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Chapter 3: The L*stful Saint (19)

Ariel was aware of the female lead’s beauty. The female in the novel had no idea of her beauty that could topple countries and control a man’s will and mind.

And now, Ariel would use that tool well.

There was no man who did not fall for her when she lowered her gaze, long eyelashes moving slowly. At least that’s how it was set up in the novel.

“…Come here.”

And Leandro was no exception either.

Ariel, blushing shyly, barely covering her slender curves and peaks with her two slender arms, was enough to rekindle his lust.

As Ariel would rarely approach him, Leandro jumped to his feet.

“Where’s the pain?”

Ariel’s throat constricted when she looked up at Leandro, who was right in front of her. He was tall and overbearing, his breathtaking muscles combined to create fear.


“Where’s the pain?”

There was no tone of concern in his voice. He wanted to hear with Ariel’s own lips where she ached.

Perhaps he wished to hear the answer “Here where it burns painfully hot because of you poking my inside…”

It was clear that he wanted to see her small red lips moving and spout lewd words.

But Ariel wouldn’t give him what he wanted so easily.

Ariel looked at Leandro silenty with trembling face as if she was about to shed tears.


As soon as her clear and doe-like eyes connected with Leandro’s, Ariel lost her balance and stumbled.

It was because Leandro had snatched her arm and pushed her over the bed.

Ariel, back touching the bed, looked up at Leandro. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking treating her so… roughly.

Ariel then realized that Leandro wouldn’t be as easy to seduce as she had thought. But no matter. The harder the prize, the more glorious the victory.

Meanwhile, he groped her swelling chest.


Ariel’s silver-colored golden hair sprawled all over the bed and covered parts of her pinkish, pretty bre*st.

Leandro’s groin hardened at the sight. He thought that it had been worth the effort to steal her from her home kingdom. Leandro leaned over and gently touched her n*pple, which had already grown stiff.

“Your Majesty, there…”

Leandro’s other hand reached for her leg and headed to the center of her s*x. Surprised by his unexpected touch, Ariel hurriedly held his hand and shrank back.

“You dare get in my way? Get your hands off me,” Leandro growled.

It was humiliating. But there was nothing she could do. If she couldn’t bear the shame for this short moment, she would very well lose her life.

To that extent, Leandro was a man without mercy.

Ariel slowly spread her legs for him.

“Your Majesty…”

Ariel, trembling with fear, further fueled Leandro’s excitement.

A ray of light, pierced through the window glass, headed right through her open legs and shone brightly.

Love juices and blood from her flower had dried up through her thighs.

Leandro skimmed down her groin and looked at the bloodstain.

Ariel arched her neck with a dizzying sensation that was both itchy and weird.

“…The blood had all but dried up,” Leandro mumbled, his finger moving around the center of her s*x.

Her swollen flower convulsed in his hand; her sensitive parts suddenly grew moist.

“Haa…” Ariel clenched her teeth. Each time Leandro’s fingers moved, she let out an inaudible squeaky sound.

“You’re quite obscene,” Leandro’s low voice was mixed with a satisfying smile. “Even though it was your first time, I didn’t expect your juice to overflow like this.”


Unable to put up with his skillful fingers, Ariel screamed. It was a moanful scream that erupted when Leandro coveted her flower not with his fingers but with his lips.

Without a moment’s bout of hesitation, Leandro’s lips sank straight to Ariel’s ground and moved inside her sweet pulp.

“It’s fishy.”

“Of course… there’s blood on it still…” mumbling inwardly, Ariel gasped.

A fearsome tyrant, a ruthless monarch… the scene of Leandro burying his face between her legs and sucking the life out of her, a sight the neighboring kingdoms and empires would never see, was a magnificent sight.

Ariel’s body shivered. She felt excited, a smirk tugging her lips and eyes twinkling in ecstasy as she looked down at Leandro, whose face was buried in her s*x.

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