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Chapter 1: Prologue (19)

A scream burst out of Ariel’s lips as a strong grip handled her chest.


Ariel’s back stiffened as his fingers grazed over her n*pples. That man desired her, longed to hear her guttural moans. Somewhere between pain and pleasure, a swirling sensation struck her body whole.

She barely opened her eyes as she looked up at the face of the man trampling over her.

He drove her crazy, the man shaking and ravaging her insides mercilessly…

Leandro Apolloner.

He was a tyrant, an absolute monarch known for his notorious evil ways.

Underneath his embrace, Ariel groaned frantically.

Ariel de Beluga was the heroine of an adult novel and she, once a passing ordinary reader, awoke in the body of the heroine.

“What are you thinking? Look at me,” Leandro said.


Leandro could not tolerate her thoughts straying away. He moved his hips fiercely. The sound of flesh colliding echoes eerily and her wet flower rose to pleasure.

“Uhngg… ahh… haa… Your… Majesty…”

Ariel’s heart burned as his expanded manhood pounded her insides. Lust rushed through his loins.

It was a strange sensation.

The original heroine, Ariel, never cared to respond to the male lead’s touch. The ending began and ended with her taking her own life while she poured curses on the man who trampled her heart and body.

“More… let me hear more of you,” Leandro growled.

Leandro grabbed her waist with both hands and pushed deeper inside her fleshy depths, as if not wanting to give her any room to escape. He pushed his all in her roots, pounding her flower as Ariel shivered in pleasure.

Ariel slowly raised her hand.

Somehow, at that moment, she wanted to take care of this man caressing her savagely.

Arial touched his chest and Leandro reacted. His muscles flinched.

Seeing the man sweating with his eyes peering down at her from above, a strange feeling arose in her heart. She wanted to change the sad and grim relationship between her and Leandro and the Ariel who loathed Leandro down to her core.

“Your Majesty… my body is yours…” Ariel whispered, hugging Leandro’s body to the fullest extent possible.

At her whisper, Leandro’s eye widened and he grew frantic as he neared climax.

‘Yes. You should be surprised.’

She wondered how the original female lead would look seeing her welcome him instead of shedding tears in grief at the man who brutally trampled her body, but seeing Leandro’s stiff expression, Ariel smiled inwardly in satisfaction.

“What happened to you…? You were like a dead fish until yesterday…”

‘…I became a different person overnight.’

Since she had been brought here, Ariel had never spoken a word to him nor anyone. She surprised him with her words that she whispered out of her own volition.

Leandro found it difficult to reply to her.

But somehow, he liked this.

A cold and cruel smile filled his lips.

Leandro leaned forwards and hugged Ariel with all of him.

He did not see Ariel return a sardonic and playful smile.

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