Eastern Australia with Charm of Southern Hemisphere

Australia, or the official name is Commonwealth of Australia is a country consisting of mainland Australia, Tasmania and other islands in the Indian Pacific and Southern Oceans. It is the sixth largest country in the world when counting all areas. Australia’s neighboring countries include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and northern Timor-Leste. Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and northeastern New Caledonia And New Zealand in the southeast

For at least 40,000 years before the first English settlement of the century 18 Australia is home to native Australians. The language spoken was divided into groups of about 250 languages. After the continent’s discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606, half of the eastern side of Australia was claimed to belong to the United Kingdom in 1770 and settled in stages. Initially by transporting prisoners to the colony of New South Wales. From 26 January 1788 the population continued to increase. In the last decade, the continent was explored and five other colonies fighting The self-government of the King was established.

On 1 January 1901, six colonies were formed as a federation, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. Since then Australia maintains a stable, liberal democratic political system that acts as a parliamentary, democratic central government and constitutional monarch. The federation consists of six states. And many other areas. The population of 23.1 million is mostly urban and has a great density in the eastern states.

Australia is a developed country. And is one of the richest countries in the world with economies The 12th largest in the world in 2012, Australia has the fifth highest per capita income in the world. Australia’s military expenditures are the 13th largest in the world. With the second highest human development index worldwide, Australia is ranked high in international comparisons for a lot of national performance, such as Quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and protection of civil liberties and political rights

For Thai tourists Australia is a destination without any tourist attractions. Whether it is people who are passionate about the food and love the cleanliness, orderliness of the country as Western culture. Those who love skiing Athletes climbing and surfing the desert People who are passionate about plants, sea and coral reefs. Or even those who cannot define themselves as a crazier, cannot resist the charm of this magical land. The miracle caused by the terrain that separates itself from the mainland A variety of climates, terrain, animals for each locality, both on land, in water and in the air Including the ancient culture of the Aboriginal people Had shaped the newcomers, even with a rich culture in the West attached to the ethnic line Into a new species that proudly calls itself the Australian

Take you deep into Australia, “experience the colors of the southern hemisphere” in the eastern 4 states, from NEW SOUTH WALES, TASMANIA, VICTORIA and SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Start by visiting SYDNEY, visiting Sydney, visiting Sydney Harbor – visiting O’s Theater Opera House View Harbor Bridge See Mount Samanong, the legendary THREE SISTERS ROCK of the World Heritage Blue MOUNTAIN National Park. KOALA PARK Native Zoo with sheep shearing demonstration

Special flying to the island of Tasmania, TASMANIA, the smallest state, is an island about 240 kilometers from the mainland Victoria, the coldest. The terrain is valley and plateau. Beautiful scenery Until being dubbed as Switzerland of Australia Visit the capital city HOBART and RICHMOND, the historic Correctional Institution of Port Arthur. Cruise to TAMMAN ISLAND to see the spectacular landscape of steep cliffs by the sea, TASMAN ARCH, BLOWHOLE, Tasman National Park. Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park Freenet National Park See beautiful beaches, colored rocks at BAY OF FIRES, visit LAUNCESTON, visit Winery, tasting wine at TAMAR VALLEY and cruise the SPIRIT OF TASMANIA to MELBOURNE.

Cross the ferry from Tasmania to Victoria. VITORIA Visit Melbourne. View Parliament House – Captain Cook’s Cottage. Phillip Island, see penguins – ancient steam locomotives, visit VINEYARD, see WINERY and sample delicious wines from YARRA VALLEY and the Pacific coast. Experience With a beautiful route, GREAT OCEAN ROAD. See the beautiful scenery of the coast, the ocean and the beaches on one of Australia’s beautiful trails. Experience one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world

End with a visit South Australia, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. See the BLUE LAKE lake on the calm, volcano Gambier’s MOUNT GAMBIER. Visit the German village HAHNDORF. Experience the atmosphere of ADELAIDE. Taste fine wines at the BAROSSA VALLEY Valley. Travel to KANGAROO ISLAND. Sunbathe on the rocks Watch sea lions rest on the beach. Also see many special Australian animals such as Wallabie, Goanna, Cola bear, Kangaroo, Echidnas, dolphins, sea lions, birds, eagles, whales, Osprey and dazzled by a huge strange rock form by the ocean.