Chapter 941 Power Outage

Chapter 941 Blackout

“What? The most advanced anti-theft system? That means that the kidnappers are premeditated and organized. They have already thought about everything even the door was changed in advance. What do they want to do? We all The money was brought, and we were locked up here.

Hurry up! Break the door and you can break the door, right?”

Xiao Su’er was panicked all over. This place was arranged in advance, which means that the kidnapper had done it a long time ago. Has been eyeing Xiao Forgotten.

What is going on? Is it eyeing it in the kindergarten? But he was in an international kindergarten, and every household in it was very rich. Why did he just focus on Xiao Wang? Is it because of Bo Qingang? But no one dared to reveal the relationship between Xiao Wang and Bo Qingang. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t have the mind to think about it as much.

She just wanted to see Xiao Wang quickly now. Bo Qingang glanced at her and asked seriously, “Are you sure you want me to break the door?”

“Yes, is it possible that the two of us have been locked here?”

“They said that they would not let go until they transfer the money. If we break the door now, it is not necessarily good for Xiao Wang.” Bo Qingang seemed to be more rational.

“Then what should we do now? Just let us stay here? How can I be able to stay!” Xiao Su’er was anxiously spinning around, like an ant on a hot pot.

At this moment, the mobile phone in her hand rang again, and she immediately picked up and shouted inside: “We have come here and the money has been brought, but the door is locked. What do you want to do?”

“I know! I arranged the door, your money is in the lobby of the hotel! Don’t worry, I will let you out after I transfer the money completely, but you have to stay in that house for one night After I escape smoothly, your son will come back to you. Don’t try to escape by tricks, it will only harm your children.” The

phone hung up again, Xiao Su’er wanted to call, but was Bo Qing. Ang held her hand, “Forget it, don’t fight anymore, you still have the same words when you hit him.”

Xiao Suer lowered her hand weakly, and she couldn’t even pick it up when the phone fell on the ground. She went straight to the window and looked at it. In this uninhabited suburb, she really couldn’t think of where the kidnappers would hide Xiao Wang. What is going on with him now?

Xiao Wang’s scream on the phone still echoed in her ears, her tears couldn’t help falling, and she murmured towards the window, “Mengbao, where are you? Mom came to save you, but mom is looking for it. Not for you!”

She was sweating profusely because of fright. In this weather, she ran back and forth, and the sweat had soaked her long hair and clothes on her body. She was so sad that she couldn’t care about herself.

Now I just want to know where his son is, but Bo Qingang already knows it in his heart, and sighs helplessly and shook his head and walked to her.

“You calm down, they want one billion in cash. If Xiao Wang has something to do, how could the two of us give them money? And they know the status of the Ang family and the Bo family in mainland China. They don’t have the slightest benefit. After they take the money, they will definitely let Xiao Wang come back. Don’t worry, go take a shower and see that you’re all sweaty.”

Xiao Su’er puts her hands on the window and doesn’t look back, she He just shook his head, “I don’t want to take a bath. The child is not safe now. What kind of bath should I take?”

“Do you think Xiao Wang was sweating when he came back to hold you? You should take a shower. Take a rest. I promise Xiao Wang will come back to you after tonight. There will be nothing wrong.”

Xiao Suer heard these words and finally turned her head to look at him, “How do you know? How do you guarantee? They are kidnappers. If they can really believe their words, they will not do such illegal things. Now, they are not even afraid of calling the police, not even afraid of you. How do I know what they will do?” After

he said this, the whole person fell into panic, and his mind came up. Many of the pictures were bloody and terrifying. He worried that all the people in these pictures would become Xiao Wang, and the whole person started to tremble. For the first time, she was so flustered that she lost the ability to think.

“I can promise, and I can swear that they will never do things that shouldn’t be done to Mengbao. You can take a bath and calm down, and then we will discuss what to do next, otherwise you will be flustered now. I can’t calm down at all. I can’t think of anything, but it’s not conducive to thinking. What do you think?”

Bo Qingang put out his softest tone and started coaxing Xiao Su’er. Under his words, Xiao Su’er slowly calmed down. He nodded in a daze, “Yes, you are right! I really can’t calm down, then I’ll take a bath and sit here.”

Xiao Su’er walked to the bathroom. This hotel room and other hotels are all Same, transparent bathroom! Bo Qingang from outside could see what she was doing in the bathroom.

I took out the bathroom towel and covered the transparent glass before taking a shower, but my mind was not on it at all. I just stood under the shower and washed my body and didn’t care.

Bo Qingang sat on the sofa outside and began to observe carefully, paying attention to the room of the two of them, every corner of the room, the ceiling, bedside tables, tea cups, and kettle. He carefully looked at it, but he didn’t see what he wanted to see. Stuff.

At the moment when he was puzzled and thought it might be the wrong idea, the light in the room suddenly went out and the whole room was plunged into darkness.

“Ah…” Xiao Su’er screamed in the bathroom, which immediately made Bo Qing’ang more nervous, and rushed into the bathroom without thinking. In the darkness, the two could not see each other, but they could feel each other. At the side, Xiao Suer immediately took a towel and covered her body and looked at him, “What are you doing running in?”

“This suddenly went out of power, and I heard you calling again, thinking you slipped and fell, are you okay?” Bo Qing Ang stretched out his hand as he spoke.

“It was really caught off guard and almost slipped, but I stood firm, I’m fine, you go out first, I haven’t washed it yet, it’s just that the power went out and the water didn’t stop.”

Xiao Su’er reached out and wanted to pour Bo. After pushing out the bathroom, Bo Qingang held her hand when she reached out. There were still moist drops of water on her hand. Her skin felt white and tender. Bo Qingang suddenly felt his throat tighten, and he didn’t want to let Xiao Su’er go at all. , Still holding her hand without any movement.

“Let go, what are you doing? Ah…” Xiao Su’er wanted to shake his hand away, but the bathroom was full of water and the floor was slippery. She almost fell when she tried hard.