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Chapter 2 One hundred thousand award story

One hundred thousandKnifeAward once?

Let me put it this way.

Although Lake is already an inspector of the New York Police Department, his annual salary is only more than 90,

Even if you don’t eat or drink, it’s a yearCan’t get a prize?

…Garbage plug-in.

…Garbage penguin.


The New York Police Department’s job is not Lake’s main job. For Lake, the New York Police Department’s job is a part-time job.

Lake’s main job is a killer.

The famous killer Black King under Continental Hotel.

Lake addedThe reason for the New York Police Department is simple.

This is New York.

And the New York Police DepartmentThe report is not worse than other departments.


Lake needs a proper job and also needs a job of his ownThe source of the report, coupled with other reasons, this is not the case, Lake chose his part-time job as an inspector.

Think about it.

At the Continental Hotel party, a killer said that he was from a textile factory, a killer said that he was from an insurance group, and Lake said that I was a killer from the New York Police Department.

Ji laugh!


In fact, it is easy to figure out if you think about it carefully. This is the land of Yingjiang, and Lake will help Yingjiang maintain social order unless his brain is short-circuited.

Not for the dark under the lights.

After all, he is a killer and needs to kill occasionally. When the time comes, he will kill someone at night and investigate the homicide during the day. If he finds his own, he does not check himself where his case is.

Of course.

Another reason is that Lake choseFor the killer or police detective, or even high school graduates, choose to be a soldier.


At the age of sixteen, the plug-in just startedWhen I gave it awayAward opportunity.

That time the emperor was lucky.

SSR Skill: Of The Immortal!

【Immortal: Skills, SSR level, GodDepartment, no damage can kill you, you willHurt, But you will never die! 】

By the time this skill came, Lake realized it.

This is the rhythm that makes him wave.


After that, to the present three timesAward, lake,A loneliness.

For the first timeIn terms of the SSR skill of Lake, it is indeedA loneliness.

The second time, relying on the army’s salary and certain professionsHas enough dividends of 100,000Knife, Lake didn’t even think about buying an apartment for himself.prize.

I thought the second time would be as lucky as the first timethe result ofA loneliness.

【gridK-17 pistol: RoadClass, no grade, infinite line, with infinite bullets, selfAll the blessings are reasonable, even if you shoot yourself 100 times, there will be no third party questioning the number of your bullets. 】

Lake was holding this infinite bullet pistol and was about to throw upNS.

One hundred thousandKnife.

Maybe this one hundred thousandMost knives were bought in 3030Youtiao, but at the time, it was more than able to buy a single building in New YorkA huge amount of money for the apartment.

The result is 100,000Knife bought a pistol, even if it is unlimited, it is enough to make Lake spitNS.

the third time.

The extra money that Lake earned when he was in college plus 10,000 for scientific experimentsKnife carried out.


[Xingchen Building Apartment: Kexi Legend Road(No level), an apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It has a large space of 500 square meters. Owning it may be the starting point for you to reach the pinnacle of life (complete procedures, it’s yours)The property tax has been paid for the first yearWork, please pay attention to it in timetaxi. )】

Lake was quite happy at first, which is equivalent to spending 100,000Knife bought a multi-million-dollar mansion, but seeing the text in brackets, Lake wondered whether to sell it for the first time.

the fourth time.

After graduating from Lake University, addThe salary of the Continental Hotel and the New York Police Department was just dropped yesterday and this yearReal estate tax, 100,000 yuanThe knife was carried out for the fourth timeprize.


[Copy: skill type, R level, fantasy system, the role is the same as the name, it can be copied (skill type), it can be copied when encountering a copyable target (available times*3)]

For this result.

Lake doesn’t know what to say, thisThe result of the award, Lake at first glanceI think I made a profit, but actuallyAfter making it, LakeFeel myself againA loneliness.

Let me put it this way.

After Lake acquired this skill yesterday, he ran to 117 Brick Avenue and squatted for a day, and finally waited for a guy dressed like an ascetic to appear on the street.

Lake chose to use it at the time.


“The difference in strength is too high, the reading skill fails, and the copy fails.”


Lake was dumbfounded.

I originally thought it was a god skill, but I didn’t think it was a rubbish skill. It’s no wonder that replication is not an SSR level, but an R level skill.

But after being dumbfounded, Lake carefully pondered the tips given by the plug-in.

The difference in strength is too high.

This is the key.

The tip of the plug-in is that the strength difference is too high, rather than other levels or genres.What? If the difference in other things is too high, Lake may have no way of doing it.

But strength can be compensated.

At the moment, the extraordinary can’t be copied, so you can copy the ordinary, and slowly copy, the strength, won’t it go up?

Lake was so Ann at the timeWith oneself.


Police Plaza.

New York Police Department!

CompleteThe largest, even one of the largest and oldest police stations in the world.

The New York Police Department has the largest management system. Even the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in front of the New York Police Department, is willing to bow down.

There are more than 30,000 official police officers, nearly 5,000 police officers, nearly 6,000 school security personnel, and more than 50,000 police cars.

How does the FBI compare?

Is it comparable?

The New York Police Department has a lot of departments under its jurisdiction, and there are even some departments that Lake has never hit.Taoist.

Lake is currently the third homicide and serious case inspector of the New York Police Department’s serious crime team. There are also two detectives on it, equal, Bush Stacy of the first serious crime team, and the second serious crime team. Kate Beckett.

New York Police Department Level 13 UpgradeIn the department, Lake has climbed to the fifth level, and further up, it is the inspector, the inspector…

Around the tenth of last month.

An anonymous report letter about complaints against Lake for collecting black money was deliveredAffairs Investigation Section.

At first glance at the Office of the Investigation Division, good guys, suddenly gatheredGet up and go through the process.

Lake was also temporarily suspended in accordance with regulations.investigation.


no matter howHow the Financial Investigation Division investigated Lake’s funds this monthCircumstance, it is impossible to compare Lake with the fifty thousand in the report letterThe knives are connected together.

And from the perspective of daily expenses, although Lake is sitting on a luxury house, the daily expenses, let’s put it this way, are smallI couldn’t help crying when I saw the water in Lake Bank.

Too poor!

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