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Chapter 1246 See through the lie

Chapter 1246 Seeing Through the Lies

“Although we seem to enter the space with our consciousness, in fact, all the senses in it are connected to the outside world, and here we can do everything that the outside world can do.”

Xiao Su’er took his hand. She walked through every inch of land she walked in this space, and there are still many places where she hadn’t walked, so she stopped at the place where she planted herbs, “Okay, let’s not go ahead anymore. After all, this space I don’t know how big it is.”

After listening to her, Bo Qingang looked into the distance. He really couldn’t see his head. It was empty and quiet.

“Su’er, will this be an infinitely large place? Maybe someday you will run out of the area you can see, but the distance will continue to expand.”

“It’s very possible! No matter what, even if It can really expand indefinitely, and I can’t use such a large site. It’s good as it is now. Don’t you want to see the ice cold grass? Go! I’ll take you to see it.”

Xiao Su’er took his hand and walked to the medicine spirit tree and pointed at the two fruits, “Did you see it? Two fruits were produced, both of which were ice cold grass, but one seemed to have a blue halo and the other. No, it should be the one that has a stronger medicinal effect. Then you can take this one. You are already in the late stage. It must be more effective and useful for you!”

“Two…” Bo Qing’ang As he read this word, there was a smile at the corner of his mouth. No matter when he lied, his Suer would aggravate the tone of the lie, as if he was afraid that someone would not believe her.

It was the same this time. Xiao Su’er said that when he said two, his tone was particularly heavy, so that people could catch the key points at the first listen, but they could also quickly judge that the sentence was false.

“Yeah! Do you think God will help us this time? Seeing that we have gone through so many trials, I can’t bear to separate us again. When these two ice cold grasses are eaten, we will be just like normal people. You can live a normal life.” Xiao Su’er didn’t know that Bo Qingang had heard his lie, and looked at him with a simple smile on his face.

“It must be like this! Tomorrow will be Xiao Wang’s parent meeting. This time we two will join together. It seems that the two of us have never attended his parent meeting together!”

Bo Qingang said bitterly. I always feel very sorry for the person in front of me. If I didn’t fall in love with him, Xiao Suer’s life must be another scene.

If she did not travel back, she would definitely be able to find a man who regarded her as a treasure in the Continent of All Saints, and even if she traveled back and did not meet him, she would find her biological mother and return to Father Ang’s side. At that time, she Still the little princess.

No matter how she goes, her life can be bright, except for meeting him, and she has gone the worst.

“Okay! I was worried about affecting your body. I didn’t tell you. I didn’t expect you to remember everything. Then we will go together tomorrow.” The

next day.

Xiao Su’er and Bo Qingang traveled in costumes and arrived at Xiao Wang’s school. His school was originally an aristocratic school. Every time a parent meeting was held, it was like a large-scale parent competition. Xiao Wang didn’t like such occasions very much before. After seeing Xiao Su’er, someone picked up the news about her and Bo Qingang to laugh at him, saying that he was an illegitimate child and could not be seen, and his father did not recognize him.

The children of these wealthy families ridiculed others, but they were no worse than others. Xiao Wang didn’t want to face it. Even if he was a genius, he had a soft heart. This time, Bo Qingang came to this parent meeting to prevent future troubles. He will solemnly announce at the parent conference that Xiao Wang is his child. If anyone dares to taunt him in the future, he will be at his own risk!

When the two appeared in couture dresses and suits, they instantly caused a burst of exclamation in the classroom——

“Wow! These are Xiao Wang’s parents, but they are really dazzling like a star, so beautiful and handsome!”

“They have already participated in the school sports meeting last time, but the parent meeting is like this for all parents. I haven’t seen them when I came down.”

” Did n’t Xiao Wang’s mother come here alone?”

“Someone said that they were illegitimate children. Let’s slap them now.”

In everyone’s attention. The two sat down, and Xiao Wang, who was standing at the door, watched the two proudly lift their chins, but could still hear the pointing of the classmates next to him.

“Huh! The illegitimate father is here today?”

“Xiao Wang, did your father come today because your mother is asking for it? Are you afraid of embarrassment? But everyone knows about your father and your mother. , Your mother gave birth to you when she was unmarried, shameless!”

“Do you think we will be afraid of you when your father comes? I tell you, my mother said that shameless people are shameless, and you will not be shameless in the future. You may become the young master of the Bo family, and you cannot inherit the Bo family. You will always be one level lower than us.”

When Xiao Wang heard these voices, it was usually not salty or indifferent to reply to your ass, but Bo Qingang was on the scene today, he suddenly wanted to say a few more words, watching these classmates speak, “What do you do? You know? You’re just jealous that my father is richer than your father and handsomer than your father, so talk nonsense here!

Lower than you? You are older than me, and you are in the same grade as me. Who is one lower than whom? Grade?”

“What are you talking about? You have a well-developed mind and simple limbs!”

A group of classmates quarreled together. Xiao Suer turned around and saw Xiao Wang who was besieged in the middle, and immediately stood up.

Bo Qingang stretched out his hand to hold her, stretched out his hand to adjust his collar, and walked to the door to pull Xiao Wang’s hand, “Son! Don’t talk to these people who are not qualified to talk to you. The heirs of our Bo family only need to talk to you. It is enough for someone with status to speak!”

“Okay.” Xiao Wang simply agreed.

Shaodoo Bo has personally identified Xiao Wang as the heir. How could others dare to question it anymore, but the other parents in the classroom were shocked when he said this.

In the past few years, the leading position of the Bo family has remained unchanged. Countless people wanted to establish a relationship with the Bo family, but they were not qualified. During the years when Bo Qingang suspended himself, all of them tried to get a share of the pie.

But after he was resurrected, no one dared to make another repetition. Now that the boy of the Bo is announcing his heir, is there any big move from the Bo family?

Several parents took the courage to come to him, “Bo Shao, are there any good projects for Bos recently?”

“Bo, our company has an idea, and I always want to talk to you.”

“Bo Shao, My son and your son have a very good relationship. I think our parents should also move around more to strengthen contact.”

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