Chapter 942 Self-directed and self-acted

Chapter 942 Self-directed and self-acted

Bo Qingang felt her strength and then pulled back, and immediately took a step forward and took Xiao Su’er into her arms. Xiao Su’er, who was only wearing a thin towel, plunged into her with water vapor. In his arms, his shirt was instantly wetted, which could make him feel the long-lost warmth. He hugged Xiao Su’er and didn’t want to let go.

Xiao Su’er in the dark fell into his arms, his face flushed instantly, and for a moment he forgot to move, and forgot to push him away.

The two of them hugged Xiao Su’er in the dark and steamy bathroom. After a few minutes, Xiao Suer reacted and tried to push Bo Qingang away. “What are you doing? Let go!”

“If I let go, would you? Did you fall again? Let me hold you, don’t be afraid! I won’t do anything to you.” Bo Qingang closed his eyes, and sniffed the smell of Xiao Suer’s body obsessively, the faint herbal scent It is a natural body scent that can’t cover up even if you apply shower gel.

There have been countless scents in his mind, always dreaming of smelling it again one day, and now that he has finally got his wish, how could he be willing to let it go.

“No, you’d better go out first. I just wiped it and came out.” Xiao Su’er felt her own body temperature rising rapidly. If it weren’t for she could not see herself in the dark, she would definitely see her now. As red as a cooked lobster.

“I’ll stay with you here, don’t worry, the power is out now, of course I can’t see you in the dark. I just want to stay with you here. If you are unsteady, I can be in time. Hold it.”

Bo Qingang looked down at the person in his arms. Even though he couldn’t see anything, it seemed that the eyes of the two people could still meet in the dark, and they looked at each other in the dark space.

“I said no, go out first.” Xiao Su’er seemed to be able to see his eyes in the dark. She felt that she was getting hotter, and her whole body was hot as if it had reached forty degrees. Reaching out and pushing Bo Qingang, he pushed him out of the bathroom.


The moon is high in the sky in the suburbs, and the moonlight is much brighter than the city center with tall buildings. The bright moonlight pouring through the windows on the floor of the hotel room, Bo Qingang lay on the sofa without saying a word, Xiao Suer slept in But every now and then, he sighed deeply on the bed.

“Oh…” He sighed again and turned over twice on the bed, but still couldn’t sleep!

Bo Qingang took out his mobile phone and glanced at it. It was three o’clock in the night. Xiao Su’er was lying in bed tossing and turning for several hours but couldn’t sleep, even if he wanted to! The whereabouts of the child is unknown, and it is not known whether it is alive or dead. How could she be able to sleep?

Bo Qingang got up from the sofa and came to her bed, “Don’t worry, you can sleep first. It will be fine tomorrow morning, and Xiao Wang will return to you tomorrow morning.”

Hearing his words Xiao Su’er didn’t know why she suddenly felt a little angry, so she sat up from the bed and watched Bo Qing’ang scold him with an angry expression.

“Xiao Wang is also your child. He is not someone else’s. He is your own. The two of you are related by blood. Why are you not in a hurry? Is it because you haven’t lived by your side since childhood, you treat him Don’t you have feelings?”

She really couldn’t figure out why Bo Qingang was so calm from the beginning. Which mother can sleep at ease when the child’s whereabouts are unknown?

“It’s not that I don’t have no feelings for him, I’m because…” Bo Qingang wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain at all. In the end, he could only sigh as deeply as Xiao Su’er, “Hey…”

Then he raised his head to face. The empty air in the darkness said, “Okay, stop tossing your mother. Do you want your mother to stay up all night? Come out!”

“What are you talking about? Who are you talking to?” Xiao Su’er thought he had been insane, and said something nonsense to this room.

“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s just that from the moment I entered the hotel, I found something was wrong. You didn’t realize that although it was asking the two of us to pay the ransom, I wanted to bring the two of us together everywhere? The same? The rooms also use the most advanced locks with anti-theft system. The decoration of the same hotel is different from the standard room of the hotel. There is only one bed.”

“And you turned off the electricity while you were taking a shower. You think it’s such a coincidence. One thing is a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence that all things come together, but someone deliberately.”

Bo Qingang began to analyze the loopholes in this matter for her. From the moment he entered this room, he It was already found that something was wrong, but Xiao Su’er looked flustered and never told her. Of course, he also wanted to spend more time alone with Xiao Su’er through this opportunity, but watching Xiao Su’er being tossed like this he felt distressed again.

“Someone deliberately, what do you mean? The kidnapping must be deliberate! Is there anyone who kidnapped unintentionally?” Xiao Su’er didn’t understand what he said, and her anxious IQ had flown away from her head.

“I mean this deliberate man is our son. He wanted to match the two of us, so he directed and acted in this kidnapping scene.”

Bo Qingang said this, and turned his head towards the darkness. I asked loudly, “Am I right? Mengbao, come out soon. It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve already seen it through.”

Xiao Su’er was stunned when he said this. This was really done by her son. Is it? Xiao Wang is indeed very smart, and he is indeed able to achieve this level, but would he really be so excessive and make himself so worried?

She was still comforting herself in her heart. Po Qingang might have guessed wrong, but she didn’t expect a click from the door, the lock was opened from the outside, and a small figure walked into the room.

Xiao Wang lowered his head and squeezed the corners of his clothes with both hands. He said guiltily and pitifully, “Mom, I’m sorry, it was indeed something I did by myself. I just want you and Dad to have a chance to explain everything. I That’s…”

He couldn’t go on halfway through, because he saw Xiao Su’er, whom he had never seen since he was four years old, and there was an extremely angry expression on her face.

Xiao Su’er breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him walk into the room, feeling that her son was finally safe, and she was completely relieved.

But what followed was anger. She was so worried, but she did not expect that her worries were superfluous. Xiao Wang was fine at all. From the beginning, she was secretly watching them elsewhere, so she was caught by her own son. Fooled.