Chapter 943 The Identity of Hacker K

Chapter 943 The identity of the hacker K

“Mom, I was wrong, I was wrong!” Xiao Wang saw Xiao Su’er’s angry expression so guilty, and walked to the bedside to reach out to pull Xiao Su’er’s hand.

Xiao Suer shook him away, climbed out of the bed and pointed at him and said, “You are really too much this time. Have I taught you not to lie casually and not to do things that make adults worry about it? What’s more, you did it deliberately this time. , Do you know how terribly scared I was this time?”

She knew that Xiao Wang was very smart. Every time she talked to him, Xiao Wang would listen carefully and never did anything that worried him. This time, not only did she worry, she was almost insane and kidnapped! What a serious matter.

It is the first time for Xiao Su’er to hope so strongly that the little guy can return to the IQ of a normal child. She doesn’t want a son with a super IQ. If there are a few more incidents like this, she will probably be so scared that she will die on the spot.

“Mom, I’m just…” Xiao Wang also knew that he was at a loss, and looked at Xiao Su’er pitifully, not knowing how to explain it.

Bo Qingang watched Xiao Wang sigh deeply and sighed deeply, “Oh…Okay, call out all your accomplices. Who did you press this lock? Who monitored this lock for you? Everything is fine. Find it out for me. I want to see who confuses you.”

He always thought that Xiao Wang couldn’t do all these things by himself. He is a four-year-old kid, no matter how smart he is. It’s amazing. Someone must be instigating him behind his back. He wanted to see who was so bold and dare to talk nonsense in front of his Bo Qing’ang son and give him such a bad idea.

Xiao Wang felt inexplicable when he heard what he said, and shook his head at him, “No one else, it’s an accomplice from where I am alone. I really don’t know how to change this lock by myself. I just paid two people to come over. Locked, they can’t be regarded as accomplices.”

Bo Qingang was shocked when he heard what he said, and grabbed Xiao Wang and asked seriously, “Are you sure you planned all this by yourself, and no one will tell you afterwards. Idea?”

“Of course not. Mom knows that I can do it all by myself!” Xiao Wang nodded seriously.

Bo Qingang felt shocked that this little child was able to make such a seamless plan, and on the phone, he remembered to threaten Xiao Su’er with the kidnapper at any time. All the details were taken into consideration. It was incredible. A genius child, and he can use a computer to synthesize the voice of an adult man, is that amazing?

Computers, synthesis, genius… Bo Qingang used these pieces of information to start the association, and suddenly thought of a very incredible thing. He watched Xiao Wang tentatively and asked, “Are you a hacker?”

Of course he knew that a four-year-old. It’s unbelievable that so many children are top hackers, but only this explanation is slightly more reasonable. He thought that hacker K was Xiao Su’er’s suitor, maybe the two were already together, but these days he sent a lot of bodyguards. Following Xiao Su’er secretly, she didn’t see anyone around her.

If she really started a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with a hacker, how could someone let her girlfriend not come to see each other in China mainland for so long?

However, if they have nothing to do with each other, why did hacker K release those remarks on the Internet, help her clarify the rumors, and use this powerful program to force videos to pop up on the entire network. The two people definitely have an extraordinary relationship. .

But if Xiao Wang is a hacker, then everything can be explained.

Xiao Wang heard him ask this, knowing that Bo Qingang had remembered the past, and nodded shyly, “Yes, Dad! Hacker K is me.”

Bo Qingang looked at him and smiled helplessly, “My son is so powerful, I didn’t know until today.”

“Have you finished?” Xiao Suer asked coldly beside him, there was no temperature in his eyes, and went away. He fetched him in front of Xiao Wang, “Now come home with me immediately.”

He was really angry, his own child has no sense at all, and wisdom is not used in this way.

Xiao Wang knew that he was wrong, and followed him without saying a word, and Bo Qingang followed in the footsteps of the two.

After returning to the Ang Family Manor, Xiao Shuo and Xiao Yuhan were pacing anxiously in the living room. Seeing that Xiao Su’er came back with Xiao Wang, they immediately hugged Xiao Wang and looked up and down, and found that he was not hurt at all. After that, I felt relieved.

“Fortunately, you are fine. Otherwise, I will definitely kill those kidnappers. I dare to kidnap my grandson. Don’t kill me!”

“That’s right! Sister, do you know who kidnapped Mengbao? Tell me. I, I’m going to kill him.”

Xiao Shuo and Xiao Yuhan said indignantly, but Xiao Su’er snorted coldly after saying, “Hmph, then you will kill your nephew. He directed and acted everything by himself, ignorant! Look at how your uncle and grandfather are scared.”

After saying this, she angrily went up to the second floor, returned to the room, and closed the door. After that, she slid down the door to the ground as if she had collapsed, sitting as if she was about to fall apart.

Xiao Yuhan on the first floor listened to his words and looked down at Xiao Wang in disbelief, “Mengbao, is what your mother said is true? You planned the kidnapping drama yourself? Why did you do it? Do this?”

“I’m…” Xiao Forgotten didn’t know how to explain it. If Bo Qingang’s name were mentioned, his uncle would definitely be irritated. He knew that Xiao Yuhan hated Bo Qingang very seriously. Degree.

“Do you want to make jokes with people at home? You think that life is too boring now. Then you can tell grandpa, grandpa can take you to amusement parks, museums, and planetariums. Why do you want this? Do you know that you scared your mother!”

Xiao Shuo was even more angry, and pulled Xiao Wang’s hand to make him stand next to the wall, “You give me thoughts about it and think about how to apologize before you give it to me. Your mother apologizes very well, you are really too much this time!”

Xiao Yuhan looked at him and did not say much, but followed Xiao Shuo back to the room. After today’s incident, they contacted overseas in the afternoon. Mr. Ang asked him to send the people from their Ang family who stayed in China Mainland. Now there are a large group of nanny and bodyguards standing in the manor.

In the future, they don’t want to live a free life anymore, it is better to watch Xiao Wang’s well.

Now Xiao Wang was standing alone in the living room, and his mixed feelings were also very uncomfortable. He felt a little regretful when he saw Xiao Su’er trembling in the hotel room under the surveillance.