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About Xiao Hui Story

Xiao Hui is 2020 Chinese series (Handsome Siblings) series on Netflix, adapted from the famous inner novel by Kow Leng. This round is a more equal pair of heroes.

Kow Leng wrote many novels which for Xiao Hui story Considered as the earliest works that created a reputation for Gow Leng in the era very much But it is the last story that Kow Leng writes in the inner strength style according to the classical approach Meaning that there must be stories that have been told since protagonist is not born yet. Connect the grudges of resentment among parents The protagonist in childhood grows. Destiny has changed, allowing him to practice and learn top-level knowledge from secret scriptures or from the top of the body meet a beautiful woman who is trusted to help. Some found great skills in various directions, some had to be involved in the mission of China in ancient times, salvage, joining various movements. Clear the enemy grateful to the enemy. And ending the story Whether in happiness or tragedy This is the storytelling approach of the classic inner strength novel. The person who did the best was Kim Yong, who passed away.

Handsome Siblings Synopsis

The story begins with grudges and grudges. And love and hate when Kangpang (Jiangfeng), the young man of war who brought his newly born wife Escaping from the palace Faced with a hunt from a group of twelve constellations, seriously wounded, Io-woow, the goddess Wang Buppa, then took a baby back to nourish in order to come back and kill with another brother. This baby was named Hui Bo Kui (Hua Hua Xue).

On the other side, Yan Thian (Yan Nantee), a well-known martial artist in the field of morality, has heard that Kang Pang, who is a sworn brother, is being hunted down. Therefore came to help But with Kang Kim’s intrigue Gang Pang’s Servant That is planning a complex multi-level scam Made him unable to help in time Yan Thian found the body of a sister-in-law and one of the remaining babies. Therefore led him to hope Then chased after Kangim to the valley of the unwise Although he is more skilled than the unruly people who come to deal But instead made a mistake and lost the trick until he was seriously injured and half in half dead. The babies were adopted by the dreadful people. Was named “Hui Hui” (Jiang Xiao Yu)

After that, Xiao Hui and Hui Bo Kuei, both children who grew up in completely different environments Makes their personality and opposite Was determined to have to face each other in the future.

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