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Chapter 777 Second refusal

Chapter 777 The Second Refusal

A few days later, Lin Suer finally waited for the next auction time at the auction house, which was this Saturday, and Ouyang Luo specifically called her to tell her.

She confidently said, “Don’t worry, I have already prepared a tenth-level pill. As long as the pill tester you mentioned is no problem, it will definitely be a blockbuster. I guarantee that no one’s pill can be better than mine. “In the

past few days, Lin Suer would get into the medicine Lingyu to perfect her pills whenever he had time, and again and again to ensure that the pills did not have any side effects, and that its effects had reached the best standards.

Her medical skills plus the medicinal materials of the Ghost Doctor Valley, and the unique refining space of the medicine Lingyu, she can guarantee that no one in this China mainland can exceed his pills, if there is, then she has studied for so many years. Of Chinese medicine.

“As long as you have enough self-confidence, you can definitely shock the audience, just wait for Catharina to come to the net! Then you will be ready at that time, should I come to the school to pick you up or let Aang come to pick you up?”

“He seems to be very busy these days. I call him and he rarely picks it up. Then you should pick me up. I will call and ask him if he wants to go with us. Let him come if he wants to. The school gathers, but maybe he won’t go, because he feels he is too busy lately, so you should pick me up.”

“Okay.” Ouyang Luo hung up the phone.

After Lin Suer hung up the phone, she immediately called Bo Qingang. Although Bo Qingcheng would not take the initiative to call her in the past two days, she would answer all the calls she made. But the strange thing is that Lin Suer felt that he seemed a lot colder. , And every time you can hear deep tiredness in your tone.

The most important thing is that if he can’t say a few words, he will just hang up the phone, Lin Suer doesn’t know what he is up to.

“Beep…” Lin Su’er heard nothing in the empty phone background sound. After waiting for a long time, Bo Qingang answered the phone, and said very tired again, “Hey…”

He answered Lin Su’er’s call before. , The first sentence is definitely “Su’er”, but now it has become an unfamiliar “Hey”.

But Lin Suer never pays attention to these small details, not to mention that she has more important things, so she cut to the topic straightforwardly, “Bo Qingang, there are important things on Saturday, Ouyang Luo wants to take me to the medicinal material auction. Lead Catharina, do you want to go with us?”

Lin Suer thought that Bo Qingang would definitely agree. After all, the opportunity to be with her had already been rejected last time, and according to Bo Qingang’s sticky energy, she was sure of this. Once she agreed with her mouth full, but what she didn’t expect was that Bo Qingang did answer immediately, but the answer was…

“I still have something to do with Ouyang Luo. Just be careful. I will send bodyguards to protect you like the last time.” After

being rejected one after another, Lin Su’er must be a little bit behind in her heart, but she Always different from other little girls, she won’t act like a baby, she won’t be cute, and she won’t be aggrieved by pouting her mouth and saying something complaining. She will only calmly and rationally say, “Okay, then you will be busy and I won’t bother you. “

Although I don’t know what he’s doing, Lin Su’er never doubted Bo Qingang’s loyalty to her, let alone thinking about him being with other girls now. Since he said he’s busy, it must be true. He is busy, and will contact him when he is finished.

But what she didn’t know was that Xiao Mengqiu was holding his chin while watching Bo Qing’ang make a call. After he hung up, Xiao Mengqiu immediately said, “Do you think I can’t tell that Lin Su’er is calling you? I can still tell when you answer the phone unfamiliarly, because when you answer her call, the look in both eyes is different.”

Xiao Mengqiu pointed his index finger and middle finger to his eye, and the corner of his mouth was pouted. Ang saw through with a smile.

Bo Qingang calmly put his phone aside and turned on the computer to continue the video conference. These days, Xiao Mengqiu had reached the point where he had to come to stick to him every day. He had to be in the same room with him for work, dinner and sleep, even though Bo Qing Ang is still guarding the last line of defense, but there is no difference between two people and living together.

Xiao Mengqiu looked at him indifferently and shrugged indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’ll be with you. Lin Suer can’t see you even if I want to see you now. One day you will be cold to a certain degree, she will naturally It reacted.”

Bo Qingang listened to her. The finger joints on the computer keyboard became stiff, and his fingertips were all white. He didn’t know when he could endure it. In the past few days, he asked a lot of Chinese doctors and doctors. Folklorists do not know this phenomenon.

There were even several well-known old Chinese doctors vaguely reminding him that he should go to see a psychiatrist, thinking that he had a hypothesis that would have come up with such a phenomenon, how could someone’s injuries be transferred to others.

No one can give him an answer, so he can only continue to be threatened by Xiao Mengqiu and stay by her side, but he really can’t bear it anymore. These days because of Xiao Mengqiu’s threat, he deliberately neglected Lin Su’er, he can feel When Lin Su’er talked to him in disappointment tone, she was always just a little girl, no matter how strong she was, she wanted her boyfriend’s care.

Lin Suer looked at the phone that was hung up after being rejected by Bo Qingang again, and smiled bitterly. It turned out that she would be depressed like this one day because of a boy. Whenever she loved Bo Qingang so deeply, she I don’t know it has been carved into the bone.

In the past few days, Xia Xiaonan can also feel that the number of calls between Lin Suer and Bo Qingang has dropped significantly. After living with Lin Suer for a semester, she discovered that Lin Suer would hide things in her heart, knocking out teeth and swallowing blood. Although she wouldn’t say that she wanted Bo Qingang, she was a little sad now that she could see it.

“Su’er, the apple I bought today is sweet. It is a candy heart. Try one. You seem to have a long sleep time these days.” Xia Xiaonan handed Lin Su’er the apple she had just bought.

She didn’t know the existence of the medicine spirit jade space. Every day when Lin Suer was lying in bed and concocting medicine in the medicine spirit jade space, she seemed to be asleep in her eyes. She didn’t know why Lin Suer suddenly became so sleepy. , So to blame Lin Suer for all of this is to transfer the sadness to sleep.

“Thank you!” Lin Suer took the apple and took a bite, and indeed felt the sweet taste. The apples were all sweet and comforted her a lot.

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