Chinese New Year Words&Phrases

1. 新 正 如意 新年 发财

(Xin Zheng Yu Yi Sinianphai)

What do you wish for in this new year? Only happiness, prosperity, good fortune, wealth throughout the year

2. 恭喜 发财 (Kong Sipha Chai)

Wish to be rich

3. 日进斗金 (Yijinto Tojin)

May victory and money come in every day.

4. 大吉大利 (Da Ji Dali)

  Make a profit

5. 招财进宝 (Chao Jinjin)

Gold and silver pour in Wealth flows into the house.

6. 金玉满堂 (Jin Yu Man Tang)

Wealthy Gold jade house

7. 日 日 有 见 财 (You Are You)

 Every day there is only wealth.

8. 黄金万两 (Huang Jin Wan Liang)

Gold is overflowing doubly.

9. 万事如意

(Wan Sui Luxury)

Every wish is fulfilled.

10.. 家 好 运气

(Jia Hauwicchi)

Good luck into the house

11. 事事 顺利

(Shue Shue Soon Li)

 Smooth in all matters

12. 吉祥如意

(Ji’s luxury voice)

Is auspiciousness as wishes

13. 好运 年年

(Huan Whi Nian Nian Nian)

Good luck forever

14. 一帆风顺

(Yi Fan Feng Soon)

Everything goes smoothly

15. 幸福 如意

  (Racing Fu Luxury Yee)

  Happy and fulfilling

16. 恭喜 发财

Kong Four Fa Chai

Wish to be rich

17. 财源广进

Kai Yan Guangjin

Gold and silver

18. 招财进宝

Chao Jin Bao

Gold and silver

19. 年年 有余

Nian Nian Nian Yuyi

Have left over