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Chapter 1 The Princess Throws into the Lake

The genius doctor poisonous concubine is not easy to provoke Gu Su Xiaoqi Chapter 1 The princess throws into the lake

Chu Kingdom, Li Wangfu.

“Bitch, you know that this king is going to marry tomorrowSon, dare to give medicine to this king? “

BrocadeThe man in Chinese clothes finished roaring and glared hatefully at the man on the bed.One glance, then, with fury and murderousness in his hands, he tore it off.peopleUpServeCovered up.

Looking at the manAs Yun Ruoyue’s tears are silentfall.

After marrying him for half a year, he only has Nangong in his heartofShadow, he neverpass, All because ofHe has an ugly face and a pair of his hateful parents.

“Ah!” The intense pain struck Yun Ruoyue with cold sweat.difficultBiting, Looking at the disgusting and cruel face above, my heart hurts like a knife.

Compared to his disgust and hatred,What’s the pain on the front?

Chu Xuanchen stared at Yun Ruoyue coldly, “In order to get this king, you don’t hesitate to give this king medicine, okay, this king will do it todayAll you! However, this king can’t look down on your face, because it is so disgusting! “

After Chu Xuanchen finished speaking, he suddenly tore off the scarf from the bed curtain and covered Yun Ruoyue’s face.

These words stung Yun Ruoyue severely.

painfullyWith his own face,There is a palm-sized scar on his right face, leading toHas always been very inferior.

The worldugly,CanThere is also a chaseheart of.

Father knowsI have admired Li Wang Chu Xuanchen since I was a child,Is to use his relationship with the emperor to ask the emperorGiven to Chu Xuanchen.

However, Chu Xuanchen did not.

At this moment,Man’sSuddenly worsening, he almost LingTortured, The black eyes were full of terrifying killing intent, “Yun Ruoyue, you are a snake-heartedPeople, you know this king likesMy son, just design to let this king marry you; you know that this king will marry tomorrowSon, just design to let this kingyou. If it wasn’t for you to prescribe medicine, who would be able to rely on your faceyou? This king would ratherOutside trick, Nor willyou! “

Yun Ruoyue looked at Chu Xuanchen, resisting his stormy bullying, and sneered sadly, “In your heart, I even tried the tricks outside.Not as good as? “

“No, in the king’s heart, you are not as good as a dog!”

After a long time, Chu Xuanchen is finally going to do everything, Rise like a wind.

He gets dressed quicklyskirts,I don’t care about bed mudBruised and dyingpeople.

Detoxified, thisPeople are nothing to himNS.

Then he swept the bed in disgustOne glance, never leaveHe went out and told the maid, “Prepare water, this king wants to take a bath, this king does not want to be dirtyson! “

Hearing these bitter words, Yun Ruoyue’sThe son shook sharply,’S heart instantly coolsNS.

Chu Xuanchen’s words stabbed Yun Ruoyue’s heart like a steel knife.I understand now that he hates it so much.

He left out before,ignore,Still have illusions about him,Feel as long asTreat him well, he will see clearly sooner or laterSincere, won’t be like other men becauseUgly, just hate.

Unexpectedly, in his mind,It was so unbearable.

Looking at that bed and downFresh, Watching myself run downSon, thinking of him rightThe hatred and humiliation of, I suddenly felt suspense in my heart,Tremblingly wrap a piecerobe,With his feet, walked into the cold winter night.

Not far from Feiyue Pavilion, there is a lake.

In the middle of the night, the cold wind was bitter and the lake pierced people.

Hearing a “plop”, someone shouted: “It’s not good, the princess has thrown into the lake!”

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