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Chapter 2 Wearing Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 2 WearAbandoned concubine

By the lake, a group of people standing down from the palaceA row, all staring coldly at the princess lying on the shore.

At this time, the princess and empressThere was only one little girl crying on the side.

“Mother, don’t die, what should you do if your servant is dead?”The child cried sadly.

Mother Zhang beside her stared coldlyAt a glance, “Why are you crying? It’s really bad luck. I don’t die in another place. I just die in our palace. The prince said, don’t letofThe land of the palace is dirty. Now that the doctor has seen it is dead, drag it out and bury it! “

“Don’t do that, mother, don’t do this to my lady,But the prime minister…”

on siteWhen making a ball, everyone didn’t see that the person who was originally annoyed slowly opened his eyes.

As soon as Yun Ruoyue opened his eyes, he could see everything around him clearly.In period costumePeople, facingof””Refer to pointing.

Suddenly, a cold wind blows,There was a shiver at once.

I remembered,He was a top international surgeon in the 21st century. He was only 30 years old. He was known as a genius medical scientist because he treated countless intractable diseases for the heads of the world. However, he was driven by a drunk driver on his way home from get off work. Of people were killed.

Then,The soul of has traveled here, and is attached to thisAbove.

Oh my God, if modern people knewA top doctor who treated illnesses and saved people died of drunk driving. How much should everyone hate that drunk driving bastard?

at the same time,There was an unfamiliar memory in my mind, all about thisOf the owner.

It turns out thisThe owner, alsoYun Ruoyue, actually andWith the same name and surname, is this a special fate?

The original owner Yun Ruoyue was the direct descendant of the prime minister Yunqing, He was shown as a jewel in the palm by the Yun family since he was a child, and cultivated carefully.

Originally looks very beautiful, very attractive,But whenWhen he was ten years old,Inexplicably poisoned, causing allBlackened.

thenI almost died, but my father finally asked someone to heal it.,Although I picked up oneLife, but the right cheek was poisoned too deeply, and the toxins on it could not go away, and finally changedAn ugly scar.

Since then became very inferior.

Looks very ugly, thoseThe children of the family are starting to look down on,Bully,beat,thenBeing a group by a lakeWhen the family’s children were besieging, Chu Xuanchen suddenly walked out and protected.

He drives away thoseChildren of the family, also handed it toA piece of veil to cover the face, gaveA lot of warmth.

Since then,DeepGo to Chu Xuanchen.

knowledgeUgly, Not good enough for Chu Xuanchen, just take thoseMu Zang was in his heart,Never wishful thinking that he could marry Chu Xuanchen.

But father can seeMind, in order to makeHappiness heIs to use his relationship with the emperor to ask the emperor to letMarry Chu Xuanchen.

The dream of marrying King Li has come true, but unfortunately,After half a year of kissing, Li Wang didn’t even look straight.At a glance.

Not just lookingAt a glance, he was about to marry a new wife and came in. The original owner lived a really useless life.

While she was sorting out the information in her mind, suddenly Yun Ruoyue realized that someone was coming to drag him., Next to the women’s curses, andCrying.

“Quickly, drag this unlucky broom star out and bury it. It takes a long time, just in caseWhat should I do if it changes? “Grandma Zhang said.

“Stop it!” Seeing someone approaching herself, Yun Ruoyue said suddenly strenuously!

“what!Changed, the princess changedIt’s a ghost! “Everyone’s tipWith a sound, they all scattered to the side, onlyMy son has left, still staying at Yun Ruoyueside.

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