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Chapter 1250 Just for this life

Chapter 1250

Just ask for this life “What are you doing?” Xiao Su’er took his hand, “Don’t be like this, I’m afraid of you like this, are you telling your last words? Give your wife and children to others Although they are very powerful bodyguards you hired, I don’t want anyone other than you to protect me. Bodyguards! Grandpa also raises a lot.”

“I’m not telling the last words, but I want to tell you all the things I haven’t told you before. Then I will take you to travel and travel around the world. The two of us don’t want to work anymore. Then I will slowly explain these things to Xiao Wang. Back then, I He was only sixteen years old when he took over Bo’s. He is now ten years old, and he can almost slowly understand the operation of the company.” Bo Qingang let her sit on his body and gently embrace her.

Xiao Su’er didn’t say anything. After the bodyguard group came up, she carefully remembered those bodyguards who had been with him the longest. Bo Qingang also showed her the signed share transfer letter, and by the way told Xiao Su’er all the confidants of the company.

Although he has been saying that this is not an explanation of his last words, what is the difference between this and an explanation of the funeral? He explained everything clearly, even after he left, Bo would not be affected in any way.

Now that Chi Siang has passed away, there will certainly be no more people who dare to snatch the Bo clan. What’s more, all the shares are now transferred to Xiao Wang and hers. They are the people who have the greatest say in the Bo clan. .

After being trapped in the Bo family for a whole day, the two of them held hands to go to the restaurant to eat in the evening, but Xiao Suer’s food was like chewing wax.

Thinking that in the future it is likely that their orphans and widows will eat together, she feels extremely uncomfortable in her heart. If Bo Qingang really passed away five years ago and did not return to her side, she might not suffer so much.

But now all the misunderstandings of the two of them have been explained clearly. They can be together well, but they have to endure the pain of losing him. Who can bear such a double blow?

“Su’er, isn’t this the dish you have always liked to eat? The table is full of things you like to eat, why don’t you have any appetite?” Bo Qingang reached out to pick up dishes for her.

“I lose weight. Now I am a middle-aged person. Of course I have to lose weight. It is enough for me to look at you every day. I don’t need to eat.” Xiao Suer put down his chopsticks.

“Su’er is the most beautiful and has a good body. Where do I need to lose weight? Eat it! Do you want to be hungry and thin?” Bo Qingang sat next to her and fed the food to her mouth.

“I don’t want to eat anymore, let’s go home! Go home and I’ll show you Xiao Wang’s photo album when he was a child. We have been looking for an antidote for so long and we haven’t read it. Let’s go, you don’t want to know that your son is still infant. What does it look like inside? It’s soft and waxy like a small dumpling.”

Xiao Su’er tried his best to pull the corner of his mouth, grabbed his hand and ran home, and turned out a photo album from the bottom of the closet. This photo album followed her from overseas. She has never discarded it since she came to China Mainland. It contains every moment of Xiao Wang’s growth, from the photos taken on the day he was born until this year.

“Did the child look like this when he was born? It was crumpled!” Bo Qingang looked at the photo. Although the words in his mouth sounded disgusting, his eyes kept staring directly at the photo.

When Xiao Wang was born, he was looking for their mother and son everywhere, looking almost desperate, but he never gave up.

“Every child is born like this, soaked in amniotic fluid, but our family Xiaowang looks more wrinkled than usual, and looks very small. After all, I was too nutritious when I was pregnant. he born very thin. “

Xiao Su children open the photo of the full moon,” you see this is his full moon, grandfather specially large banquet and invited a lot of friends and family came to join him full moon wine. “

on photo Xiao Su’er held Xiao Wang. Both the mother and the son were very thin, especially the protruding cheekbones of Xiao Su’er.

Bo Qingang didn’t care about seeing Xiao Wang, but felt distressed for a while, “Su’er, why are you so thin? Didn’t you sit well during confinement? I heard that overseas women don’t confinement. Son, you won’t be the same as them?”

“I didn’t have confinement, but I didn’t have much appetite during confinement and I had to breastfeed, so I lost weight faster. Isn’t I back fat now?”

When Xiao Su’er spoke, she smiled happily on purpose, and stretched out her hand to touch her fleshy face now.

Bo Qingang held her hand in her palm, “Where is fat, it’s not the same thin!”

Xiao Suer put the album aside and nestled into Bo Qingang’s arms, and said in a seemingly nonexistent voice: “I I thought I was able to give birth to a younger brother or sister to Xiao Wang. You see that he is so lonely every day. The schoolmates are older than him, and he doesn’t have much common language with them, so he is immersed in his computer all day long. If there is another one, he will have someone to accompany…”

Her words stopped abruptly, because she felt that the hand that Bo Qingang placed on her waist was trembling slightly, he should also regret it.

“In the next life! I will meet Su’er again in the next life. At that time, you will have seven or eight children, and a group of children will be happy.” Bo Qingang’s eyes are now full of promises for the next life.

“Why do I have to wait for the next life? I don’t wait for the next life that may not exist at all. I only want this life! You must live well, how many children should we have, okay? You promise me!” Xiao Suer’s tears One by one slipped, holding Bo Qingang’s hand, and his voice begged him eagerly.

“Su’er…” Bo Qingang stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from her face, but suddenly widened his eyes and pressed his chest.

He couldn’t believe it, he came so soon? This time the pain of poisoning is more raging than ever before. Is this the pain that finally took his life?

“Ah!” Bo Qingang’s willpower was no longer enough to control the pain, and he yelled and hit the floor with a punch.

“What’s wrong with you? How could this happen?” Xiao Su’er hugged her immediately, not knowing what to do. Facing this ice poison, she was like an ordinary person. Her acupuncture, decoction, and spirit grass leaves all had no effect.

“Su’er, if you really have the next life, you have to wait for me, okay? In the next life, I won’t be so cold, nor will I misunderstand you. We will live according to today’s agreement. Many children are okay?” Bo Qingang’s blue veins burst out on his forehead, and he grasped Xiao Su’er’s hand tightly.

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