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Chapter 1247 Confess the last words

Chapter 1247 Explaining the Last Words

Xiao Su’er looked at the happy Xiao Wang and was infected by his emotions and then laughed, touching his head and saying: “Dad, are you feeling more at ease? When mom came to help you hold a parent meeting I don’t see you so happy either.”

“I’m so happy when my mom comes here, but now my mom and dad are here, I will see which classmates call me in the future. They said that if I spend my time reading and writing, my grades would have surpassed me. Maybe I can jump a few levels in a row, so I don’t have to be classmates with someone my age.”

Xiao Wang’s remarks made Xiao Su’er laugh, and there were still many flattering people around, but Bo Qingneng ignored them. When he was really bored, he frowned and coughed twice, which instantly shook these people back to their original positions and did not dare to harass him again.

At the parent meeting, the teacher was also trembling, for fear that Bo Shao would be unhappy if she said a word wrong, and when the school was closed, she would be unemployed.

The teacher praised Xiao Wang. Although he did stand up to these praises, the teacher praised him like a flower. Although Xiao Su’er knew it was to make her happy, I heard someone praise herself so much. The son still feels proud from his heart.

“Well, today’s parent meeting will end here. Parents, pay attention to safety on the way home. Don’t forget to do your homework when you go home on weekends.” The teacher sighed with a sigh of relief after finishing the concluding remarks. The parent meeting was finally over , Only half an hour made her fidget.

But even if she finished speaking, no parents dared to move. Everyone looked at Bo Qingang and did not dare to walk in front of him. Bo Qingang tapped his fingers on the table and waited for two minutes before standing up, making a sound. He said, “Xiao Wang, follow my father home. If you dare to have some people who don’t know what they are talking about in front of you in the future, you

can ask the Bo’s bodyguard to help you deal with these things. Any other interference, if someone dares to interfere with you, I will never let it go. As for…”

Bo Qingang stopped talking here, turned his head to look at the parents sitting in the classroom, looking from them. After scanning, “your children should be taken care of by yourself. If you can’t discipline, then I will take care of you!” As

soon as this was said, all the parents were trembling with fright, especially when they were at home to satisfy their selfishness. And the group of people who deliberately belittle Xiao Su’er.

“Dad, you are so handsome today. I have received many apology text messages from my classmates. They all said that they were wrong and apologized to me and told me not to worry about them.” Xiao Wang got in the car and took it. The phone dangled in front of Bo Qingang, extremely proud.

“In short, in the future, you have to learn to be an upright man. You can’t just play computers and study. You have to protect your mother in the future. If someone bullies her, you have to know to stand in front of her and fight back against those who bully her, even if I If you are not by your side, you have to be as good as I am today!”

Bo Qingang confessed to her earnestly, just like confessing a last word, Xiao Suer’s heart sank when she heard him say this while sitting in the passenger seat, and turned to look at him, “Why do you say that? Why will you not be here in the future? You are not allowed to tell your child that he will take it seriously. Where do you want to go?”

“I will definitely leave you for a period of time for work in the future. Then he will have to protect you.”

“What is meant by that? Work has been away from us for a while. You said that we will never be separated again in the future. Work is not as important as family. Why do you change your mouth now and you are not allowed to say such things in the future!”

Xiao Su’er’s heart jumped. It seemed that he knew something, otherwise why would he say such things? Now that Xiao Wang was only ten years old, he was already going to teach him such remote things?

Bo Qingang drove the car with one hand, and freed one hand to hold her hand, “Okay, I know. So’er said what he said, and I won’t say anything like this again, but Xiao Wang’s father told me You have to keep this thing in your heart.”

“Okay…” Xiao Wang is different from ordinary children. Hearing this, he immediately had an idea in his heart.


The night was like water, cold wind poured in from the windows, and the whole room was filled with cold air, but for the two of them, this cold air was nothing at all, not as cold as half their body temperature, but he was still careful to give it to Xiao Su’er. Covered with the quilt, opened the door and walked out of the room. The light in Xiao Wang’s room was still on.

Xiao Wang immediately put down the computer when he saw him come in, “Dad, you have never talked to me. I wanted to talk to you before, but I always feel as if both of us don’t need to say that you can understand it, but now I still want to. Have a chat with you.”

“It just so happens that I also want to talk to you. Dad’s time in your life is too short. You are ten years old now. But the time spent with me is less than half a year, which is too short. I have no time to tell you about me, nor time to teach you.”

He walked to Xiao Wang’s side and sat down, turned on his computer, and saw the communication between him and the team, and also saw the transfer of the bonus he just issued. recording.

“You are great, you are much better than Dad, at least I was not as good as you when I was your age! So I am not worried that you will not be able to manage the company well in the future. Here is a document that you sign on. Name your name. In a few days, a lawyer will come to you, and all the shares in my name will be transferred to you permanently. No one will be able to ask for your shares for any reason or anything.

When you become an adult, you will carry forward the Bo family. Remember what I said today to protect your mother and take care of your grandfather.”

There were some tears in his eyes when Bo Qingang spoke. His parents left him early, so he In his heart, he desperately hopes to have a family. Now he has a wife who loves him and lovely children, but he can’t enjoy the joy of family and will leave this world. Thinking about the innocence, he really has a big life with him. Joke.

“Dad, why do you say that? Didn’t my mother tell me today that I have found detoxification herbs? Now it has been a day, two days later you can eat the grass and it will be fine. Why are you telling me your last words?”

“You are a man, right? So what the two of us are saying now, you won’t complain to your mother, will you?” Bo Qingang put his hand on his shoulder.


“There is only one ice cold grass. I can’t let Su’er not cure it. Su’er will survive two days later, but I don’t know when he will die. I must explain everything clearly. .”

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