Chapter 946 Promise

Chapter 946 It is agreed that

Xiao Suer looked at Xiao Wang’s face inviting sin, with her hands behind her back, her upper body standing upright, and when she said these words solemnly, her heart was touched. How much this child longs for his father’s love. Do this kind of kidnapping yourself.

But a mistake is a mistake. You can’t do things that worry them just because he wants fatherly love. You must tell him what he can do and what he can’t do.

So for the first time, Xiao Suer told him what happened in front of him in a serious and serious manner, which was more detailed than the last time.

“Do you think the doctors who forcibly dragged me into the hospital at the beginning were not sent by him? Well, I will treat them as if they were not sent by him for the time being, but he himself said in front of me. However, he didn’t want you. At that time, you were still in my stomach. I just learned that I was pregnant with you. How happy I was to share this with him.”

“But he doesn’t care about my body at all, either. I don’t care how you were in my stomach? I just kept asking me to beat you.

And it’s true to be with Xiao Mengqiu. I have seen it with my own eyes, and I went to a restaurant and caught them both. Personally, the most important thing is the big bang that year. He was so close to me that he could save me, but he resolutely turned around to save Xiao Mengqiu.

Mengbao, do you know how painful these things are in my heart? You want my father’s love to be understandable, so when you go to play the piano every week, I let you meet him. Do you think I really don’t know?”

“I know! It’s just that I don’t want to bother you two. I can open one eye and close the other to let you get the father’s love you deserve, but you can’t force mom to forgive me for hurting me so much. People, aren’t they?” After

Xiao Su’er finished all these words, she took a deep breath and leaned on the sofa with her eyes closed and rested. Every time she talked about the previous things, she had to spend a lot of energy. Those should have been sealed. Inside the black box of memory, she never opened it again, but since returning to China Mainland, she found that she was forced to recall those things time and time again.

It hurts her heart every time she thinks about it. She even feels like she has gone through that kind of despair again. Even with her eyes closed now, her eye sockets and nose can’t help but become red.

Xiao Wang began to feel distressed when she looked at her, and threw herself on her body and hugged her and began to confess, “Mom, I was wrong, I was really wrong. I shouldn’t do this kind of thing to worry you and grandpa. Even more should not ignore your feelings and force you to reconcile with your father, and should not prevent you from interacting with other uncles. You can do whatever you want in the future. I will never interfere again, and I will never do it again. This kind of thing, mother, don’t be sad, don’t cry, I’m wrong!”

Xiao Su’er listened to him confessing his mistakes one by one, and she couldn’t bear it. “Do you know that you are wrong?”

“I know, mother, don’t be sad!” Xiao Wang held his mouth. Suddenly crying, “Wow…I was wrong, I was wrong!”

Although he is only four years old now, he really seldom cries, except for crying involuntarily when he is still in the baby, since he learned to walk After that, the number of times of crying can be counted with one slap.

Now he cried with his nose and tears, so Xiao Su’er couldn’t help but feel distressed, and she started to comfort him, “Okay, you know that you are wrong, and if you know it, you can apologize. Then mother will forgive you. I won’t do it any more in the future!”

“Then…Will my mother be with other uncles?” Xiao Wang cried out of breath, and stammered out these words.

Seeing him like this, Xiao Su’er felt distressed and funny, and she reached out to wipe his tears, “Are you worried about your mother being with that Uncle Chi?”

“Yes, I don’t like him, he always looks at me At that time, I felt like looking at an enemy. Although his mouth is smiling, his eyes are hateful. He is different from your mother. Even if you are angry with me, mother, when you look at me, There are smiles in his eyes!”

Xiao Wang couldn’t tell the awkward feeling, but it was Chi Siang’s eyes that made him very uncomfortable, and he was unhappy in his heart!

Is it? Xiao Su’er was a little confused when he heard what he said. The child’s eyes could see more things, and Xiao Wang’s crying like this shouldn’t be lying to her. Then why did Chi Siang see Xiao Wang’s eyes like this?

Even if Xiao Forg didn’t like him, he didn’t need to look at a child with hatred, let alone when he didn’t say that to him.

Although she did not intend to have further development with Chi Siang, she was also curious why Chi Siang had such a look at her son.

“Mom, you can be with other uncles, and I also accept that you don’t reconcile with Dad, but can you think about it, don’t be with Uncle Chi, I don’t like him, I can call him uncle I can respect him, but I can’t accept him to be my father!” Xiao Wang grievedly looked at Xiao Su’er.

“Okay, I see. I won’t be with him. Then we two will make an agreement now. I promise you will not be with Chi Siang. You also promised that I won’t be allowed to find a way to match me with him. Bo Qingang.”

Xiao Su’er stretched out her little finger towards Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang sniffed and hooked her little finger. The two people said in unison what a child would say, “Hanging on the hook for a hundred years, no change!”

At the same time, she said . On the other side.

The conversation between the two people was passed into the receiver accurately. A man in a black suit was sitting in a black business car. After hearing what Xiao Suer said, his hands on the side clenched into fists!

“Master, how do you think this can be solved?” The person next to him turned his head and looked at him and asked.

“Don’t act rashly, I will tell you if you need to act.” The man took off the headphones and put them aside, rubbing his temples a little annoyed. “This Xiao Wang is really the same as his father. It’s not likable, but a brain that is so good is used for these strange things.”

“Master, this is how the Bo family’s genetics is. Although the child looks smart, he probably has no intelligence quotient. , How far can you go without EQ!”

“Huh?” After the man heard what he said, his tone changed, and a sharp look swept over him, “What did you just say? You say it again!”

beside him The people immediately realized that they had made a mistake, and hurriedly changed their words, “No! I was wrong. It was not the Bo family’s genetic gene, but Bo Qingang’s own genetic genetic problem!”