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Chapter 20 I’m Allergic to Seafood

Lin Su’er was already sitting down at this time, but she chuckled when she heard this.

“Aunt Wang’s words are really interesting.” She picked up her chopsticks, and put Lin Rouer’s favorite dish into her mouth without any haste, “I’m the same, waiting for you to continue to bully me every day? “

You…” Wang Linya’s face changed, and she just wanted to refute, but Lin Aotian, who had been silent on the side, suddenly spoke

up– “Okay.” Lin Aotian frowned and stared at Wang Linya, “Good meal, you ask so much what you are doing. After the

words fell, he looked at Lin Su’er next to him again, his face immediately full of smiles, “Come on, Su’er, eat more of this shrimp, I just delivered it today, it’s very fresh.”

Then he said. Just picked up a tiger prawn and put it in Lin Suer’s bowl.

But Lin Suer didn’t touch it.

On the contrary, she just looked up at Lin Aotian and said calmly: “Dad, don’t you know that I am allergic to seafood?”

The breath on the table instantly solidified.

Lin Aotian was embarrassed.

In the past few years, he did not pay much attention to his eldest daughter, so he really didn’t know that Lin Suer was allergic to seafood.

“Then…then eat more meat.” He quickly took out the shrimp and put the braised pork in.

Lin Suer slowly started eating slowly.

Wang Linya and Lin Rou’er saw this scene next to them, but they were furious!

Over the years, under their unremitting efforts, Lin Aotian can be said to have directly regarded Lin Su’er as a daughter. These years they bullied Lin Su’er, he also opened his eyes and closed his eyes.

But no matter where I thought, Lin Aotian suddenly paid attention to Lin Su’er!

The reason is self-evident.

Now that Lin Suer and Bo Shao are involved, it is the sparrow that turns into a phoenix. Of course, Lin Aotian is too late for the baby!

Looking at this, Lin Rou’er almost broke the chopsticks in her hand with anger, and her stomach was getting angry, but she didn’t expect Lin Su’er to speak quietly again.

“By the way, Dad, there is one thing I want to discuss with you.”

“Eh, say it!” Lin Aotian said in a hurry, “Daddy will buy you whatever you want!”

“I don’t want something. It’s just that. My attic is too small, I want to change the room.”

Lin Aotian was taken aback, then suddenly remembered that Lin Su’er is still living in the attic now!

His face turned blue and white, and he became more embarrassed. He quickly said, “Yes, I almost forgot about it. Which room do you want to change to? Dad will let them clean up for you today!”

Lin Su’er at this time Just after finishing the last bite of rice in the bowl, she put down her chopsticks, wiped her mouth, and said, “I see Lin Rouer’s room, it’s pretty good.”

Lin Rouer was still poking angrily. The rice in the bowl vented, and when he heard this suddenly, the whole person was taken aback, and then almost jumped up in anger.

“Lin Su’er! Do you want to grab my room? Go ahead

and dream of your spring and autumn!” Unlike the white lotus in front of others, Lin Rou’er was always headstrong when she was at home.

After all, Lin Aotian and Wang Linya had held her in their hands since they were young, so she never knew what convergence was at home.

And now Lin Suer is so blatantly about to grab her room, how can she bear it!

Lin Aotian also didn’t expect Lin Su’er to want Lin Rou’er’s room. First she was taken aback, but in the end she couldn’t help but said, “That…it’s a bit troublesome for Rou’er to change rooms? I think there are quite a lot of rooms on the second floor, Su’er. Would you like to change one?”

“But I don’t like the others.” Lin Suer wiped her mouth with a tissue, and said lightly, “Since Dad doesn’t agree, it doesn’t matter, I will continue to live in the attic.”

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