Cross Ligament in front of the knee is broken injury


One of the most common sports injuries is “Cross ligament ligament” which can be found in general people who exercise Or play certain sports such as football, basketball, badminton Players must rely on the strength of the knee greatly. Because it requires running, zig-zagging, jumping, evading opponents Therefore, the chances of injury to the knee are also high. Running down and twisting the knee joint while the knee is still straight may result in the crossed tendons in front of the knee being snatched and torn. Although there is no clash with other people The important symptom that indicates a problem with the knee is knee pain.

How do you know that “Cross ligament torn off the front”?

  • After a new incident Patients will not be able to walk down fully.
  • Swollen knees, less pain
  • After about 2-3 weeks, knee pain, swelling in the knee will gradually decrease, moving the knee better. But in the long run, there will be pain Or feel the knees loose when twisting the knees, such as up-down stairs, running or playing sports

Leaving it badly is careful !!! “Knee Osteoarthritis”

Most people think that only the elderly have osteoarthritis. But did you know that the cruciate ligament tendency in young people can cause osteoarthritis? If not properly taken care of Which is caused when the cruciate ligament is torn Causing the knee to become unstable Cartilage, the joint surface is more crushed by friction Therefore increasing the chance of osteoarthritis prematurely.

“Cross ligament missing” is and what kind of treatment is best

The nature of the cross ligament in front of the knee has its own traction. When tearing occurs Causing the ends of the ligament to shrink continuously from one another, therefore unable to maintain or connect to each other Although physical activity may improve knee pain or loose knee feeling But if you are still young There is still a need to return to the sport as well.  Surgery to repair the anterior crucial ligament Considered necessary . The surgery is not as scary as you think.

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