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Chapter 1236 reason

Chapter 1236 Reason

“What?” Su Wanwan looked at her in shock, “What are you talking nonsense? Can the body be recognized casually? Who do you think you are?”

“Then you say you are? Who? Don’t you think you are like a person without roots? You don’t even remember the things that happened ten years ago, and you only remember a part of the things that happened in the past ten years.

You are just a body, in order to live here Time has barely become a person, otherwise you wouldn’t exist at all. Ten years ago, it was because I crossed to the Chinese mainland, this body was so deserted here, why did you exist? I can’t figure it out myself! I figured out one thing.”

Xiao Su’er smiled and looked at her, “Everything you do is imitating me. You may be because you have the same blood type as me, so in a special coincidence, you also crossed from here to China Mainland, and you are seeing Bo Qing. For a moment, Ang fell in love with him because of me. In fact, it is because our two bodies are involved. That’s why you love him so deeply, because of me.

You have been for others all your life . And live, you shouldn’t show up at all, are you sad?”

No wonder, she and Bo Qingang have not known each other for a long time but are so affectionate, no wonder she always wants to show up next to them.

In fact, this body is attractive. After seeing Xiao Su’er in this body, a natural instinctive reaction occurs when the soul and body are close. So Su Wanwan is a person who shouldn’t exist in these years. She did what she did. Everything about this is just learning from Xiao Su’er.

Xiao Su’er figured out all this, but it was obvious that Su Wanwan hadn’t figured it out. She didn’t even know what Xiao Su’er was thinking. She looked shocked and said, “What the hell are you talking about? Impossible! What is it? I am a non-existent person, I am here alive, I am watching you talking to you, but you say that I am a non-existent person?”

“I don’t want to explain this to you! Come here, bring him in.” Xiao Su’er stood up and shouted towards the door, and the two guards waiting outside immediately pushed Chi Siang in.

The two of them didn’t know what a praying mantis meant to catch a cicada or oriole. They thought they were hiding in the dark, and no one would find out. In fact, Xiao Su’er had already been caught in a darker corner.

Chi Siang didn’t expect this at all. He was hiding in the backyard of the Six Princes Mansion, thinking about what to do next, when several guards from Lu’an Mansion rushed up and grabbed him.

Xiao Suer turned to look at Bo Qingang, “Aang, where is the glass of water you gave her just now? Let’s ask Mr. Chi to have a sip. Some old accounts should be settled today, otherwise The endless annoyance made me unbearable. I don’t want to have this kind of thing anymore. There are always people or things that I can’t restrain.”

Bo Qingang took the cup of water that Su Wanwan only drank. Handed it to Xiao Su’er, several guards held Chi Siang, he wanted to fight back, but these well-trained guards’ opponents, not to mention two of them were cultivators, he was even more invincible. I could only watch Xiao Su’er approach him step by step.

“Chi Siang, originally I really regarded you as a friend, but in the past few years you have made the only little friendship we have time and time again and nothing is left.

Today is the end of the day. Drink this cup. Water, from now on, you can feel Aang’s feelings over the years.” When

Xiao Su’er said this, her heart was cold. Bo Qingang is now in the late stage of the poison of ice. They drink his blood will become As serious as him, that is to say, if there is no ice cold grass, he and Su Wanwan will die after a while.

Chi Siang didn’t know what was wrong with the glass of water, but he knew that drinking it would not produce good results, so he bit his lip and refused to drink, but Xiao Suer slapped his face twice and swept it with spiritual power. , Five fingers appeared on his cheeks soon.

He looked at Xiao Su’er in disbelief. It was the first time she had beaten him in so many years. Even when she was desperate and painful, she did not beat him. The two slaps she slapped without poisoning made him sad.

“You…” Chi Siang started to say something, but Xiao Su’er didn’t want to listen at all anymore, and directly poured water into his mouth while he opened his mouth, and then tightly covered his mouth.

“There is nothing to say between the two of us. You touch my bottom line again and again. Do you really think I dare not kill you? Aang doesn’t kill you because you two are half-fathers. For brothers, what about you? Have you ever read such a little affection? Since you are unkind, you should not blame us for unrighteousness.”

“Cough cough cough…” Chi Siang coughed fiercely, but everything was gone. It was a foregone conclusion, and he also felt the overwhelming icy sensation, which made his face turn blue in pain.

“Throw them out to me. The farther you can throw them, the better. You’d better throw them into a cold place to let them know how painful it is to feel cold from the inside out?”

Xiao Su’er walked to Bo Qingang’s side, exhausted. Leaning on him and giving orders, the guards dragged the struggling two out, but she suddenly remembered something and shouted: “Hold on! Just keep this woman and drag him out.”

“Yes.” The guards dropped Su Wanwan and dragged Chi Siang away.

Xiao Suer looked at Su Wanwan who was lying on the floor and remembered Brother He. The brother who had taken care of her so much since childhood and the brother has been taking care of her. He should also want to see her. Even if the favor is still good, he has to let them see On the one hand, she had to drag her to the master to prove that what she said was true.

“Su Wanwan, I will let you know who you are soon.” Xiao Suer pulled Su Wanwan up from the ground, tied her hands behind her back with a rope, and dragged her toward Ghost Doctor Valley.

“Hey, you crazy woman, what on earth do you want to do? If you want to kill me, kill me. Why do you humiliate people like this? Are you taking me to the street? Don’t forget that my face looks like you now Same, aren’t you afraid of being talked about when you go out in the future?” Su Wanwan kept shouting at her from behind.

Xiao Su’er turned a deaf ear to her and dragged her to the Ghost Doctor Valley and went straight to the Ghost Doctor’s room. Su Wanwan stopped talking after entering the Ghost Doctor Valley.

She was too familiar with this place, but because she was so familiar, she didn’t know how to face that familiarity. It seemed that she had it when she first saw it, but she never remembered that it was in her memory. What kind of role does it play?

“Master, the disciple came to see you with your acquaintances. She can confirm that what I said that day is true.”

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