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Chapter 2 Compensation

Their generation has experienced that periodIn the past ten years, whoever dared to mention feudal superstition was to cause misfortune, so there was still fear in my heart.

Although it is now eighty years.

Ge Liutao thought of Jiang Xiao’s words just now, but her hands and feet were cold.

“We Xiaoxiao just woke up and said something, I was scared.”

“What’s wrong with the short novel? Did you tell you whoGo in the stream? Jiang Songhai sank his face, “We can’t just leave it alone.” “

Jiang Xiao since childhoodWeak, someone is so cruel,Push into the creek.

In this weather, the water in the mountains was still cold to the bones. After Jiang Xiao was rescued, he developed a high fever and burned for two days.

Jiang Songhai has been waitingSober, tell whoPushed into the stream, ready to come to find someone to settle the account. He knew that his children would not be so playful, and even ran there to play at dusk, and he was afraid of water since he was young and would not approach the creek.

“no!Not awakeGod, just said a word in a daze. “Ge Liutao repeated the sentence Jiang Xiao said just now, because of fear,Speak wellof.

But Jiang Songhai heard clearly anyway.

He also frowned.

No wonder the wife is afraid, this sentence is indeed very weird. However, you can’t be suspicious just because of a single sentence.

“It’s just a nightmare, so don’t talk nonsense. “

What else does Ge Liutao want to say,She opened her face and looked at her husband’s thin face and sad brows, but finally didn’t say anything.

Sighed and said: “I will giveBoil a bowl of medicine to go. “

It was dusk when Jiang Xiao woke up again.

Smell the scent of rice, my stomach grumbledUp.

It’s so real, So there is no way to take all thisIt’s a dream.

I’m still lying on the old-fashioned canopy bed, the bedThere are four pillars, four horizontal poles, and fences on three sides. The fences are painted with pictures that symbolize wealth and auspiciousness. There are also tents hanging on them. The tents are not put down. Two golds are used on the left and right sides.The iron hook hooked up.

Turn headOutside the bed, the concrete walls, the concrete floor, the roof covered with tiles, and the originalA beam made of tree trunks, and a ash-dropped one hung from the beamLight bulb……

Also on the wallWith a large wall calendar painting, there is a red dressdance, The stage against the pipa, It looks likeWith oneStrong nostalgia.

Jiang Xiao saw the numbers under the wall calendar painting.


Jiang Xiao felt thatsweatThey are all upright.

InvoluntarilyHis hand pinched his face.



Looking at his slender hands, I couldn’t believe that I had actually returned to the age of thirteen.

Back to SiVillage home.

Jiang Xiao covered his eyes, tears bursting down the bank again.

At this time,I heard a voice coming in from outside.

“Aunt Tao, that girl Jiang Xiao hasn’t gotten up yet? Tsk tsk, this is reallyMiss noble fate! Istand up! “

Grandma’s voiceThen it sounded: “Guiying, don’t go in, we are still burning!”

Maybe it was being pulled, and the tone of the visitor brought irritation.

“What to burn, I’ll just ask a sentence! Our Dani’sI have to figure out how the clothes broke! It’s really good, I finally got it. I made a new one after burning candles for a few nights.Clothes! Our Dani said, Jiang Xiao tore it, you have to pay! “

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