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Chapter 1 The story of Lake

“whatDo the New York Police Department? “

“I tell you.”

“The FBI does not have the right to investigate cases, our New York Police Department has!”

“centralCases that the newspaper doesn’t dare to investigate, our New York Police Department dare to investigate! “

“Homeland Security DomainThe case that we dare not take over, our New York Police Department dare! “

“Citizen Charter, Nothingavoid! “

“As long as it is on the land of New York, within the jurisdiction of the New York Police DepartmentAt any time, in any case, the New York Police Department has absolute priority. This is the right granted to us by the Constitution and the eight million citizens of New York. “

“Loyal to death!”

“This is our motto, and it is what you need to keep in mind from this moment.”

At the opening ceremony of the new New York Police Academy, countless young cute newcomers opened upLooking at the suit and leather shoes on the stage, with a gold headA very handsome and handsome man with short hair and gold-rim glasses supported his speech, opening his own, Can’t close for a long time.

turn out to be……

Our New York Police Department is so awesome?

Why didn’t you know before?

Several academy leaders sitting in the first row looked at each other, and then looked at Lake, who was ranting on it and deliberately or unintentionally belittle other law enforcement agencies, and their eyes jumped.more than.


“The Dean?”

“The New York Police Department… is there anyone else?”

“Others have been sent to investigate the World Trade Center case. This inspector Lake Edwin is the inspector of the third murder and serious crime investigation team of the police station, so the bureau recommended him to come.”

“Murders and serious crimes? Are you sure, since it is the detective, such a big thing happened in New York last month, Why didn’t he let him go out to investigate? “


Swell, the director of the college office, who was asked by the dean of the academy, was silent for a while, glanced at Lake, who was speaking incomparably justice and glory on the stage, and whispered toward him.The dean next to him said cautiously: “This detective Lake Edwin was reported to have collected a sum of black money last month.The Ministry of Affairs is investigating him, so he was temporarily stopped during this periodStop going out. “

After hearing these words, the dean also looked at Lake on the stage, a little dumbfounded: “…”

A detective who was being investigated for black money ran to the opening ceremony of the Police Academy and talked about the history and history of the New York Police Department.Rong.


Does it fit?

Lake feelssuitable.

He was totally wronged.

whatDo you collect black money?

Inspector’sShare with criminalsYi then collects money, this isDo collect black money.

Excuse me.

Lake has never had it before, he likes to eat black!

Collect black money?

Collecting black money can only take part of the criminal’s money, and black eating and black are good, and it can take all of the criminal’s money.


This is not possible, andIs the quality worse?


Lao Tzu’s soul is not a New Yorker, the morality andQuality has something with himThe relationship between the lines, finally lived a lifetime, Lake’s purpose is one.


As long as the waves do not die, they will die.


A step-by-step life, with a salary like the New York Police Department, a year without food or drink is not enough for himSecond prize.

Free Eagle Jiang, shootout every day.

Violence is the theme and romance here.

I came here to find excitement, otherwise, who would come, in terms of stability and harmony, how can it compare to my Dadongguo?


Around eleven in the morning.

After Lake finished his eloquent speech, he shook hands with the dean of the police academy on stage under the applause of the three hundred cute new policemen.retreat.

Before leaving, Lake always felt that the dean looked at his watchstrange.


Once again, it’s my shit!

Out of the gate of the academy, Lake turned his head and took a lookAfter the signboard of the Police Academy, take out oneCigarettes, chic danglingInside, lighted it up for myself, and after spitting out a smoke ring, it turned towards the blue car parked at the door.Chevrolet walked.


close the door.


Lake KaiGot the car,Smoking with one handHe drove the car out of the parking space and drove in the direction of the New York Police Department.


Lake is not a local, or even a person in this world.

Although here tooTo be the earth, but it is no longer the planet Lake was originally on.

New York on this earth has the Stark Industries Group, did it exist on the previous earth?


In comics or movies.


This is the Marvel Universe, or Lake is more willingCall it hereComprehensive universe.

Thirty years ago.

Lake arrives.

Is an orphan.

In then…

Lake is step by stepLong, one can barely pick upThe foster family of K-12 completed high school with free compulsory education. After graduating from high school, Lake PlusNot for anything else but to be able to go to university for free afterwards.

Lake is an orphan. After finishing high school, there are three ways to go on to college.

The first is learningHe has a very good grade, and he can get a full scholarship from a university directly. Not only can he go to university for free, but he can even get money every month. This is a school hegemony.Do school to make money.

The second type is family subsidy or student loans from major banks. After graduation, I have to repay the loan for more than ten years, saving money and saving money.Do spend money to go to school.


Although the family who adopted Lake is not bad, they are not biological after all, and their biologicalMy son also needs money, and Lake is too embarrassed to open these mouths.

Lake chose the third road, the road of white prostitution.


After retiring from the military, you can go to university for free and without exams, and you can even choose an Ivy League school. But this kind of free is not for nothing, it is conditional. The basis for this free is that you can successfully graduate from the university, if you can’t , I’m sorry, it’s not free, you need to make up for it in fullUniversity tuition.

It’s not bad.

Although Lake is not a schoolmaster, the others are okay, at least it’s okay to graduate with a mixed one.

Then after graduation, Lake went to the New York Police Department, relying on the Ivy League school’s diploma.It started as a police detective, and now it has become a detective.

There is no way.

Lake needs money, and combining other conditions, Lake feels that only the Law Enforcement Bureau can satisfy him.

He has a hang.

What’s special about the plug-in of other traversers, Lake didn’t know, but his own plug-in, Lake can guarantee that it must be a plug-in produced by a certain penguin group.

And it was produced by Penguin in 3030.

Krypton Gold EnergyGod.


This is the name of Lake plug-in, simpleViolent, easy to understand, and very self-explanatory.

This plug-in has only one function.


Krypton Goldprize.

Per 100,000KnifeAward once,No deception, no cap, as long as you have money, he can let you, andThe prizes range from guns and ammunition to the stars and the sea, everything is possible.

This is why Lake suspects that the factory date of this plug-in is 3030.

Good guys.

One hundred thousandKnifeAward once.

Treat this as JinWebcoin?

It is estimated that in 3030,The exchange rate of the knife to the renminbi has fallen by one hundred thousandThe knife can only be exchanged for ten yuan.

But right now?

Frankly speaking.

Lake knew this at the timeWhen awarding the function, I don’t know if I shouldWeep without tears, we should still be for the strength of our motherlandTo be extremely proud.

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