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Modern Family S11 Episode 13

Episode 13: A Trip to Paris

Jie led a large family to Paris, and the purpose of this time was to receive the lifetime achievement award at the International Wardrobe Expo. This is a great honor for a master who has been in the wardrobe industry for 45 years.

Mitchell is about to take this opportunity to get a taste of France and get involved. Cameron just wanted to put on a clown suit and perform well in the hometown of the clown. Mitchell was too lazy to take care of Cameron’s boring thoughts and walked alone on the streets of France. But with his casual dress, the locals knew he was a Yankee. Mitchell deliberately bought a formal dress, only to have a taste of the locals.

The problem is that Mitchell doesn’t speak French and can’t read the menu in the restaurant, so he can only order a dish of the day. It was discovered that it was braised pigeon when it was served, and Mitchell almost spit it out. After thinking about it, I would change back to the original clothes and find out where the burger shop is. Halfway down, Mitchell saw Cameron wearing a clown suit and standing by the river in frustration. Cameron has always thought that his clown makeup is unique, and he didn’t know he was just an imitator of other clowns until Paris. Mitchell gently took Cameron’s hand, these are just small things, how to spend Valentine’s Day in the romantic city is the most important.

Phil couldn’t come to Paris due to work reasons, so Claire wanted to see his favorite coffee shop when he was studying abroad. In fact, Phil had secretly arrived in Paris and was waiting in the coffee shop, ready to surprise Claire. Unexpectedly, I met an infatuated seed base in a coffee shop. Ji agreed with his American girlfriend thirty years ago to meet at the coffee shop every Valentine’s Day. What made Phil unexpected was that the girlfriend that Kei said was Claire.

To be honest, Claire forgot about the agreement after returning from studying abroad, not to mention that she is now married and has a family, even grandsons. But to leave Kee alone, Claire couldn’t bear it again. Helpless, Phil had to accompany his wife and Ji together, looking back at the place where they met and fell in love.

After shopping for a while, Claire also realized that this was unfair to Claire. At the time of parting, Kelu took a hand and changed the bottle of wine on the table to show his inner loss. Phil knew at first sight that he used classic magic tricks, and Kee turned out to be a magic lover. When the two met late, Claire was left out in the cold. Ji led Phil to visit the Magic Museum, and then went to the Robot Exhibition Hall. Claire really couldn’t stand it. Just about to go back to the hotel, she received a call from Gloria that something serious happened.

It turned out that Manny, who had studied French, answered the call when the organizer of the fair called. But Manny didn’t learn very well, and he didn’t know much, and mistakenly thought he was going to give an award to Jie. After arriving at the venue today, Gloria realized that the organizer had asked Jie to accept the award for his late former partner Earl. Gloria drags Jie to visit Napoleon’s tomb while asking Manny to negotiate with the organizer and try to change the list of winners. How can Manny have this ability to make the organizer change his mind, so he can only go to the tomb hall and whisper to Gloria the result.

It’s just that the design of Napoleon’s tomb is quite clever. Standing on one side of the hall can hear the whispers on the other side, commonly known as the whispering room. Jie knows everything, and the disappointment in his heart can be imagined. Gloria turned her head and disappeared from Jie, so she had to call Claire for help. Claire found Jie outside Notre Dame de Paris. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, a fire caused Notre Dame to lose her soul. Jie looked at the repair scaffolding, feeling like Notre Dame, lost his soul.

Jie felt sorry for his family and failed to make his family proud. Claire said in his heart, among the family, the only ones who care about the wardrobe are Jie and himself, and the others who won’t be rewarded don’t care. They came to Paris out of love for Jie. Jie is relieved, and the talents who love their own family are the most used lifetime achievement awards.

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