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Chapter 1 Ten Thousand Years Later


A bang sounded, and a painful sensation came from his forehead, and Mu Yun opened his eyes with some difficulty.

This is where?

Mu Yun was a little confused.

The entrance is a classroom, but Mu Yun is not sitting in the student’s seat, but standing on the front podium.

Looking at the students who were about fifteen or sixteen years old in the audience, with their eyes wide open, looking at monsters staring at him, Mu Yun shook his dazed head.

“Am I dead? How come I am here?”

“Tianyun Continent, Nanyun Empire!”

“I’m not dead? I crossed it? This guy is also called Mu Yun? This is… a coincidence, right? But, what age is it now?”

The short memories merged, Mu Yun stood alone on the podium, wearing an ink-colored gown, talking to himself.

But, crossing over to this guy, it seems, a bit unlucky!

This Mu Yun was an illegitimate child, and was not treated by the eldest wife of the family father, and was a waste of cultivation since he was a child, and he did not like him.

As a result, ten years ago, he was sent from Nanyun City, the capital of the Nanyun Empire, to the Mujia branch of the remote Beiyun City.

However, when he came to North Cloud City, Mu Yun was even more unbearable. In the separation of the family, he was also dubbed the title of rubbish. He had no status, and even his servants dared to bully him.

Fortunately, this young master can’t practice martial arts, he just likes to read books.

The separation also thought that he was the eldest son of the Mu family after all, and it was a bit embarrassing to do nothing, so he got the status of a mentor in Beiyun Academy in Beiyun City.

On weekdays, I will explain to students some knowledge of alchemy and refining tools, which are all things in the book, just follow the reading.

Logically speaking, it is very easy.

However, Mu Yun was dull in nature, was bullied since he was a child, and had a cowardly personality.

Lectures are also extremely tormenting for him.

Over time, the entire class of students also understood the personality of this instructor, knew his name, and gradually did not put him in the eyes.

“Damn! I didn’t expect you to be so unlucky. Don’t worry, we are the same now. In the future, no one will disrespect you again!”

After sorting out his thoughts, Mu Yun was confident.

“Oh, instructor Mu, who are you talking to? It wasn’t a piece of chalk from a student that turned you from a brain idiot to a cerebral palsy, right?”

Just as Mu Yun merged with his memories, a loud laugh sounded in his ears, and finally, the entire class of students couldn’t help but laugh.


Mu Yun’s face was cold, staring at the laughing student, suddenly shouted.

In his previous life, as the supreme fairy king in the world, Mu Yun was very disgusted. When he was thinking about problems, others interrupted him!

When Mu Yun yelled, the entire class of thirty or forty students suddenly calmed down, all of them in amazement, staring at the instructor in front of them dumbfounded, as if looking at a monster.

“What age is it now? Does Kuhai Tianzun still care about the three thousand small world?” Looking at the stunned students, Mu Yun didn’t care, and said casually.

However, as soon as Mu Yun said this, the mouths of the thirty or forty students changed from an inverted duck egg shape to an upright goose egg shape, staring at Mu Yun like an idiot.

“Ha ha……”

Suddenly, a brazen laughter sounded again, still the student.

He was dressed in a white martial arts uniform with his hair tied behind his head. He was about fifteen or sixteen years old, and he was pretty long, but the appearance of laughter was not flattering.

“Mo Yang, what are you laughing at?” Incorporating the memory of “Mu Yun” who was robbed of her own house, Mu Yun knew that this student, named Mo Yang, was the most troublesome guy on weekdays!

“Teacher Mu, outsiders have always said that you are just a trash who can read but cannot practice martial arts. I think they are completely wrong!”

Mo Yang laughed loudly: “To say that you are rubbish, it is an insult to the word rubbish! Are you stupid reading a book, right? Haha…Kuhai Tianzun, Kuhai Tianzun, those are legends thousands of years ago, exist. I don’t know if it doesn’t exist, you still ask, and ask him…haha…”

Mo Yang couldn’t straighten up his waist almost with a smile. He lay down on the table, pointed at Mu Yun, and burst into tears.

Ten thousand years ago?

Mu Yun was taken aback.

Unexpectedly, he was born again after ten thousand years!

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