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Modern Family S11 Episode 12

Episode 12: Looking for an assistant, Manny’s performance, resentment for the elderly, and terrible gifts

Alex planned to hire an assistant, and with a little selfishness, he chose a handsome guy with a handsome appearance and a good body. Just when she was wondering whether she violated professionalism, Grandpa Jie helped her solve the problem completely. Jie introduced Margaret, who had been with him for forty years, to Alex. Alex inconveniently refused, and reluctantly agreed.

On the first day at work, Alex drank coffee mixed with bourbon. For lunch, Margaret ran to a few shops and bought sandwiches. As long as Alex said to have a meeting, Margaret would spread blankets and pillows on the sofa. These are all bad things Jie brought out, and Alex was helpless, so he had to expel Margaret himself.

I thought Margaret would sue Jie, but she felt relieved that she didn’t want Margaret. It turned out that she had long wanted to retire at home and enjoy the blessing, but came to work because of Jie’s face. When Alex learned the truth, he explained the matter straightforwardly to Grandpa. Jay didn’t disturb Margaret’s life anymore, and Alex was happy to find a handsome guy to follow him.

Gloria is having a headache for one thing. It’s all about watching Manny’s performance, and ex-husband Havel will come back again. This drunkard and gambler used his house to make bets with others, and he won a year of free voyage around the world. Javier wants to bring Manny and Manny’s new girlfriends, but Gloria strongly disagrees. Where can Javier go? 80% of them will take Manny to bars and casinos around the world to drink and cause trouble.

Slowly talk about the voyage around the world, first go to watch Manny’s performance. Sitting in the empty auditorium, Gloria looked at Manny, who was performing a one-man show. The content is a few friends chatting in the bar. Manny plays a multi-faceted role. The chat content that can be designed is all trivial and trivial things in the parents. Gloria thought about it, but she still had to let Manny go for a walk. Let Havel take him out and experience some real adventures to write a real script.

Mitchell rushed out to buy discounted clothes and called Cameron. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a stranger standing by the door. The man was named Morrie, who had lived here for many years. The old-fashioned Morrie just lost his wife. When he thinks about the good life with his wife in this house, he gets frustrated and wants to end his life here.

Mitchell and Cameron were terrified, and the family died. The two actively persuaded them to ignite the hope that Morrie would live. Mitchell accidentally mentioned her next door neighbor Herschel, Morrie’s eyes lit up, but he grew up with Herschel. Mitchell and Cameron rushed to accompany the old man to knock on Herschel’s door. Who knows that these two old men have been grieving for a long time, and they almost took action for those things when they were young. Morrie left angrily, vowing to find ways to ruin Herschel’s life. Anyway, Morrie doesn’t want to die now, and lives more motivated, Mitchell and Cameron breathed a sigh of relief.

Phil also welcomed his old neighbor Kenneth. If it were not for Phil’s encouragement back then, Kenneth would not have become a tech tycoon with a wealth of money. This time, the TV station wanted to make a documentary for Kenneth, and Kenneth immediately thought of Phil. To express his gratitude, Kenneth sent a big gift and went to the space station with Phil.

If he wants to go to space, he still sits on the broken Russian rocket. Phil’s heart is frizzy, but he doesn’t want to show his timidity in front of the camera. He found an opportunity to sneak into the kitchen and ask Claire for help. Claire walked into the living room and just wanted to decline, when Kenneth picked up the resume on the coffee table. It was Claire’s resume to find a job. Kenneth glanced at it and felt that there was a position in the company suitable for Claire. When Claire heard it, Phil could not care about it, and it was too late to flatter the new boss.

Phil pulled Claire into the kitchen and complained repeatedly, which happened to be heard by Kenneth, who had suspended filming during the intermission. Kenneth was overjoyed. He didn’t want to go to the space station originally. He just wanted to behave more like a tech in front of the camera before thinking of this idea. The question is how to cancel this action in front of the camera, without acting like a coward. Haili, who went into the kitchen to get milk, proposed that she could donate the money from space to the recently popular Salvation Wolves Charity Foundation, which would save face and gain a good reputation.

Hailey’s emergency response ability made Kenneth a treasure. He turned his head and gave Hailey the position promised to Claire. Claire wanted to cry without tears. It was even harder for Phil to donate to the foundation. He was not only afraid of the dark space, but also afraid of the big bad wolf with fangs.

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