Chapter 945 Mother and Son Reconciliation

Chapter 945 Mother and Son Reconciliation

“What are you talking about here? Do you know about my mother? I asked her, you two haven’t seen each other for a long time, why are you so clear about what happened a few years ago?”

Xiao Wang was very wary of Chi Siang. He remembered that he had asked Xiao Su’er how he felt about this uncle, and it was clear that Xiao Su’er said that he had no feelings, and it was impossible to be with him.

Let Xiao Wang not worry, Chi Siang will not become his father, but why this Chi Siang now seems to know Xiao Su’er well.

“Although we haven’t seen each other for a few years, we were once best friends. I know everything that happened to her, and of course I know what happened between him and your dad.”

Chi Siang seemed to have been deliberate. Emphasizing how good his relationship with Xiao Suer was before, Xiao Wang became even more unhappy when he heard it, and Xiao Suer’s voice came from behind him as he was about to say something.

“Why are you here?”

Lying on the bed, Xiao Su’er could hear Chi Siang’s voice calling her, thinking that she had heard it wrong, but it was wrong to think about it. Even if she heard it wrong, why would she think of Chi Si? Ang came to find her? I still decided to come down and have a look. I didn’t expect to see the two of them chatting so happily. What are they talking about?

“Today I sent flowers to your clinic, but I didn’t see you. They said that you took a leave of absence. I think you should be sick. Come to your house to see you. Are you okay?”

Chi Siang stood up and looked at Xiao Su’er, with the same gentleman expression on his face, and the affection in his eyes, even the little child Xiao Wang could see. He was particularly dissatisfied that the uncle in front of him looked at his mother with such an expression.

“Didn’t I tell you that I asked you not to send flowers to the clinic? Why did you go again?” Xiao Su’er couldn’t help frowning when he heard what he said. How could Chi Siang do his own way? It wasn’t like this before. In the past five years, a lot of things have really gone wrong. If he used to be like this, he would definitely not be like this.

“Because I want to see you, I haven’t sent flowers to your clinic for several days, which means I haven’t seen you for several days, so I went if I wanted to see you.”

Chi Siang didn’t seem to notice that Xiao Su’er had already The face changed, still expressing his affectionate thoughts. Before Xiao Suer had time to say anything, Xiao Wang said coldly beside him, “You said this in front of a lady who already has children. I think it is very It’s out of season, uncle!”

“I just told you that your mother is a single lady now, and I pursue her to be reasonable and legal!” Chi Siang smiled at Xiao Wang, but he withdrew his smile in an instant.

Xiao Su’er was listening to the conversation between the two people, and asked a little unexpectedly, “Did you two discuss this kind of issue just now?”

“Yes, your son just said that I can’t pursue you because I already have a child. You don’t need it.” Other men are around you, but I said you need it, you need a man to accompany you, help you, care for you, not to mention that you are single now, don’t you think so, we Who’s right?”

Chi Siang asked not eagerly. When he asked this question, even Xiao Wang was very excited. He clenched his small fist and looked at Xiao Su’er, expecting her to stand beside him. Side.

“I think you should not have this problem, especially you! Xiao forget is a child, he is not sensible, sensible you do not do? How can discuss with him the question?”

Xiao Su children just went downstairs to see When the two people were talking about something, they seemed to be very excited. They thought they were getting along very well, but they didn’t expect that they were discussing such a problem.

“I think it is necessary to have a good discussion, otherwise he always thinks that I am a bad person and is hostile to me. If I want to get along with him, I have to tell him that it is reasonable and legal for me to pursue you now, otherwise How will we still live together in the future?”

Chi Siang seemed to take it for granted that he would be able to pursue Xiao Su’er, and he was actually considering the issue of the three people living together in the future.

“Don’t talk nonsense here. You don’t need to think about it. My son and I will live a good life. Is there anything important about you coming to see me today? If not, I won’t keep you. I’m in a bad mood these two days. Okay.”

Xiao Su’er gave the order to evict the customer in a flat and unrelenting manner. Xiao Wang was very proud of it. It seems that annoying his mother can bring a small benefit, that is, he can drive away this unkind uncle.

“Okay, then I will leave first, and I will come to your clinic to see you tomorrow.” Chi Siang didn’t force him to stay, but turned around and was ready to leave.

But after taking two steps, he turned his head and looked at Xiao Wang with a smile and said, “Although you don’t like me, I still like you very much. You are the smartest kid I have ever seen.”

After saying this, he Turning around and leaving the Angjia Manor, Xiao Wang looked at his back and stomped his feet, “Who makes you like it? I am smart is something everyone knows, and you don’t need to say it specifically.”

Xiao Su’er returned to the living room and sat on the sofa silently eating the fruit on the coffee table. After Xiao Wang had cursed enough, she turned to look at her, smiled and ran to her side to please her, “Mom, are you hungry? They help us cook and eat. Grandpa said that someone will take care of us in the future. Someone will cook for us. What do you want to eat?” When

he spoke, he deliberately rubbed Xiao Su’er’s arm with his head, like very much. For the little pet who was acting like a baby to his owner, Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing every time he looked like this before. Even if he had any excessive requests, she would agree.

But this time, Xiao Su’er just pushed him away slightly, sitting beside him still looks serious and serious, “Xiao Wang! Mom thinks I must talk to you very seriously.”

Every time Xiao Su’er calls his full name. time on behalf of her anger, of course, knew that she forgot Xiao angry is as it should be, we can only put back behind body stand straight at her and nodded, “good!”

“Do not you think just give me and thin Qing Ang creates a separate environment, and the two of us will be reconciled? You can have fatherly love and motherly love at the same time, right?”

Xiao Suer saw through her son’s thoughts, and only this kind of statement can be consistent. Those things he did.

Xiao Wang also nodded honestly, “Yes! Mom, I think there is a misunderstanding between you and Dad. You should listen to him carefully. Dad was not necessarily the one who did those things. I don’t think he would be like that. Cruel, if he is so cruel, why should he come to keep you now?”

“There shouldn’t be a shortage of women by your father’s side. He must love you so much to keep you.”