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Chapter 3 Medical Space

Chapter 3 Medical Space

“What’s the noise? You justHave you ever seen a living person? “Yun Ruoyue said coldly, yesThe child said, “Help me up.”

Was salvaged from the water, plus the previousChu Xuanchen gave a lot of Ling,NowVery weak, I don’t even have the strength to walk.

Now,knowledgeThisIt’s the princess, it should beWith the majesty of the princess, this group of people can be shocked.

“Niangniang, are you awake?” Mother Zhang stared at Yun Ruoyue incredulously.

Just now the doctor clearly said that the princess is dead, how can she come back to life?

God watching the princess, Not likeChange, it should really come alive.

HardlyThe doctor made a wrong diagnosis just now?

“Why, I woke up, you are very lost? “Yun Ruoyue looked at Grandma Zhang coldly.

Usually in the mansion, Mother Zhang is the mostBullyWe are masters and servants.

However, if there is no connivance from King Li, these people dare not bully.

NoPet, one personWeak, justThe bullying of everyone up and down in this palace.

But starting today,Succeeded this, I can’t help these people bully againHalf a minute!

LifeCall the shots, if anyone dares to bully, Don’t blamenone!

Grandma Zhang is not always afraid of the princesses and empresses, but at this moment,It seems that Sen Leng’s killing intent was seen in the eyes of the princess,Frightened teeth, Said in a low voice, “The old slave dare not, the old slave will report to the prince.”

In the presence of so many prostitutes, Mother Zhang suppressed her viciousness. After all, Yun Ruoyue is now dead.Still the princess of the palace, but also the prime minister’s concubine.

If Yun Ruoyue really wants to cure,It can’t run.

butThere is a backing, that is King Li.

For the time being, Rao Yunruoyue went to find King Li and said, King Li is here, thisWhere do people dare to put the princess’s spectrum.

Feiyue Pavilion.

Yun Ruoyue helped him into the room and gaveCalled hot water, letBathe.

DownThe tearing pain reminds Yun RuoyueBe Ling todayFacts.

That man is so cruel, he tortured his princess in this way.

Yun Ruoyue sat in the tub, thenErbangTook a mirror,I want to see, thisHow ugly is Chu Xuanchen’s original owner?When I actually covered it with gauzes face.

When the mirror saw her face, Yun Ruoyue almost vomited.

This face is really ugly,The right face is full of winding scars, a bit like a tumor, but also like a toxin. No wonder Chu Xuanchen hates it so much..

If you switch to modern times,Have a whole roomScience laboratory, there are a variety of special medicines, it is easy toHis face is healed, but this is in ancient times.

One has no handsThe doctor in the room is like a pianist with no hands.

This hot water soaksVery comfortable, Yun Ruoyue was a little tired, so she put the mirror aside, leaned on the bathtub with her hands, and slowly fell asleep.

In my sleep,Deep consciousness, Suddenly appearedThat laboratory.

I saw a lot of medicines, andMedical treatment used beforeMaterials, sterile handsRoom, computer, ventilator,Oxygen meter, CT, hearing aid, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and so on.

As a doctor, seeing theseThe equipment,Heart is excitedof.

butKnow, this is just a dream, yesMiss my hand too muchOnly when you have a knife can you have this kind of dream.

Sudden,See thatThere was a bottle of “oligomeric proanthocyanidin” in the row of medicine cabinets. When I saw this medicine,The pupils are widening.

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