God of Wealth Story

Treasurer (the God of Wealth) is in charge of Chinese Taoism in the world financial resources of the gods, the God of Wealth is divided into two categories: First, Taoist Conferring the second is Chinese folk religion . Taoism is bestowed on Heavenly Official God , and Chinese folk belief is Heavenly Official Tianxian.

The five major gods of wealth enshrined in China are: Wang Hai (middle),Bigan (East), Chai Rong (South),Guan Gong (West), Zhao Gongming (North). There are other four gods of wealth:

  • Duanmuci (southwest),
  • Li Guizu (northeast),
  • Fan Ye (southeast),
  • Liu Haichan (northwest).

The above has been divided into a nine-way God of Wealth lineup by Taoism. The God of Wealth poured in the simple emotions of the working people in China, and pinned his beautiful wish of living and working in peace and prosperity. The original meaning refers to Taoist deities.

Faithful and reliable Wenquxing

After Bigan died, he was named Wenquxing, the fourth star of Beidou. The other name is the god of the country, that is, Lu in the gate of Fulu Shou . Lu in Fulu Shou is Bugan. The other name is Zhengyi Fulu, the true god of wealth. Heavenly officials’ wealth and respect for God. The “House of Wealth” in Baiyun Temple is located on the right side of “Jade Emperor Hall” (for the emperor Jade Emperor), which is very conspicuous and not difficult to find. I would like to place your grandfather of fortune in such a prominent position also to facilitate the conformity of the secular and profitable mind?

“Choi Temple” tour notes describe the door, he says that the worship hall of three God of Wealth, the median is the text of the God of Wealth Bi Gan , Wu Fortuna Gongming Marshal for the left-hand side, right hand is the God of Wealth Wu Kuan. Stepping up the stairs, stepping into the hall, you see, three gold statues, shining, the majority of good men and women, devotional worship, and the statue of the god of wealth and wealth before the statue reads “Zheng Yi Fulu, God of wealth and wealth” , Marshal Zhao reads “Zheng Yi Long Hu Xuan Tan Zhen Jun” on the front tablet, and Guan Di writes “Zhongyi God in Weiyuan Town” on the front tablet.