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Chapter 1235 Master of the body

Chapter 1235 The owner of the body

“What’s the matter? How could this be?” Su Wanwan couldn’t figure out what was going on. She was fine just now, how could she feel like falling into an ice cave for a moment, this kind of cold feeling like To freeze her whole body into ice cubes, every inch of her blood vessels and every piece of bone seemed to slowly freeze into ice, causing great pain.

This extremely painful feeling caused her to curl up on the ground, rolling over uncontrollably, and shouting

as she rolled, “It hurts, it hurts!” Just as she yelled through, the door of the room opened. Xiao Su’er stepped in in a beautiful dress, condescending, looking at her on the ground with great aura, Su Wanwan’s eyes widened in surprise at this time, and she wanted to escape but didn’t dare, so she could only shrink in the corner. At this time, she was still Su. Xin’er looked pale, but was tortured by the pain.

Xiao Su’er walked to her and looked at her, “I’m still curious about who has the courage to pretend to be me. It turns out that you are exactly the same as me! You are not so courageous, but unfortunately the luck is not good enough.”

She knelt down and tried hard. Squeezing Su Wanwan’s face, stuffed the antidote of Yi Rong Wan into her mouth, and looked at each other with identical faces.

“Tsk tusk tusk, even if you look exactly like me, there is no need to want to live the same life as me! Do you want to take my things that way? You want to take my identity and want my husband? What are you doing? So greedy?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? When I liked Bo Qingang, you didn’t know where it was. If you two are separated, you should be separated completely. If you don’t separate, you can stay together. After you quarreled with Bo Qingang, he would find someone to piss you off, then what am I, am I cannon fodder? Ah!”

Su Wanwan struggled painfully and broke free from Xiao Su’er’s hand and rolled on the ground. At this moment, Xiao Su’er next to her saw the obvious scar on her exposed wrist. It was when she was on the alchemy furnace when she was making alchemy. Burned.

She suddenly wanted to know if her guess was correct, and she hadn’t been able to verify it before. Now since Su Wanwan followed them so hard to death, she must figure it out.

She squatted down again, this time squeezing Su Wanwan’s two hands even harder, and asked in a loud voice, “You tell me who you are? Do you remember what happened ten years ago, what happened in the past ten years? How much do you remember? Are you really 23 years old this year? Have you lied?”

“You, ah!” Su Wanwan was tortured by the pain and had no brainpower to think about Xiao Su’er’s questions. Has been screaming in pain.

Xiao Su’er had no choice but to take out a leaf of Grass Essence Xiaoyi from the medicinal spirit jade space and put it into her mouth. She wanted to harm her, but was contaminated with ice poison by his tricks. To suffer, but now there is a question that needs her to answer, please help her suppress the toxin.

Su Wanwan didn’t know whether he was feeding her the poison or the antidote, so he wanted to vomit it subconsciously, but Xiao Su’er pinched her mouth tightly. She couldn’t vomit it at all, so she could only swallow it.

After swallowing, I found that my body’s chill was slowly suppressed, and my body temperature had recovered a bit.

She lay on the ground of breath, looked at Xiao Su children’s eyes filled with hatred, “You are deliberately used to make fun of me, right?”

“If you heart is not a ghost how afraid I make fun of it? You’re too impatient, right! I As soon as the front foot said I was leaving to go to the mountain to collect medicine, you got into our palace with the back foot. Why didn’t you wait two more days? If you wait two more days, maybe I’ll show my stuff. It’s a pity, no brains.”

“You… …” Su Wanwan was anxious but didn’t know how to answer. She was indeed too anxious this time, and she ran into the Sixth Prince’s Palace without even thinking about it.

“Now I have something to ask you. You’d better answer honestly and earnestly one word at a time. If you dare to tell a lie, you dare to fool me with one word, but I promise you will be very painful today. You have experienced the pain. Can you imagine the tenfold pain?”

Xiao Suer took a dagger from her sleeve and pressed it against her throat, “Tell me, who are you? You still remember the memory ten years ago? Remember?”

“What are you asking about these things? You can kill if you want. Anyway, don’t you just want to kill me when you catch me? Even if you kill me, I won’t tell you, I just want you I’m sad, there are things I want to know but I can’t know, I must be very puzzled in my heart!”

Su Wanwan has broken the pot and fell into the hands of two people anyway. There will be no good results. Now it is in Wanwan. Holy continent.

In her vague memory, she remembered that she seemed to have lived in this continent, but she couldn’t remember too much. In short, she could be regarded as unaccompanied in this continent, but Xiao Suer and Bo Qingang are now the sixth prince and the sixth queen. To live with her identity, pinching her to death is as simple as pinching an ant.

Anyway, it’s dying, it’s better to suspend their appetite. What she wanted to know, she had to tell her, and Xiao Su’er would feel uncomfortable even if she died.

“I can’t figure it out in my heart, but I can’t figure it out. I will only try to make things I want to know. Someone tells me that if someone comes against me, it’s just irritating me. Now you are like a cage. Things can be slaughtered by me, but you still want to provoke me. Do you know what the consequences are?”

Xiao Su’er didn’t want to talk nonsense with her, took out Veritaserum and stuffed her directly into her mouth. Su Wanwan was choked and almost vomited. However, Xiao Suer’s mouth was severely covered again, and Veritaserum was swallowed down her throat by her.

“Can you tell me now? I have to let me torture you, do you think you are looking for abuse?” Xiao Su’er clapped his hands a little impatiently, squatting down and watching Su Wanwan ask the question again.

This time when the drug’s effect occurred, Su Wanwan even suffocated words from his throat even if he didn’t want to speak, “Ten years ago, I don’t remember anything from ten years ago. I remember I was 23 years old this year Does age matter? I remember some things during the past ten years, and some don’t.”

After listening to her words, Xiao Su’er’s eyes narrowed slightly. It’s not wrong. Su Wanwan is the one who stayed here after she crossed to the Chinese mainland. Bian’s body, a body without a soul can grow for ten years, it’s incredible!

“You said you crossed over from other places? Is this body yours?”

“What? This body is not mine, is it still yours?” Su Wanwan looked at her angrily, clearly. I didn’t want to say it, but I still said every word.

“You are right. Your body should belong to me. I am its real master.”

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