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Chapter 1248 Antidote

Chapter 1248 Antidote

“Dad! You lied to me! Mom said that you have found a medicine to save the two of you. Why is there only one herb here? Are you lying to me? You don’t need to be like this, what am I? I understand, I’m a genius. You just need to tell me that

you want me to be more sensible, and I’ll become sensible! You don’t want me to spend so much time on the computer, I can, I can protect my mother every day, I Starting from today to practice martial arts, I must be as good as my dad, you don’t need to…”

Xiao Wang was confused. He finally had a complete family. How could he tolerate the fact that his dad left him again? Xiao Su’er was hit hard five years ago, and it was difficult for him to accept it.

Seeing him frowning so distressingly, Bo Qingang was about to say something, but suddenly his face changed and he shouted with a calm face, “Xiao Wang, stand for me!”

“Yes!” Xiao Wang blushed. Stand upright with your eyes, and make full use of the instructors in military training.

Bo Qingang stood up and patted him on the shoulder as if he was a few dozen years old in an instant, “You are my Bo Qingang’s son.

Everything I say to you is true. Your mother wants to reassure you and let me rest assured that she will lie and lie to you. You must grow up as soon as possible to support your mother so that I will leave. Now, I can go with peace of mind, you know?”

Xiao Wanghang’s hand on his side was already squeezed into two fists, and his veins burst out. He wanted to say that he didn’t know that he was only ten years old now, so what if he was a genius? Is it necessary to bear so much?

But looking at Bo Qingang’s expectant gaze, he could only nod his head heavily, “I know.”

“You can rest assured, right? You won’t tell your mother what we said today, right?”

“Yes!” Xiao Wang nodded. He lowered his head and never lifted it again. A tear slid down his chin, dripping onto the floor and was buried in dust.

“Okay, then I can go with peace of mind.” Bo Qingang took the file next to him, asked Xiao Wang to sign his name, put the file in Xiao Wang’s room, and repeatedly asked Xiao Su’er not to see it before turning around. Back to the room.

Moonlight shone on Xiao Su’er’s face and outlined her three-dimensional silhouette. Bo Qingang sat on the side of the bed and stared at her. She was as beautiful as the night the two met ten years ago.

“Su’er, don’t worry, I have already explained everything. Even if I leave, our son will protect you.” Bo Qing’ang pressed a deep kiss on her forehead.

Two days later.

When Xiao Su’er woke up in the morning, she immediately entered the medicine spirit jade space, and she saw that the blue fruit grew bigger, but it was still transparent, and the ice cold grass inside grew strong.

Xiao Su’er took the fruit off and felt the chill radiating from it, but she did not let go. Instead, she broke the fruit with a smile and took out the ice cold grass inside.

Xiaoyi next to him shook his branches, “Master, this grass is so powerful, I feel cold here.”

“What we want is such a cold grass, which is to fight poison with poison. The ice thing is more effective against the poison of cold ice. Ice cold grass is the only thing colder than it in the world. Now Aang has saved

Xiao Su’er and went to the side to pick a herbal medicine that looks similar to cold grass. , But there is no such cold temperature at all.

“Master, what do you pick this grass for, it only has the function of stopping bleeding, it is useless at all. “

I don’t need it to be useful. I just need it to cover people’s eyes. Then I can make two bowls of soup, tell Aang that I also take medicine, and then I eat your leaves on time every day to make my body temperature change.” It’s normal, it must have been concealed from him, and I will be saved when you get the result. After


Su’er said this, she didn’t care to talk to Xiaoyi any more, holding the grass out of the medicine spirit jade space. “Aang! Look, the ice cold grass has grown. I will go to the kitchen to make medicine right now, and wait for the two of us to take the antidote together. “She held the herbal medicine and shook it in front of

Bo Qingang. Bo Qingang looked at it and found that the two herbal medicines were indeed similar. A person who did not study medicine could not tell which was true and which was false.

“Then you hurry up . ” Go, I am here waiting for you. “Bo Qingang looked at her with a gentle smile.

Xiao Su’er smiled brighter than him, and rushed into the kitchen holding the grass. Two medicine stoves and two bowls of soup were made in less than half an hour.

The two bowls of medicine look exactly the same, but as long as you touch the medicine bowl, you can know which one is the antidote. The real antidote is refreshing and cool, and it cools all the way to people’s hearts through the skin.

She took a deep breath, took the real medicine in her right hand and walked into the room and handed it to Bo

Qingang. “Come on, drink it soon?” Bo Qingang took the medicine bowl and immediately felt the chill, and he wrinkled. He frowned, “Is this medicine so cold? It’s colder than my body temperature.”

“Of course! Fighting poison with poison, have you forgotten the experiment we did before? Come on, drink it, I watch you drink it.”

“Then your bowl should also be very ice? Come on, let me touch it.” Bo Qingang stretched out his hand to touch her medicine bowl.

She was so scared that she stepped back several steps, “Why did you touch me? Both bowls are the same, you drink it! I will drink this bowl first.” Xiao Su’er raised her head and drank the medicine in her hand. Do nothing.

“Since Su’er has all drunk, then I won’t delay anymore.” Bo Qingang pretended to put the medicine bowl to his mouth, and Xiao Su’er felt that he was done the moment his mouth touched the bowl, and everything was finally dusty. Settled.

But she didn’t want her to breathe a sigh of relief, Bo Qingang unexpectedly came to her side and slapped her on the back of the head before she had time to react.

Although Xiao Su’er was a cultivator when she was in the Ten Thousand Saint Continent, such a light palm couldn’t do anything to her, but since returning to China Continent, where spiritual power is thin, she has become an ordinary person again. Bo Qingang’s palm directly knocked her unconscious.

“Su’er, I said I will never hurt you in this life, but this time is an exception. If I don’t hurt you, how can you drink this bowl of medicine willingly?”

Bo Qingang held her in his arms and held her hands. Holding the medicine bowl in it, he used the mouth to pass the medicine, and fed all the medicine soup into Xiao Su’er’s mouth.

It took more than ten minutes to feed her all the antidote to her, and Bo Qingang could feel the body temperature in his arms gradually becoming normal.

“Su’er, you will be a normal person from now on. You don’t need to suffer the torture of ice poison anymore, and you don’t need to worry about me anymore.”

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