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Chapter 3 Reverses Black and White

“How could Xiaoxiao break Dani?Clothes? It is indeed very strong, and that is not something we can break through. “

When Jiang Xiao heard this sound, tears burst out again.


The most painful in this world,CorrectThe best is grandpa.

ButBut he believed what the bastard uncle Deng Qingjiang said, thinking it was grandpa who beat him,have toMom left SiVillage, there is no news from now on, letA poor worm abandoned by his parents. Plus some later things,Under the instigation of Deng Qingjiang and others, his relationship with his grandfather was almost severed.

Not long before dying,Only then did I know that grandpa kept shouting when he was critically illNickname, but that dayBut he hung up the hospital’s phone and didn’t listen to the words. Grandpa regretted it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but give herself aPalm.

ThisPalm,Want to wake yourself up.

This life,Make sure that both grandparents and grandparents are well, and live a long life.

“Uncle Songhai, what you said is funny, don’t you know, Jiang Xiao’s dead girl is very fierce.Will you just pretend to be cute in front of you? Yes, children who have no parents and no mothers have few eyes long, and I don’t know if I can have food…”

There was a slap outside.

But this loud voicePeople’s words were just a meal, and they immediately pulled up againThroat againI got up, “Uncle Songhai, what a drop of a pat on the table? Am I wrong? That dead girl Jiang Xiao fell into the stream, and Dani kindly wanted to pull it.,That’s good, I will take Dani’sThe service is torn! This is revenge for grace! I don’t care, thisIf you pay, you have to pay, and if you don’t, you have to pay! “

Grandma’s voice directlyAfter going on, Jiang Xiao couldn’t hear what they were saying.

butAlready remembered.

This fighting powerTablepeopleGuiying is the wife of their neighbor Ding Daqiang. Ding’s family and Jiang’s family were separated by less than 30 meters.

Dani in the mouth is their eldest daughter, In the same year as Jiang Xiao, has always been a classmate.

Only then did Jiang Xiao remember when it was and what happened.

It can be said that this thing isA fuse of a miserable life, because of this incident,I have seen the evil side of the villagers, and have an extreme hatred for this village.Go out of the mountain village and go to the big city.

This year,Ding Dani pushed down the stream in the mountain, the stream was deep and cold,Ever since he was rescued, he has had a fever.

BurntI didn’t know at the time, what Ding Dani told her parents after returning home was,Seeing Jiang Xiao accidentally fell into the stream, he hurried to rescue, The result was torn apartClothes.

In recent years, indeed Liang has been popular all over the country, and there can be oneThe enclosing really good shirt is a face-saving thing, I heard that there are noPeople wear it, but in this poor and backward mountain village, what can wear it can be counted with one hand.

Ding Dani has a cousin in town to giveI got a piece of fabric back and made oneServed, that day isPutting on that one for the first timeTake it to Jiang Xiao to show off.

As forHow did the suit break, it was really torn by Jiang Xiao!

Ding Dani can really distort black and white. At that time,I pushed Jiang Xiao abruptly, and Jiang Xiao subconsciously grabbed him when he stumbled and was about to fall off the creek.ofTake it, just hissThe suit is torn.

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