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Chapter 1 Waste Son-in-law

“Three young masters, the Mu Family is in trouble, please go back…”

“Yes, Young Master Mu, in the entire family, only your blood can save the Mu’s family. The old Patriarch said, as long as you go back, the position of Patriarch is yours!”

In front of Mu Sheng, there was a black Rolls Royce parked horizontally, and several old men stood at the door of the car, begging for color.

While Mu Sheng stepped on the double-handed flip flops with two big bags of vegetables in his hands, he stared at the scene blankly.

“Go back, until now, did you think of letting me go back?”

Mu Sheng snorted coldly.

The scene of being kicked out of the Mu’s family back then was unforgettable for him. Now, the Mu’s family is in trouble, so instead they come to him?

disappear as far as you can!

“Mu Sheng, why are you procrastinating a little bit more day by day? Buying a vegetable and only coming back now?”

As soon as he got home, Mu Sheng saw his mother-in-law Zhao Lin sitting on the sofa and eating melon seeds, her expression on her face was impatient.

“Mom, I’m really sorry, something happened to me on the road.”

“Stop fart to me. What can you do if you are a soft meal? You just slack off on the road and take a break. You don’t look at what time, you want to starve us to death! No wonder people say you are useless, even this Little things can’t be done well!” Zhao Lin threw the melon seeds on the table to the ground, pointing her finger at Mu Sheng and cursing.

“Hurry up to cook and sweep the floor!”

“Yes Yes……”

Mu Sheng didn’t say anything, he lowered his head, lifted the bag and returned to the kitchen.

The Jiang family, a second-rate family in the south of the Yangtze River, three years ago, Mu Sheng was in a coma and was brought back to the Jiang family. It was Jiang Zhengzhi who organized the wedding. This wedding sensationalized the entire Jiangnan. The reason is that Jiang Wan, the first beauty in Jiangnan, actually married. Give a piece of waste that was picked up by the Jiang family.

Beauty with shit, no one in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River was aware of this funny farce.

However, only Jiang Zhengzhi knows the true identity of Mu Sheng. He belongs to the top organization in Donghua and nearly died tragically because of being betrayed. Jiang Zhengzhi understands his low status in Jiang’s family, so he urges Mu Sheng to marry his daughter. , And hope to secretly protect their Mujia for three years.

There is no retribution for the grace of life-saving, and Mu Sheng agreed.

But after they got married, the two were named husband and wife. Mu Sheng and Jiang Wan did not even touch their hands a few times. After Jiang Zhengzhi passed away, his mother-in-law Zhao Lin treated him coldly all day long. As a son-in-law, there is no dignity.

Mu Sheng was already used to this. Although he was not happy, he would silently accept the scolding from his mother-in-law Zhao Lin.

Jiang Wan had just returned home, gave Mu Sheng a cold look, walked back to the room alone, and after taking a bath, she was sitting outside the window wearing a bath towel. The light above her head made her skin smooth and beautiful, and her shoulders had condensed dew, which could be broken by blowing.

But at this moment, Jiang Wan’s face was full of sadness.

“Oh, I’m really tired alone.” Jiang Wan looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help sighing.

“Muran Company and Su Group are both top-notch giants and can’t afford to provoke them. Now, even Longgui Company’s indiscriminate use has come to insult me, but I…”

Jiang Wan had tears in her eyes, and she couldn’t say anything.

She remembered Mu Sheng who was washing vegetables in the kitchen.

Other people’s husbands are corporate elites, even if they are not the kind of hands and eyes, but at least they are also indomitable men, but their own husband is an out-and-out poor man who can only do housework at home!

“time to eat.”

The familiar voice remembered, Jiang Wan turned her head, only to find that Mu Sheng was standing by the door, not knowing how long she had been standing!

“What are you doing in here! You won’t knock on the door?” Jiang Wan immediately touched her tears, got up with a cold face, and pointed her white arm to the door, “Now, get out!”

“Mom asked me to call you to eat.” Mu Sheng stepped forward, looking at the tears on the corners of Jiang Wan’s eyes, hesitated, and said, “Is it difficult? Do you need my help?”

“Help? How do you help?”

Jiang Wan smiled faintly, her eyes filled with desolation.

“If it weren’t for my father to pick you up three years ago, you wouldn’t have the right to stay here at all. The relationship between you and me is basically the existence of two worlds.”

“I’ll say it again, you now, get out of me!”

For three years, Jiang Zhengzhi’s three-year marriage contract, tortured Jiang Wan for three years.

“Mu Sheng, let you call Jiang Wan to eat, why haven’t you come down yet?” When she heard the voice, mother-in-law Zhao Lin walked up the stairs. Seeing this scene, she was immediately angry, “Why is my daughter crying? Are you bullying? It’s him, you trash, so bold!”

“I didn’t…” Mu Shenggang said.

“No fart! You scumbag eat our house, use our house, now it’s fine, the dog still bites the owner?!”

Mu Sheng came home late, mother-in-law Zhao Lin was hungry, her heart was upset, and Jiang Wan’s tearful look, there happened to be fire and nowhere to send it. Mu Sheng was just a useless person, so she didn’t scold her. Will speak back.

“Look at other sons-in-laws, who buy luxury cars, villas, and company bosses, and I still live in this broken community with you, and you even rely on Jiang Wan to pay you your salary!”

“You said, what’s the use of you!”


Zhao Lin became more and more angry, and suddenly threw the tea cup on the table towards Mu Sheng. Mu Sheng tilted her head slightly, and the glass immediately exploded to pieces on the wall.

“Hide, hide, pick it up for my old lady!” Yue Lin pointed at Mu Sheng and cursed.

Mu Sheng didn’t say much, squatting down, holding the glass shards in his palms little by little.

Suddenly, his fist clenched suddenly, and the red blood penetrated through his fingers instantly, but he raised his head and glanced at Jiang Wan’s still red eyes, feeling aggrieved in his heart, but helpless.

Mother-in-law Zhao Lin was right.

He entered Jiang’s family and was humiliated, and what about Jiang Wan as his wife?

Otherwise, it is impossible for a person to hide in the room and cry secretly.

He also felt guilty for Jiang Wan!

“Trash, even if you get scolded, it’s just like this. Two months, it’s only two months from the dead man’s will. When the time comes, you will get divorced, otherwise our Jiang family will have to live this hard life forever. !”

“It turns out… only two months are left.” Mu Sheng was startled and couldn’t help muttering.

Before Jiang Zhengzhi died, in order to avoid his family despising Mu Sheng and divorcing, he made a will. All his deposits in the bank must be obtained after three years of marriage between Mu Sheng and Jiang Wan. Now there is only three years left. It’s been two months.

“You trash, what are you whispering!”

“Mom, don’t talk about it, it wasn’t Mu Sheng who did it just now.”

Maybe it was Zhao Lin’s scolding that was too bad, Jiang Wan couldn’t help saying at this moment.

“Whether he did it or not, this kind of uselessness must get out of our house!”

Mu Sheng walked back to the room and could hear Zhao Lin’s scolding outside the door. Sitting on the bed, he threw the blood-stained glass shards into the paper basket, and sighed.

“I have been to the Jiang family for three years, and I have guarded the Jiang family for three years. Uncle Jiang… I owe you my life, and it has already been paid…”

He was once the king of soldiers.

The god of the dragon group!

For Jiang Zhengzhi’s request, he served as a son-in-law at home for three years.


Mu Sheng opened his eyes and slowly suppressed the anger in his chest.

They naturally did not call Mu Sheng for dinner. After the mother-in-law Zhao Lin had eaten it, she dumped the food into the trash can to prevent Mu Sheng from going out to eat when she was hungry.

This kind of uselessness, Zhao Lin wished he would starve to death.

Boom boom boom –

The car started downstairs, and the beautiful Porsche rushed out of the night with a burst of taillight.

Standing at the window of the room, Mu Sheng could clearly see Jiang Wan’s face decisively, teeth biting slightly, as if rushing to the battlefield.

“what happened?”

Mu Sheng’s eyes flashed with doubt.

He remembered the appearance of Jiang Wan crying secretly in the room before dinner. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. It was only two months before he left Jiang’s house. He didn’t want to have any accidents in these two months.

“Hey, I’m Mu Sheng, don’t you want me to go back…”

Mu Sheng suddenly called out, “I want to know Jiang Wan’s location within three minutes.”

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