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Chapter 2: Disgusting Sweet Scent

The ceiling spun. The fluffy bed behind her back was as dense as the calm sea.

Ariel forced herself to open her droopy eyes. A sweet scent of the room filled her nose—a disgustingly sweet smell of both flesh and bodily fluids mixing together.

It was the bedroom of the emperor, Leandro Apolliner. The lingering scent of their deeds from last night remained.

Leandro was a brutal and gruesome tyrant who cruelly took her first time.

He was a character in a novel called ‘Mischievious Saint’—a cruel male lead who considered it a means to relieve his desires and wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to get what he wants.

Ariel wanted to push him away. He laid heavily on her chest. However, she couldn’t even move the slightest… and her n*ther region was sore and hot.

Unable to move, Ariel slumped back, mind drifting back to how and when she was dragged inside the novel.

‘It’s magical,’ she thought.

As soon as she became the female lead in the novel, the memories of her past life washed away.

She was aware of her separate life, but no matter how much she racked her brain, she couldn’t remember her original name nor the kind of life she lived.

“Haa…” Ariel sighed, forcing herself to recall the memories of her unknown past.

Pushing the thought aside, her body, plagued by Leandro’s touches, screamed countless times.


According to her memory, this was the first time she shared a night of passion with Leandro. Ariel pushed down his muscular forearm and struggled to pull herself up.

The bitter pain and unpleasant stickiness between her legs meant that Ariel had lost her first time. In the novel, Ariel suffered great injury from her s*x with Leandro, who had no care for her whatsoever.

It was to the point where she’d spend three days and nights in tears without eating or drinking after a passion-filled night.

But now that she had become Ariel, she had no intention of playing the part of the original female lead who was gentle and… weak.

She didn’t like the female lead’s pessimistic view on life because of one man.

She’ll put her foot down and remain adamant about her views.

Carefully looking at Leandro, Ariel tried to stand. However, her lower body was not as strong as she thought.

For the first time in her life, she had experienced a rough and violent intrusion penetrating her insides. Ariel raised a half and lowered it to her abdomen and pressed gently.

She wanted to wash her hands and body covered with fluids with clean water.

Ariel bit her lips and moved her legs again.

Fortunately, she was able to stand this time around.

His fragrance… no, to be exact… the scent of his s*men filled the room and she didn’t want to smell it any further than this.

Ariel picked up the clothes that had fallen on the floor.

“…Where are you going?”

Ariel paused and froze.

She thought he was deep asleep, but instead, he was looking at her, blue eyes shining.


Ariel swallowed a dry saliva. No matter how much she screamed and writhed under Leandro’s arms, her mouth felt parched at this moment.

“I asked where you’re going.”

‘If I give the wrong answer, I’ll lose my voice.’

Ariel slowly straightened her back, covered her chest, and busily fumbled her nails in search of a suitable answer.

“Send me home,” the original female lead answered to Leandro’s cold, antagonizing question. She never expected it’s gain the emperor’s anger.

“I… I’m thirsty…” Ariel said.

But she wasn’t the female lead of the novel. So instead of donning a frightened look, she blushed her cheeks and looked at Leandro sweetly.

“It’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because I’m having a difficult time with you,” her shy eyes seemed to say.

Leandro rose up.


Ariel nodded instead of answering.

Leandro smiled; he didn’t forget to bite his lip.

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