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Chapter 1 Early Yellow Maple Valley

“Nephew, there is the Taiyue Mountains in front, and you can reach my teacher after a cup of tea.Mansion, calm down your mind first, and don’t lose courtesy in front of your ancestors. “

Standing at the head of Feizhou, Liu Jing persuaded a plain and skinnyFairyear.

“Uncle Liu, leave him alone, he is just a pseudo-spirit who makes up the numberWaste. “

“Yes, yeah, Master Liu, can you tell us what kind of person Master Jie Dan is?”

“Will the ancestor be fierce?”

Jump with theseLiu Jing helplessly shook his head, and said, “You will know when you see Master”, and stopped talking.

And rejected by peersRainbow on thisI don’t care, I still lie on the side of the boat and observe carefullyTwo rows of oars out of the spirit boat.

“The spirit boat is flying in the air, and there is no aura on the oar, Then what’s the use of this oar? Is this ship still amphibious by sea and air? “

I really don’t understand the reason,Hong chose to give up temporarily,Ping was blown a little by the windThe hair bun, finishing the Huang Fenggu school uniform that just got in hand.

It has been a year since the crossing,Hong has long been accustomed to being a fourteen-year-oldYearCopy line, Has completely accepted this strange and yetThe world of knowledge.

Morty of the past, this lifeHong Nai is a collateral disciple of the Li family of Yue State.The pseudo-spirit of the negative five elements lacking wood,sinceXiuxian.

To worship this timeHuang Fenggu, one of the seven major factions of the Yue Kingdom, the ancestor of the whole family, Li Huayuan, served as the elder in Gu. Every ten years, he can recommend the juniors of the five clan during the refining period.Valley.

OriginallyHong’s qualifications are such opportunitiesIt’s not for him. After all, the Li family is a big clan that has been passed down for hundreds of years. The tribesmen of the direct descendants are enough to fill a city, but it’s just this one.There are only four juniors with good qualifications,Hong was chosen only now.

As a mortal fan,Hong naturally knew who Liu Jing and Li Huayuan were. Before he boarded the boat, he asked how many disciples his ancestor now has. Liu Jing replied that he had seven and he was the third.

After Han Lao Mo builds the foundationHe is Li Huayuan’s eighth disciple, which means that Old Mo Han is either still looking at the medicine garden, or he’s still notValley.

After the valley, I want to find an opportunity to explore the Baicao Garden as soon as possible so that I can make future plans.

Not farThose four are talking and laughing, but I don’t know the sinister cultivating world.male,Hong keeps admonishing herself to follow the cultivating righteous path that Old Demon Xun Han has come out of: stability in everything is the first, and after making decisions.

Don’t ask too much, just ask.

Now that it’s decided, I’ll do it right away,Hong quietly stood up to four friendsLater, by the way, the fastest escape route was planned.


Li HuayuanBehind a curtain of water, the mansion is decorated with chic, birds and flowers,With aura, really letHong had a taste of the prosperous scene of the immortal family, and he had even more hope for Xiuxian.

“These are pill that strengthens the foundation and cultivates vitality, you should take one bottle each,Empress Gu is good at cultivating, don’t cause trouble, if any of you can build a foundation, I will accept him as a disciple. Okay, go ahead.”

Li HuayuanHong and the others were lukewarm, they met, and they were going to leave after they were given the medicine.

The words are still hidden, not before the foundation is builtUse the meaning of his name.

Those fourNian was still a little afraid of grievances,Hong understands the reason.

Li Huayuan Jie DanzhiFor decades, even if there are only five recommended places every ten years, he recommendsGu’s family descendants have reached double digits, but none of his disciples is from the Li family., We can see how much he lost to his descendants.

Seeing the previous side is just a routine.

WeakThe immortal world of strong food, noHow can you build a foundation?The magic eye of the immortal cultivator during the pill formation period.

“Old ancestors, the juniors have learned that they canCultivating in the Yellow Maple ValleyReading the old ancestor’s kindness, so today I am bold to offer the elixir that has been cultivated for several generations at home. “

A cultivator in the early stage of Qi refining can meet the major repairs in the period of alchemy, thisIs just a chance,Hong had been prepared for this and persuaded his grandfather in advance to let his grandson take a fight.

“Well, filial piety is good, but general elixir is useless for immortal cultivators in the pill formation stage, so you don’t need to take it out.”

Li HuayuanqingLong beard, godIndifferent, yesThat rainbow fart of the rainbowSincerely.

Old boy, if you don’t see rabbits or scatter eagles, today I will let you know what the law of true fragrance is!

“Forgive the younger generation for being ignorant and ignorant.Huadu…”

“What are you talking about?! Five hundred years of purpleflower? ! Quickly show it to me! “

Li Huayuan was surprised, if it was a five-hundred-year-old purpleFlowers, it is of great use to him.

The pill made from this flower will not only help his cultivation, but also make up for decades of ironmaking.Damaged vitality.

Hong didn’t dare to delay, Cong ChuTake out the jade box from the bag.

Seeing Li Huayuan’s right palm, the jade box was suckedHis palm.

“Good! Good! This medicine is very good! You junior is born exquisitely, just say, what do you want, don’t talk nonsense like asking for nothing.”

Li Huayuan checked purpleAfter the flower, I am very satisfied, and the words are rightRainbow heatA lot.

“Don’t hide from the ancestors, the younger generation wants to ask for a few bottles of white lotus pills and a set of spiritual gathering plates for water movement aura.”

Hong makes no secret of what he wants. It is impossible for the rabbit to make the lion owe othersof.

“Bailian Dan? Haha, you junior is quite like me. Take it, this is what you want, and I will give you one hundred spiritual stones for you to drive away.The use of the array. “

Li Huayuan flicked his sleeves, those spiritsWith spiritSelf-drillingRainbow’s Chubag.

From Li HuayuanAfter the house came out, Liu Jing tookHong and others walked through the process of accepting apprentices in Huangfeng Valley, and then when assigning their duties, they deliberatelyThe rainbow stays for the end.

“Uncle Master, what can you tell me?”

Hong is a bit suspicious, Liu Jing is jealous and hateful. He is a rare decent person among immortal cultivators. He shouldn’t covet what I just bought.


“Nephew, I want to thank you very much this time. Shizun lost his bet with others decades ago and was forced to spend a lot of time to make iron., Hurt a little bit of vitality, I, as a disciple, often worry about this.

Although my nephew didn’t know about this, he still helped me with a worry. “

Liu Jing pattedOn Hong’s shoulder, the new disciple looked very pleasing to the eye.

Ah? It turned out he wanted to say this.

In fact, I not only know about this, but also know that your master will have to lose once soon.

“The nephew, Shi Nephew, does not hesitate to pass down the elixir of the family for Xiu Xian, so I must have a very strong mind. I have specially reserved a free position for you, Master Uncle, so that you can practice. Come with me.”

This time, I really saved the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

After listening to Liu Jing’s words,Hong couldn’t help feeling a little guilty, and at the same time he was kind to him.

When he wasAfter the cold wind of space and time passed, my mind came to mindFor a flash, the eyes suddenly widened and bright.


This routine is most suitable for knottingSuspicious people who are seriously ill, have learned, learned!

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