Report from the Nets Consultant about flu in China

Report from the Nets Consultant in Beijing, January 23, 2020.

– Update the situation 2019-nCOV –

* Temples during the Chinese New Year in Beijing this year are not held.

* Peita University (Peking University) and Ching Hua University That people like to walk around Announcement prohibiting outsiders from entering the university area

* During this Chinese semester break School children were asked to measure body temperature. And report to the teacher where they are in the world to follow up. If infected, will know where to come And if the situation is bad Might not be able to come back to Beijing

* No events will be held. To have a lot of people

* There is a clip in Wuhan city Nursing tent set outside the hospital

* In front of the lift in my house Set hand washing gel automatically

* Chinese New Year this year, not at home, also at work

1. The source of this virus It’s not clear whether it came from a snake or a bat.

At first it may be expected from Wuhan seafood market. But near the wildlife market too

Right now, of course, that Comes from wildlife, not sea animals

2. The situation is worst

Today (23 Jan 63) Wuhan announced the closure of the city Ask for cooperation, people inside, do not leave, outsiders, do not enter

Public transportation in Wuhan is closed. And heard that China will announce an epidemic

3. The number of infected people increased rapidly

Today’s afternoon 2 (23 Jan 63) was at 616 suspects, 395 people were healed, 28 people and 17 people dead.

The number of people infected in Beijing today, 14 people, up from 4 people two days ago.

In Beijing, a lot of people wear masks Until the mask is out of stock

4. The Embassy asked the number of people in each office. Will give 1 box of masks to each person and a hand sanitizer and mask at the consular party

5. There are 5 OU students attending GIS at Wuhan University. Last year, Khun Somchai, the capital department, took care of me. Now, look far away. Everyone is safe.