with no guilt, and Bo Qingang reached out and touched it. He touched her hair on the temples, “Okay, I’m waiting for you. I’m really curious about what the medicine spirit jade space looks like, which has been hidden in the dark. You have never told me that such a place exists in these years. “

Hmm…” Xiao Suer covered him with a quilt, turned around and walked out of the ward, went to the accompanying ward next to her, closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space.

You can clearly see the tall medicinal spirit wood in the middle. The fruit on it has grown a bit bigger in only two hours. There is only one herbal medicine in the middle, and anyone can notice it at a glance.

“Master, what are you staring at it for? Don’t worry, I guess there is nothing wrong with it. It will grow into three days later. You don’t need to come in and take a look every two hours.” Cao Jing Xiaoyi looked aside. She couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Xiao Su’er walked to its side, “It’s not that I can’t wait for three days, but Aang wants to come in and take a look, but I’m afraid of revealing it. If he knew there was only one grass, he would definitely not want to eat it, so I was going to take it. Make a fake.”

Xiao Su’er brought in a glass cover from outside, and squatting in the required space for an hour finally produced a fake fruit that was similar to the newly grown fruit. She glued it to the medicinal spirit wood.

It is enough to be a real fruit, Bo Qingang shouldn’t find it, right? When the time comes, just lie to him to grow two grasses.

“Xiao Yi, don’t you see that this fruit is not much different from the real one? Can it be used to deceive people? Wouldn’t it be easy to reveal the stuffing?” Xiao Su’er turned to look at Xiao Yi that was planted on the ground.

“Master, you are indeed very careful, and this fruit is real enough, but it is fake after all. It is not as spiritual as the fruit on the medicinal spirit wood, and there is no faint halo around it.”

“Forget it, when you come in, you can help me explain two sentences and say that there is only one fruit from the same tree that emits light. You don’t want to show the stuffing, and I will introduce you to him when I come in. Let’s go. ! “

Xiao Su children an excellent mood, simply gave so much, she just want everything now has to save and return to the ward and pour a thin Aung interlocking fingers, lying next to him.

“Su’er, have you taken care of the herbs? We can go in now?”

“It’s okay now, but I’m not sure we can go in! You have to be mentally prepared and don’t be too disappointed by that time.” Xiao Su’er Squeeze his hand.

“Okay.” Bo Qing’ang agreed to close his eyes.

Xiao Su’er also closed her eyes lightly, and began to think about entering the medicine spirit jade space as before, but this time she couldn’t calm down and felt resistance.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Su’er was upset for a while, turned around and buckled Bo Qing’ang with her feet, finally succeeding in entering the space and successfully taking him.

Bo Qingang entered the medicine spirit jade space and saw this place like a paradise, like a fairyland, with no end in sight. Xiao Suer has planted many herbs in it over the years, and even built a pavilion next to it. .

Sometimes when you are upset, you will come directly into the space for a walk, and rest in the pavilion when you are tired. If you give her a few more decades, this place will definitely become a paradise.

Taking a deep breath, the fresh air that entered the lungs, as if there was still a bit of sweet smell in the air, with the fragrance of some herbs, it seemed to instantly heal the soft aches all over the body.

Bo Qingang turned his head and looked at her, “I thought it was Su’er that you made up to deceive me. It turns out that there really is such a place, are we dreaming?”

“Dreaming?” Xiao Su’er took his hand and put it on Take a bite from the mouth.

“Hi…” Bo Qing’ang quickly took a breath.

“Do you still think it’s a dream now?” Xiao Su’er looked at him and laughed.

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