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Chapter 2 The First Law of Immortal Cultivation

Immortal Cultivator during the Foundation Building PeriodFlying very fast in the air, after a whileHong was taken by Liu Jing to the sky over a small mountain.

This mountain is no more than seven or eight feet high, with lush woods and grassQingqing, full of vitality. It is surrounded by spiritual fields, and the season coincides with early summer. The rice seedlings in the field are light and crisp, swaying with the wind, and the view makes the spiritual platform clear.

“This place is called Fanghuayuan, and it is a rare spiritual field manor in the valley. Master nephew, you are practicing the basic water exercises. It is most suitable to be a spiritual rain master here.”

Liu JingweiAfter Hong’s introduction, Cong ChuTake out a book and a talisman from the bag.

“This book contains the various responsibilities of the rain master. You need to study it carefully later. There is also a talisman of mine. If you encounter a difficult problem that can’t be solved, you can know it with mana.”

Hong respectfully took this book and a talisman,Read yourself at the beginningIt is really fortunate that the world of cultivating immortals can meet such a good person.

Looking at Liu JingThe back from the distance,Hong is determined to change it in the futureA dead end.

There is a chic little courtyard on the hill, this isHong’s future residence.

After finishing the salute,Hong opened the book left by Liu Jing and read it carefully. He didn’t want to let the good job he had just gotten to nothing.

“Well, yes. According to the book, the hundred acres of spiritual fields in Fanghuayuan are all produced by the Xiuxian family.Mortals take care of it, I just need to remind them every dayThe magic circle in the main house can be rained down, and it is indeed very leisurely. “

Hong nodded his head and put the book aside, Shenzhiyi, ChuThe pen, ink, paper and inkstone in the bag appeared on the table.

Plain white paper,The word “xiuxian” is written in a rainbow pen.

Once I got Huangfeng Valley, I officially started to repair the route.

It has been tens of thousands of years since the human world has cultivated immortals, but no one can clearly explain what is meant by cultivating immortals.

Some seniors left a message in the book, saying that cultivating immortals means cultivating longevity, others said that cultivating immortals means seeking happiness, and even more seniors said that cultivating immortals means standing on top of the world.

For tens of thousands of years, immortal cultivators have been amazing and talented in the human world, but there has never been a predecessor who used scientific thinking to explore what cultivating immortality is.

Now I am here, I said:

“Cultivation of immortals is the use of selfspiritAbsorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, then condense with the exercises to improve oneselfThe subjective behavior of the mana limit. “

Therefore, the essence of cultivating immortality is to improve oneselfThe maximum mana.

As for how to improve?

In the past year, Hong has derived the first law of cultivating immortals (version 1.0):


In the mortal world, the cultivator can rely on the spiritShould go to the aura between heaven and earth, and can absorb the aura into.

Since it exists, it is science,Hong knows he has no ability to studyEssence, but does not prevent him from studying the spiritThe use of.

According to his research, LingIs equivalent to receiving aura, And spirits of different qualitiesIs the reception of different powers, Which is W.

Rainbow is Sipin Ling, In order to facilitate self-cultivation in the future, he will receive this stationThe power is defined as 1.

F is the unit time (day)The increase in the upper limit of mana is the cultivation speed. In addition to spiritIn addition to quality, what affects F is the concentration of spiritual energy in the place of cultivation, which is spiritual(Pa).

But whenHongshenAfter researching, he found that the spirit of the outside worldIt’s not a direct factor, the cultivatorThe spiritThat’s it!

When Hongjiang does not use any auxiliary means,The Aura concentration is defined as 1 Ling.

The first level of qi refining is the starting point for cultivating immortality. At this stage, the cultivator will practice fromThe first strand of mana, to achieve a breakthrough in the upper limit of mana.

Rainbow defines this first mana increase as 1 mana.

In the memory of the original owner, in addition to the bigu pill, he did not swallow other pill during the first practice, and it took about three days to break through to the first level of the Qi refining.

thenRainbow collected multiple sets of selfAccording to the training data, the first cultivation coefficient in history is initially obtained: 0.3!

Hong is not a mathematician in his previous life, and his derivation process is obviously endless, But he just wanted to use scientific thinking to help him in his own cultivation, not obsessed with exploring the essential laws of the mortal world.

That’s probably something that only Daozu can do.

whenAfter Hong initially obtained the first law of cultivating immortals, he began to verify its accuracy.

As a traverser,Hong also has a golden finger, which he calls “achangeCheck the table”, a bit like a corner in the gameThe panel, but not exactly the same.

The main function of this gold finger is to displayHong’s current personal data will be added and deleted as he wishes, and the definition unit of the data will be changed.

Currently, it looks like this:


Realm: Three layers of gas refining (44)

Force: 3

Mana: 7

Spirituality: 1

spiritQuality: 1

Meridian strength: 20.2 (the current meridian can bearspiritLimit)

spirit: 1.2 (stable)

Outer spirit: 2 (stable)

Countdown to the Great Perfection of the Refining Period: 22733 days (approximately 62 years)


Now only use these data,Hong let it show this. In the past year, he used this golden finger to experiment with variable control, and finally got the first law of immortality.

However, the data collected in the past ten days shows that the coefficient of 0.3 has a slight increase, which is estimated to be related to his about to break through the first small level of the refining period, and may face revisions, soHong said it is version 1.0.

Back to the present,rainbowThe roomThe aura is far stronger than the aura in the past home, and he couldn’t help but praise:

“It’s worthy of being Huang Fenggu, which is ranked among the seven major schools. The cultivation site for ordinary disciples is twice as strong as the best place outside.”

“With my aptitude, I need to eat or drink without eating or drinking.In 62 years, the actual time required is definitely more than a hundred years.,generallyKuang Si Pin LingCultivatorNothingBuild a foundation. “

“Fortunately, I have successfully obtained what I want, and then I only need to verify that it is feasible, My cultivation base will be able to advance by leaps and bounds for a period of time. “

Rainbow is better than any fourth-grade spirit in this worldOf the immortal cultivators understand the absolute future, But with the confidence of all the cultivators in the Qi refining period.

Just because of himLearned the auspiciousness of immortality, Then there is always a way to build a foundationachievement.

There is an array disk, the arrangement of the gathering array is very simple, whenHong puts four low-level spirit stonesArray, a piece of blueAuraThe curtain was born quickly, The final formA hemispherical gathering space with a diameter of about two feet.

The Spirit Gathering Array began to operate, and the spiritual energy of the nearby heaven and earth swarmed, passing byOnly the water movement aura can enter the screen filterGathering space.

Hongzhen has practiced in the Spirit Gathering SpaceAfter meditating and waiting for two hours, itsThe spiritFinally stabilized.

“Outer SpiritIt is approximately equal to 8.0, and the effect is better than I thought. Old ancestor Li is not cheating me. It’s a pity that such a good spirit gathering formation was a bit wasted for me. After all, its function of gathering spirits, I should not have much opportunity to use it. “

Hong held a low-level spirit stone in both hands and slowly applied force.

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