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Chapter 4 Mess around

Guiying had come to make trouble several times in her previous life, but at that time Jiang Xiao burned in a daze.Ben didn’t pay attention, waitI’m well, my grandpa and grandmother have beenIt was too much trouble to bear, and lost a piece of real fabric from the Ding family, and then saved a basket.The egg also lost the past.

At the same time, one aboutThe rumors also spread.

Thinking of the rumors and the follow-up incident, Jiang Xiao’s heart became angry.He sat up, got out of bed, and walked towards the door.

At this moment, another person came in from the Jiang family’s hall. This is the old Jiang family next door, Song Xiyun, the wife of Jiang Songhai’s nephew.

Once in the doorJust glanced, and then picked at the tip of his eyes.

“Oh, I said sister-in-law Guiying, why are you here? You don’t need to cook at this point? Brother Daqiang came back from the field and had no food to eat. You should be anxious.”

The mountain village eats early, and they are ready to eat after five o’clock.

Song Xiyun used to meetingI’m lazy, I often stop by here as soon as I get to this point, and take a look at what my second uncle and aunt are eating. If there is something delicious, I will try my best to get some back.

Mother-in-law knowsThis habit is also keeping your eyes open and closing your eyes.

“It’s up to you!” Guiying was angry, and rolled her eyes without leaving behind.He went back to the ground.Does the family man have any food to eat? CloseWhat is Song Xiyun?

Song Xiyun left, But not angry, turned his eyes and walked to the stove.

“Second aunt, I will show you the fire.”

Ge Liutao can’t take care of it now, Seeing Guiying was still going to Jiang Xiaoli’s house, she immediately stoppedbefore.

“Guiying, let’s wait for Xiaoxiao to talk about anything, you seeNS? “

“Do not! “Guiying’s eyes stared.Hand willOne push. “It’s been two days now. Who knows when the dead girl is going to lie down? I tell you, don’t think that if you pretend to be sick, you don’t have to pay for it! My danie is going to town the day after tomorrow. There is no new one.Chang can’t do it! “

material, UU reading is very strong, such a push, Ge Liutao was pushed back and fell.

Jiang Songhai, grab it, ScaredCold sweat. If it fell, it wouldn’t be a joke.

He scolded Guiying, “I said a strong family, you just talk about things and do what you do.hand? “

“Who letStop me? “Guiying was still a little frustrated at first, but she didn’t really fall down when she saw someone was caught, she immediatelyGot angry,Kanichi, Facing Jiang Songhai provocatively: “Otherwise you will push it back?”

Howled: “I want all the big guys to come and see how awkward this Jiang family is! My Dani is kind to save people.The clothes were ripped apart, and the Jiang girl pretended to be sick without paying compensation! If I knew it, let my Danny leave it alone, letDragged it to the water ghost in the stream…”

This last sentence almost pinched Jiang Songhai’s life. He immediately raised his hand and gritted his teeth.Going to slap the past.

This is cursing his little girl to drown!

Seeing him raise her hand, Guiying immediatelyClose to him, duhPeople, continue to scream, “Do you still want to hit someone? Today I really put my words here, and I won’t lose my family.Serve me and you will never end! you wantIs it the hand? Come on, come on! Fight! “

In fact,Department is also more amazing, such a,The breast is bulging, almost like sending it to Jiang Songhai’s hands.

Song Xiyun just opened the lid of the pot, then turned around and said: “Second Uncle, you can’thand typePeople will be drowned by the villagers with saliva! “

When Jiang Xiao opened the door curtain, he saw Guiying holding it down confidently.Near grandpa, and grandpa’s facerise, By grandmaTugged.

Jiang Xiao’s eyes were hot, she rushed towards Guiying, and slammed into her shoulder.Bulging.

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