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Chapter 1 The Cold Town

There are five countries on the Tianyuan Continent, namely the Tianjin Empire in the north, the Huasheng Empire in the south, the Sunset Empire in the west and the Sorbian Federation in the east. The angular land is the most famous Holy See on the Tianyuan Continent. Except for the poor relationship between the Sunset Empire and the Huasheng Empire among the four kingdoms, the other countries can live in peace. Every year, each country pays a certain amount of “protection money” to the Holy See as the expenses of the Holy See.

Almost all humans in the Tianjin Empire are white people. They have tall statures and blond and blue eyes, while the Sunset Empire and Huasheng Empire are both yellow races with black hair and black eyes. The races of the Sodom Federation, the only federal system country on the mainland, are more complex. There are whites, yellow races, and strong black races. Many alien races also live in the Federation. In terms of overall strength alone, the Sorbian Federation, composed of six ethnic groups, is the most powerful, while the other three countries have similar forces.

In addition to being mainly inhabited by humans, there are also a few races on the continent, such as the kind-hearted elves, the grumpy dwarves, the singing and dancing winged human races, and the few half-orcs that only live in dense forests. And the most mysterious dark demons and the legendary dragons. These races, which are rare in number compared with humans, are scattered among countries and have been living in peace with humans for thousands of years. However, due to different living habits, alien races generally live in sparsely populated valleys or forests, and rarely come into contact with humans.

Although the Holy See only occupies a small area on the mainland, the Holy See has the supreme position on the mainland. Except for a handful of atheists, almost all human beings are loyal followers of the Holy See. The clergy are the most respected professions. Among the holy church, the pope has the highest authority. Under the pope, four red priests are set up to assist the pope in dealing with the affairs of the church, and they are also called cardinals. Under the red sacrifices are twelve sacrifices in white. When more than half of the red sacrifices and white sacrifices believe that the pope has made any major mistakes, the pope can be impeached, but because the pope’s promotion is very strict, since the birth of the Holy See , There has been no impeachment of the Pope. Under the white clothing sacrifices, there are high-level sacrifices, intermediate sacrifices, ordinary sacrifices and preliminary sacrifices. The sacrifices are also called monks or goddesses. The clergy in the Holy See are not allowed to marry, but they must be the most loyal believers of the Holy See. There is another reason why the clergy are respected, and that is because they are all light magicians. If they want to be promoted to the position of white priests, they require the monks to be above the light magicians. The wizards on the mainland have never reached the triple digits. The power of the red-clothed sacrifice is even more unfathomable. There was a legend that if the four red-clothed sacrifices of the Holy See and the twelve white-clothed sacrifices were made at the same time, the power of its bright magic could be equivalent to the sum of all the forces of any country. The promotion of the pope is generally selected from the red-clothed rituals, and requires extremely strict procedures. After a new pope is selected, the old pope will hold an inheritance ceremony to pass on the supreme special ability of the Holy See to the next pope. No one has seen what kind of strength the Pope has, because in the past thousand years, there has never been a situation that requires the Pope to take action. The Vatican generally handles external matters under the supervision of the court. The chief judge of the court has the same rights as the red sacrifice. The judges under the chief judge are also called the executioners of the Holy See. They are the craziest beliefs of the gods. In dealing with the issue of heretics, there has always been only one word-kill. Unlike the orthodox clergy, all members of the court have no worries, and are completely controlled by the presiding judge, who is directly responsible to the pope.

There is a unified currency on the mainland, that is, the coins with the emblem of the Holy See customized by the Holy See. The coins are exchanged in decimal system. One diamond coin = ten amethyst coins = one hundred gold coins = one thousand silver coins = ten thousand copper coins, ordinary The income of a family in a year is generally about 50 gold coins, and it takes about 30 gold coins to maintain a family’s life for a year.

Each of the four countries has its own common language, and in some large cities and aristocratic classes in each country, the Holy See language is generally used. Our story begins with Nino, a small city in the northernmost province of Bilno in the Tianjin Empire on the northern side of the mainland.

Nino City, located at the northernmost part of the Bilno Province of the Tianjin Empire, belongs to the extreme north of the entire Tianyuan Continent, with short days and long nights, and it is in cold weather all year round. Most of the people here live by fishing in the ice sea next to the small town. There are always moving icebergs floating in the ice sea all year round, and the fur of seals and sea lions there is very popular among the nobles.

The dark clouds in the sky float slowly, seeming to bring another blizzard. In a gloomy alley in Nino City, several people in ragged jackets gathered together. One of them, a middle-aged man with a scar on his forehead, was glaring at a thinly dressed little girl with black hair and black eyes, who was only twelve or three years old. The little girl was very thin, her face was sallow, and her half-length hair curtain covered the part above her nose. She couldn’t see her face clearly, her whole body trembled, and her big bright eyes looked at the middle-aged man in fear through her black hair.

“Smack–” The middle-aged man slapped the little girl to the ground and yelled: “You die girl, you’re stupid , you won’t be able to accomplish such a simple task. If you weren’t brought back by dumb, you still Isn’t that old lady Xiang Xiang? I was really blind at the beginning, how could I take you this rubbish, I know how to eat all day long, and I can’t do anything.”

Next to the middle-aged man, a boy who was a little taller than the girl stepped forward and helped the little girl’s trembling body, carefully wiped off the blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, and said dazedly to the middle-aged man: “Uncle Li, Please forgive the girl again, me, I’ll bring a few fish back later.”

Uncle Li snorted and looked at the boy with the same black hair and dark eyes, and his voice softened a little, and said: “Dumb, every time you intercede for her, you can bring back those fishes. Does everyone eat? In my place, no one can get something for nothing, girl, today I will let you go for the sake of dumb, and there will be another time, hum. Let’s go.” A few young children walked out, before they reached the entrance of the alley, Uncle Li turned around again, and said in a pleasantly dull manner: “Don’t forget what you just said, it’s better to take a few big fish, know NS?”

Dumb nodded stupidly, and then Uncle Li left with satisfaction.

This group of people are thieves living at the bottom of Nino City. They cannot be called thieves, because they can only rely on some petty thefts to maintain their livelihoods. The so-called pigtailing is stealing things, and Uncle Li is theirs. head. There are a dozen children under him, and only the girls are girls, all of whom he picked up from the street orphans. Among these children, this boy named Dumb is the most capable. At the beginning, Uncle Li saw that Duan had a pair of dexterous little hands before taking him in. This child was always shocked. Sometimes he said that he was unfavorable when he spoke. He didn’t know what his name was, and learned to steal things. He also learned his skills very slowly, and his mind seemed to be unwieldy, so everyone called him dumb. However, although Dui is stupid, he is very persistent. After several months of teaching by Uncle Li and his own hard work, he finally remembered the trick of hand-in-hand, and has already practiced this trick to the point of perfection, in order to practice. The speed of his shot, he even poke the snowflakes on the ground with his fingers alone on the cold street. The less the snowflakes touch, the better his eyesight. Although this method is stupid, it has good results. The practice finally gave Ah-Dai the foundation of pulling a fish. What excites Uncle Li the most is that he is dumb and stupid. He doesn’t know what fear is, and he doesn’t understand that it is a bad thing to pull a fish. As long as he gives him steamed buns, he will definitely do as instructed.

Walking on the street, no one would pay attention to a child who was not good-looking and had straight eyes, but it was often a mistake , and their money bags were already in the hands of Dumb. When Uncle Li saw the swollen money bag in A’Dai’s hand for the first time, he couldn’t close his mouth in surprise. Since then, A’Dai has become the most “loved” among the group of children. He can eat at least every day. To one or two cold buns, so other partners are very envious. Although dumb is a bit stupid, he is a very good person. He often gives up some of his food to other people when he is not full. However, those companions are not grateful for his kindness, but often tease him, even Grab his food.

The girl was taken from the street by Uncle Li a year ago. I heard from the girl herself that she has been living with an old grandmother since she can remember. Although life is hard, she is well fed and well dressed. More than a year ago, the old lady fell ill and died, and the girl had no source of livelihood, so she had to rely on begging to make ends meet. The reason why Uncle Li accepted the girl was because he fell in love with the girl, no, because he fell in love with the girl] The broken house that the old lady left for the girl, in the cold Nino City, what better than shelter from the wind and snow? ? The girl is the opposite of Dui, she learns everything very quickly, and she has mastered all of Uncle Li’s “abilities” in less than a month. However, the girl is also the only child who has never caught a fish. It’s not because her skills are not good, but the main reason is that her heart is so kind. She had already succeeded a few times, but when she saw the owner’s anxious expression, she couldn’t help but send it back. For this reason, she doesn’t know how many times she has been beaten, and every time, Dui carried it down for her. The two children, the clever and stupid, have naturally become good friends. They are very prominent among this group of thieves , Because, only they are the yellow race, maybe it is for this reason that dumb and the girl have a deep friendship with each other. Today, it was because the girl returned what she got to the anxious woman, and she was beaten by Uncle Li.

Uncle Li’s figure finally disappeared at the end of the alley, and the girl plunged into Ah-Dai’s arms and wept bitterly. Dumb stared at the thin body in his arms, wiped the nose on his face, patted the girl’s shoulder carefully, and said, “Girl, don’t, don’t cry. It hurts, isn’t it?”

After a long while, the girl’s cries stopped, she raised her frozen red face, looked at the boy in front of him, and said with tears, “Bad brother, it’s really painful to be alive!”

Dui obviously didn’t understand what the girl meant. He took out half of the stone-like steamed bun from his arms and handed it over, stupefied: “Girl, I’ll eat for you. It won’t be painful if you are full.”

The girl looked at the silly and sincere boy in front of her, took the bun over, sobbed a few times, and said, “Bad brother, why are you so good to me?”

Dui took the girl and sat in the corner, took off his ragged jacket, put it on the shoulders of the two of them, and cuddled up with the girl, and said in a naive way, “Am I good to you? Hurry up and eat steamed buns. , It won’t be cold after eating the steamed buns. I will go to catch the fish later.” As he said, he looked at the cold stone-like steamed buns in the girl’s hands greedily.

The girl looked at A’Dai’s simple and honest face, she couldn’t help being a little silly. With both hands, she split the half of the steamed bun in two and handed it to A’Dai.

Dumb swallowed and spit, and said, “I, I’m not hungry, you can eat by yourself.”

The girl stuffed the steamed buns into Dumb’s hands and said, “I have a small appetite and can’t eat so much. Let’s eat together.” She said, holding her quarter of the steamed bread in both hands and took a bite.

With a dumb cry, he gulped down the quarter of the steamed bun. Because he ate too fast, he couldn’t help but choke, “Ah, woo.”

The girl looked at Ah-Dai’s flushed face and couldn’t help but chuckle. While patted his back, she grabbed a handful of the snow left on the ground the day before and stuffed it into Ah-Dai’s mouth.

Dumb worked hard to turn the snow into water. It took a long time before he swallowed the dried buns in his throat, took a breath, patted his chest, and said, “Thank you!”

After a long while, the girl finally worked hard to finish her steamed buns, and suddenly rushed to Ah-Dai, “A-Dai brother, wait until I grow up to marry you, okay?”

Dumb dumbfounded, thinking hard about the meaning of the word marrying, only for a long time he stubbornly said: “What is marrying?”

The girl sighed secretly and said: “Marriage means that I will be your wife and take care of you for the rest of my life! I will treat you as promised, and you can’t regret it. From now on, my girl will be your dumb fiancee. Treat me well.”

Dumb nodded and said, “Fiancee? Oh, okay, then I will share you a little more steamed buns every day.”

The girl gave him a blank look and fell silent.

For a long time, with the help of the padded jacket, the girl has become much warmer. She put the padded jacket on Dui’s shoulder again, and said at him: “Dai brother, go and catch the fish, or Uncle Li will scold you again. Me, I will go with you.”

Duan nodded, helped the girl to stand up, and asked: “Girl, why is your technique better than me, but you return the fish to others every time?”

The girl sighed and said, “Dad brother, don’t you know that stealing people’s things is wrong?”

Dumb shook his head and said, “But, if we don’t lead a fish, we will go hungry!”

The girl knew that she and this stupid guy couldn’t explain clearly, so she didn’t say anything, and dragged A’Dai out of the alley. The two of them walked towards the most prosperous part of Nino City. Only there will they have a good start. The object, the girl secretly decided that he should help A’Dai take a few more fishes to repay him for his kindness to him.

Not long after they walked out, a call suddenly came from behind them, “Little girl, stop.”

Dumbfounded, he turned around at the same time as the girl. What appeared in front of them was a gorgeous carriage. The small window of the carriage showed the face of an elderly woman. The girl recognized that it was the person who returned the purse by herself today.

“Little girl, is it really you?” There was a surprise smile on the woman’s face, and the door face of the carriage was raised. With the help of the servant, the old woman got out of the carriage. Her clothes were luxurious. That was dumb. It was made of cloth that the girl never dared to imagine, and it was covered with a mink shawl.

The girl said timidly: “You, what’s the matter with you?”

Dumb thought that the old woman was looking for trouble with the girl, so she hurriedly blocked the girl behind her, and looked at the old woman in front of her guardedly.

The old woman smiled and said: “Children, don’t be afraid, little girl, you just returned the purse to me. I haven’t thanked you yet? Why are you so thin on such a cold day!”

The girl shook her head and said, “No thanks, I stole your money bag.”

Dumb was taken aback. Although he was stupid, he knew exactly what would happen if the person caught the fish was caught. He hurriedly covered the girl’s mouth and said anxiously, “Girl, don’t talk nonsense.”

The old woman didn’t order her servant to hit the girl like Duan imagined, she still smiled and said, “Then why did you return the money bag to me?”

The girl pulled away Ah-Dai’s hand and said with courage: “I, I see you are in a hurry, so I will give it back to you. Don’t make it difficult for him, hit me if you want to.”

The old woman smiled slightly and said, “Well, you really are an honest and kind child. I know that you must not steal things you want, right. What about your parents?”

The girl’s eyes blushed and said: “I have no parents, I am an orphan.”

The old woman frowned and sighed: “A good boy like you shouldn’t stay here and suffer. Come, come over, let grandma take a look.” Then, she waved to the girl.

Dumb was afraid that the girl would suffer, and hurriedly said, “Don’t go, girl, let’s go quickly.”

The girl didn’t listen to Ah’Dai’s persuasion, she vaguely felt that maybe the old woman in front of her would change her life. She lowered her head and walked to the old woman, standing there with a little trembling.

The old woman picked up the girl’s dirty face, straightened out her messy hair, took out a white handkerchief from her arms and wiped her face, nodded: “Well, child, you must You have suffered a lot. Would you like to go with your grandma? Grandma can provide you with a good life and allow you to receive a normal education.”

The girl’s big eyes lit up, and she turned to look at A-Dai, who looked a little anxious, and stood still.

“What? Son, don’t you want to go with me? My husband is the governor of Mica province. There is the border between the empire and the Holy See. The seasons are like spring. It’s too cold here.”

The girl turned around to look at the gorgeous and glamorous attire on the old woman, and tentatively asked: “Grandma, can you take my brother with you?”

The old woman looked at Dui, who happened to wipe the two yellow noses flowing down her face with her hand, with a silly look. Disgusted eyes flashed across the old woman’s eyes, she shook her head, and said, “No, he just tried to deceive me. He is not an honest child. I can only take you away. Make a decision quickly. It’s really very interesting here. cold.”

The girl hesitated, looked at the carriage and the old woman in front of her, then looked at the shabby dumb, then resolutely nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

The old woman smiled with satisfaction: “Well, this is a good, well-behaved child. Let’s go. Let’s get on the carriage and find a place to change your clothes. If you wear so little, it will freeze.”

The girl said: “Grandma, wait for me.” As he said, she turned around and ran to Adidas quickly, “Dad brother, I’m leaving now, don’t blame the girl, okay? I really don’t want to have this lack of food and clothing again. My life is coming, Dumb brother, you must remember what we said just now, when I grow up, I will definitely come back to find you.”

Dumb said: “Girl, do you really want to leave? Uncle Li will beat you if he knows.”

Two lines of tears slipped from the girl’s eyes, and choked up: “Dad brother, don’t worry, he won’t have a chance to hit me again. I’m leaving, remember what we just said. If you have a chance, you should also leave Uncle Li. He’s not a good person. Stop being a thief.” After speaking, the girl turned around and ran to the old woman before dumb asked him how he could eat buns if he wasn’t a thief. The old woman got into the carriage first. With the help of the servant, the girl Also got on the carriage that looked warm and gorgeous. Before the curtain was lowered, the girl took a deep look at Dumb, as if to remember his appearance.

The carriage left in the dust, leaving only Dumb stupefied on the spot. Looking at the carriage going away, Dumb felt a faint sense of loss in his heart. For Dui, in his heart, the girl is the only thing more important than the steamed bun.


“Smack–” Uncle Li knocked out a few small purses in Dumb’s hand and cursed: “You are stupid, you just watched the girl leave with people? Damn, I wasted so much food without giving back. Lao Tzu, the dead girl dared to run, mad at me, really mad at me.” Uncle Li kicked Dumb to the ground and kept walking in the small wooden house.

Dumb curled up on the ground in pain, sobbing: “No, I didn’t let her go, she wanted to go.”

Uncle Li was getting angry, and when he heard what Ah-Dai said, he hit him with anger. He kicked Ah-Dai hard and yelled: “If she wants to go, let her go! You are so stupid. You are stupid. Let you be stupid. Let you go. Stupid.” The screams kept coming from Ah-Dai’s mouth, and the thieves next to him were gloating at everything in front of them, and none came up to dissuade them.

After a long while, Uncle Li’s anger disappeared a lot, and then he remembered that Dumb is his main source of income after all. If it breaks, where can he find such obedient subordinates. Angrily picked up the money bag on the ground, and said to dumb: “Learn me to be smart in the future.” When a person walked out, the thieves knew that he was going to drink.

Duan shrank in the corner with pain all over his body. He couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t his business, why Uncle Li wanted to beat him. When the girl left, the words lingered in his mind.

The other thieves ate the miserable soup leftovers that Uncle Li didn’t know from which restaurant, and chatted about the day’s experience with a laugh. When Dumb remembered that he hadn’t eaten anything for a day, he already had no dregs. His heart seemed to be crushed by something, and his miss for the girl became stronger and stronger. The girl was right. To live, it is really painful!

Early the next morning, Uncle Li was merciful and threw a bun to Dui, and when he had eaten it gorgingly, he was sent out to start a day’s fish-catching operation.

The scattered snowflakes in the sky bring a faint chill to passers-by. Walking slowly on the road, Dumb thought, when will another old woman appear and take herself away too! When the steamed buns can be full, I will be satisfied. I don’t know what happened to the girl? She and the old woman left, do they have steamed buns every day?

As he was thinking about it, he suddenly saw a strangely dressed person in front of him. The reason he was surprised was that his tall figure was completely covered in a big cloak, and he couldn’t see his appearance from the outside. There seemed to be a swollen money bag dangling under the cloak. Dumb decided to take him as his first goal today. While thinking about it, Dui quietly followed, and took out his own sharp little blade from his belt, waiting for the opportunity to start. The reason why Ah’Dai can often successfully get the fish is related to his toughness. Whenever he decides the prey, he will definitely follow the opponent until he succeeds.

Then, the man in the cloak walked into a luxurious restaurant. From the outside, the decoration was magnificent. The roof was made of glazed tiles. Dumb thought, if he can eat here, he must have something in his wallet. A lot of money. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel happy secretly. If he could bring more fish back, maybe Uncle Li would let himself have a full meal of steamed buns. He squatted into the corner beside the restaurant entrance and waited patiently.

“Go, go, go, where’s the little beggar, stay here.” The doorman of the restaurant kicked Dumb and said, looking at him in disgust.

Dui had long been accustomed to this kind of snobby doorman, and hurriedly nodded and ran away, looking for a dark corner that could block the wind and snow before squatting down again.

Playing with the sharp little blade in his hand, Dumb waited patiently. He was not in a hurry. He would always come out after eating.

A full hour passed, and finally, the man in the big cloak walked out, and Dui was so excited that the man was walking towards him. The front is the best way to start. He quickly stood up, stabilized his mind, and walked toward the man head on. The figure of the man was very tall, and Dui only went to the left and right of his stomach. The distance between the two of them was getting closer. Dui scratched his hair with a blade in his hand. Just when they were one meter apart, Dui He staggered under his feet and bumped into that person.

Suddenly, Dui felt that he seemed to hit an iron plate, and his whole body was indescribably painful. He raised his head unintentionally, just in time to see the person’s face. It was an old face, with countless fine wrinkles on his face, which seemed to be seventy or eighty years old.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Ah Dai rushed to accompany him.

The old man just snorted, did not speak, and still walked forward, seeming to be at a loss not knowing that his cloak had been cut through a gap, and the money pocket around his waist had disappeared.

Seeing that the other party didn’t feel embarrassed, Ah Duan ran forward excitedly. One accidentally slipped by the snow on the ground and fell all fours to the sky. It affected the wound that was beaten by Uncle Li yesterday, causing him to keep going. Convulsions. But even so, it was hard to conceal the excitement in Dumb’s heart. When he got the money bag, he found that the weight was unusually large. Even if it was entirely copper coins, it was enough for today. Shaking up, he quickly ran to an alley. Turning his head to see that no one came after him, he couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief, patted his chest, and sat down. However, what Dui didn’t know was that the object of his theft was an alchemist, a special profession on the mainland.

The most noble profession on the mainland is the clergy. In addition to clergy, there are also several occupations that surpass ordinary workers in various countries. These types of occupations have formed their own trade unions and have become several special existences on the mainland. power.

The mercenary trade union, the trade union with the largest number of people, the so-called mercenary, is actually a special profession that performs some simple or difficult tasks at the request of the owner. They are paid differently according to the difficulty of the task, and the mercenaries are scattered in various places. The arsenal branch is the ideal place for them to take on the task. Of course, the mercenary union does not serve the mercenaries in vain. They will charge a certain fee according to the difficulty of the task. A team composed of mercenaries is called a mercenary group. Generally, for some very difficult tasks, employers like to find a powerful mercenary group to perform, even if they pay a high price. Mercenaries and mercenary groups are divided into six levels, the lowest level is the fourth level mercenary or mercenary group, and so on, the upwards are the third level mercenary, the second level mercenary, the first level mercenary, the special level mercenary and The highest level of super mercenaries, due to the large number of mercenaries and mercenary groups, it is very difficult to increase the level of a mercenary or mercenary group. Mercenaries of different levels will be issued different badges by the mercenary union. In the mercenary organization, mercenaries or groups of high-level mercenaries are highly respected by their peers.

Magician Union, the profession of magician is second only to the clergy on the mainland. As the practice of magic has extremely high requirements for its own quality, the number of magicians is extremely rare, among them, the magicians who practice light magic are almost They are all included by the Holy See, making it even more precious for magicians. Among them, they are often recruited by high-paying troops. Almost all middle-level or above magicians will be designated as nobles by their kingdoms. Therefore, the profession of magicians is also an ordinary civilian. Most yearning, it represents reputation and rights. Magicians are divided into junior magicians, intermediate magicians, advanced magicians, great magicians, magicians and magicians. Since state subsidies are their main source of income, magicians generally obtain badges corresponding to their own level from the Wizards’ Guild to receive corresponding rewards. Of course, obtaining badges needs to be assessed by the Wizards’ Guild. The Wizards’ Union is also the only union that gives money without paying for it.

Although the number of alchemist unions is small, they are highly respected in various countries. The unions of various countries are often bought by the state because the weapons produced by alchemists are much better than those made by blacksmiths. They are the most equipped advanced armies. Best choice. The Tianjin Empire got its name because they own the largest alchemist guild in the four countries. Alchemists are actually a side branch of magicians. Most of them are good at fire magic. What they are better than magicians is their knowledge of various minerals and medicines. Powerful alchemists can often forge high-level magic weapons. The value of these magic weapons Almost inestimable, it is loved by royal families and even the Holy See. Alchemists are also the wealthiest group of all occupations except assassins. Alchemists are divided into apprentice, elementary, intermediate, advanced, special and master level. Although alchemists also have corresponding level badges that are common to various countries, high-level alchemists often disdain to receive them.

The Killing Hand Association is the least numbered and also the most mysterious trade union on the mainland. Some people call them the Killer Group. Although the number of people in the Killing Hand Association is not large, they all have high abilities. They accept the task of killing people through some underground channels. High commissions. The organization of the trade union is extremely rigorous. There are only two ways to join it. One is to go through all kinds of difficult tests, and the other is to announce a very difficult task every year. As long as someone can complete this task, they will be absorbed by the killer. member. Of course, the difficulty of trying to complete that task is definitely more difficult than those difficult tests, and it is very likely that you will pay your life for it. Due to the intrigue between human beings and disputes over rights, this trade union, which has been distracted by ordinary people, can always survive on the mainland. There are also obvious levels of killers. From low to high, they are divided into assassins, assassins, ninjas, and killers. These assassins are managed by the Assassination Association, and their identities are extremely secret and are not known to outsiders. They do not belong to any country, and their number has never exceeded a hundred, but they are quite a terrifying force. There are few magicians in the killer.

The thieves’ union, to put it bluntly, is a collection of high-level thieves. In order to obtain the valuables they want, some nobles will hire thieves in the union to steal them. Not every thief can participate in the thieves’ union. Although the requirements of its members are not as strict as those of a killer, they also need to go through various tests and only absorb thieves with high quality and professional skills. The ranks of thieves are divided into thieves, advanced thieves and acquirers, and thieves who can generally reach the level of acquirers are the honors that have stolen valuable treasures many times. They are also the most feared ethnic group of most nobles. . The thieves’ union has one of the strictest rules, that is, murder is absolutely not allowed. It is precisely because of this that they have not been wiped out by the armies of various countries. In order to better complete the tasks assigned by the employer, the thieves’ union is the most informed. Like the Killing Hand Society, the Thieves’ Union is also a dark force on the mainland.


Taking out the heavy money bag, Dumb’s heart was full of joy. The purse is very delicate, made of leather, with a six-pointed star hooked with gold thread on it. Ah Dui had never seen such a beautiful purse before. He hurriedly opened the top of the rope and touched it inwardly. He wondered if there was a rose amethyst coin in the purse, what a wonderful thing it would be! He had stolen Amethyst Coins in the past more than a year in the industry. Remember that time, Uncle Li was so excited that he rewarded him with a big chicken leg, which made the other companions very envious. He had never eaten such a good delicacy, and finally parted with the girl, even the bones were eaten into his stomach. The wonderful taste still makes him infinitely aftertaste.

When Ah Dumb took out all the coins in the purse, he was shocked. Because, in the purse there is not only the “drumstick” he has been thinking about for a long time, but also dozens of gold coins, and there is even a blue coin that he has never seen before. Looking at the small pile of Zimang, there are more than a dozen “drumsticks”! “I’m full, I can finally be full.” Dumb exclaimed excitedly.

Just as he was so excited, the golden six-pointed star on the purse suddenly lit up, and then an old voice rang in his ear, “Have you never eaten enough?”

A Duan’s whole body shook, and the coins in his hand could not help being scattered all over the floor, voice, where did this voice come from? He looked around, and there was no one around him, “God bless, God bless.” A Duan clasped his hands on his chest, and kept muttering.

“Do you think the gods will bless a thief?” The old voice sounded again, and this time Ah Dui heard it clearly. The voice seemed to come from that exquisite purse.

“Ah–” Ah-Dai exclaimed, and threw the purse out, his whole body trembling slightly. This was the first time he had encountered this kind of weird thing. After all, he was still a child, and the color of fear came out of his eyes. Out. The sparse snow was still falling, and the sky was still so gloomy. At this moment, the torn padded jacket on Ah-Dai seemed to no longer bring him warmth, and a cold current quickly rose from the bottom of his heart.

The money bag that fell not far away gave out a faint light, and the beautiful golden six-pointed star was shining like a dreamlike faint golden light. Under the horrified gaze of Ah Duan, the golden light suddenly turned and a blurred figure appeared. Above the purse, the figure gradually became clear, it was the old man in the big cloak just now.

The weird and low voice kept coming from the cloak. If Uncle Li was there, he would definitely find that the old man was singing magic spells. Finally, his body completely turned into a real entity, fluttered gently, and fell to the ground.

The old man landed next to the money bag, he slowly bent down, picked up the money bag on the ground, and sighed: “It’s been a long time since I haven’t used this spell. It’s really strange!”

Seeing the person he was holding the fish in such a weird scene, Dumb knew that he was in great trouble no matter how stupid he was. He didn’t expect that he, who hadn’t missed his hand for four months, would be caught by the gold master when he successfully caught a big fish. He curled up on the ground, his body trembling constantly. Before he thought, what he was about to face would be a violent beating like a violent storm. This was not the first time he had encountered this situation. When he was caught last time, the big man almost interrupted his hand. If it hadn’t been for Uncle Li’s appearance in time to scare the opponent away, I’m afraid he would not have the ability to catch fish, and it would be impossible to eat his favorite steamed buns. .

The old man threw the money bag in front of Ah-Dai, and said lightly: “Pick it up for me and put it back.”

“Yes, yes.” Ah Dui carefully grasped the purse in his hand, and took a deep look at the six-pointed star hooked by the gold thread on the purse. He couldn’t understand why people could “drill from the purse.” “Come out? Shaking his whole body, he carefully reloaded a Meimei coin back into the purse. This process lasted for a long time. Strangely, the old man did not urge him, and the gleaming eyes under the cloak kept looking at Ah-Dai.

“Okay, okay, here, here you are.” Dumb tried his best to be humble, holding the money bag in both hands and handing it to the old man. Maybe, the performance was weaker, and the other party would beat him up later. Tap it. Dumb never thought of resisting. How could he resist with his “weather-beaten” body? Even if the other party is an old man.

The old man took the money bag, neither did he do anything, nor did he mean to let go of Dumb. He still stood in front of him, looking at the thin child in front of him.

Dui lowered his head and squatted down, with his red hands covering his head, his whole body curled up as much as possible, waiting for the storm to come.

“Well, the hands are very nice, with slender fingers and wide palms. No wonder I didn’t even notice that something was stolen. You haven’t answered the question I just asked?”

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