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Chapter 3 SpiritCultivation Dafa

The spirit stone shattered, and the aura in it spilled out, but because of the spirit gathering array, it was constrained in the spirit gathering space. The spaceThe spiritSo it rises slowly.

When the twelfth spiritual stone isBroken in the hands of the rainbowAt the end of time, the space of gathering spiritsThe spiritReached 20.0,RainbowspiritIt also rises to 4.8.

At this momentHong stopped taking out new spirit stones, he started to check the spirit gathering arraySituation, from now onTen years of cultivation will depend on it, and that is something you can never lose.

After stopping the absorption of spiritual energy, the consumption rate of spiritual stones on the array dropped sharply by nine.

“The spirit gathering array runs at full power, and the four spirit stones can only last for about five days.In this kind of standby state, I only need to replace the spirit stone once every two months. The Spirit Rain Master has a monthly salary of two Spirit Stones, which is just right to maintain the Spirit Gathering Array. “

After repeatedly confirming that there is no error,Hong sat down cross-legged, the preparations were done, and the next moment was the moment to witness the miracle.

Huanglong Pill, the most common pill for strengthening the body and strengthening the vitality during the Qi refining period, after taking it can makespiritWhen it reaches about 5.0, the efficacy can last for 6 hours.

There are 20 in this bottle given by Li Huayuan, and the market price is about 20 spiritual stones, but it is generally difficult to buy.

Huanglong PillKnown for being mild,When Hong Tun took it, it was a solemn watch.

ElixirsThe mouth is slightly bitter, and then the medicine is released,RainbowspiritSuddenly soared!

5.0! 10.0! 15.0!

Still rising!

The concentration of aura in the meridians is getting higher and higher,Rainbow graduallyIt’s a bit swelling and painful, but fortunatelyspiritWhen it reached 20.0, the extra aura finally found a cathartic outlet, fromRainboweachSpilled out.

“Work! “

Rainbow try to control his own excitationheart of, Recite the mantras of the exercises silently, and let the aura in the meridians run.

One week after the other, these auras are constantly being refinedPure mana.

ManaThe pubic area, which was already full, gradually expanded and became stronger.

The refined aura is simultaneously filled by the power of the medicine, and it is always maintainedRainbowspiritconstant.

andspiritThe stability of the drug also controlled the volatilization of the medicine.

This rainbowCultivation continued for a whole day, increasing its mana limit by 6 points in one breath, not only smoothly breaking through to the fourth level of Qi Refining, but also not far from the fifth level of Qi Refining.

This kind of cultivation speed has surpassed the second stage spiritImmortal cultivator!

Simply useOuter spirit,Rainbow has bypassed the haunting countless false spiritsThe puzzle of the immortal cultivator.

spiritNo, spiritCome on.

There is not much wisdom in this, but because of the guidance of scientific thinking, it has been hidden in the blind spot for tens of thousands of years.

“This kind of cultivation method must not be spread outside, otherwise it will inevitably cause the price of elixir such as Huanglong Pill to skyrocket. With the huge number of immortal cultivators during the Qi refining period, even the elixir that refines these elixir can be extinct, which may even cause it to be extinct. Sweeping across the continentRainy wind. “

“Oh, this happiness can only be borne by me alone.

Actually, this is not the endCultivation system, after all,Controlled by pill.

The limit of a Huanglong Pill is to increase the upper limit of mana by 6 points. Even if I continue to strengthen the meridians and increase my selfCan bearofspirit, It can only shorten the time for me to refine the medicinal power, and only the medicine with stronger medicinal power can increase the increase in the upper limit of mana.

If I can study more outer spiritsandspiritBetween the Austrian, You can use the endless aura of heaven and earth, through the spiritXiuxian** soars into the sky!

The Spiritual Energy of the Immortal Cultivator in the Transformation PeriodControl ability is a good cutPoint, or pick upGive me a gift? “

Hong Gang is somewhat interested, I just drifted past Old Mo Han after retiring to everyonefilm.

“No, I can’t because of temporaryThe power will float, hold on, hold on. “

End of cultivation, spiritual gathering spaceThe spiritBasically unchanging,HongqiGo to the main house and urge step by stepThe small rain cloud array casts rain on the more than 100 acres of spiritual land under the mountain.

Shi Yu will last for an hour, fortunatelyHong’s cultivation has just reached a new level, otherwise he would have finished scoring twice..

After finishing work,Hong meditated in the main house, restoring the empty dantian.

After the dantian is filled again,Hong Chen is in a hurryThe Spirit Gathering Array took medicine and practiced, but instead heated some hot water with magic power to take a bath.

Under Huang Fenggu’s school uniform,rainbowOut oneFair, Fine skinLikeSub-general.

Sit in the tub,Rainbow is notGrow comfortablyOnce, close your eyesAfter a while, he usedTacticsBag, take out the white lotus pill that was exchanged from Li Huayuan yesterday.

Bailian Pill is a very unpopular pill. It cannot be used to increase cultivation, and it is not taken orally, but for external use.

Hong threw a white lotus pill into the bath water, only to see this whiteThe medicine of the medicine melts when it meets the water, and the fragrance of white lotus floats in an instant.

Rainbow takes a breath, the whole person is notWater, runningThe law began to absorb the power of the medicine.

This method is called [IceJade Bone Method], but inThe low-level practice that spreads extremely widely in cultivationGongfa.

White lotus pill is to cultivate iceThe necessary condition of the Jade Bone Method is that it is not expensive, but because its main ingredients are extremely rare, it is more difficult to buy than Huanglong Dan.

Cultivators practice iceJade bone method is mainly for itContainThe effect, but because the immortal cultivation method has the same effect, it’s really not,soThe practitioners do not value this method.

Li Huayuan can have so many white lotus pills in his hands, eightIn the past to ask him for a double cultivation partnerLove, bother from eachSearch it.

andAs a male cultivator, Hong cultivates this iceThe Jade Bone Method is not toOld Mo Han, but to improveThe strength of the meridians.

Through multiple low-level trainingComparative test of law,Hong concluded: iceJade bone method is improving meridiansIn terms of toughness, it tops all low-level chainsGongfa.

iceThe Jade Bone Method has twelve layers, currentlyRainbow Only LianAfter the first two layers, the intensity of the meridians has increased by more than 3 points.

Obviously, the prospect of this exercise is very promising!


The sun and the moon rush like a white horse, in a blink of an eyeThe rainbow has been worshippedHuang Fenggu had more than one month, and his Huanglong Dan had been eaten yesterday.

nowHong’s cultivation base has reached the seventh level of Qi refining, iceThe Jade Bone Technique also broke through to the fourth level with sufficient white lotus pill accumulation.Looks whiteIt’s a bit.

Without Huanglong Dan’s help,Hong’s aptitude, sitting and practicing is a waste of time.

Using the Spirit Gathering Array is even more at a loss. The lost spirit stones are used to purchase Huanglong Pills, and the income can be increased by more than ten times.

“Uncle Ma, excuse me, you planted these spirit grasses really well, and the disciple can be regarded as a treasure this time.”

Hong came out of the Baicao Garden with a smile on his face, and he took the opportunity to purchase Huanglong Pill raw materials to find out.

Old Mo Han is not here, and the next Tainan Small Meeting will be held in three years.

“Huh! You juniorIt’s not bad, you can come often in the future. “

Uncle Ma rightrainbowYi Shi’s refreshment is extremely satisfied.


I’ll change my surname if you don’t step on your threshold!

Rainbow thought so.

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