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Chapter 778 Introducer

Chapter 778 Introducer


After Ouyang Luo and Xia Xiaonan asked for leave, they picked up Lin Su’er from the school on time. While driving the car, he introduced the rules of the auction to Lin Su’er.

“To enter this auction, you need to be introduced by an intermediary. There are three main introducers. I will take you to one of the introducers later. His surname is Zhang. Most people call him Boss Zhang. Let’s meet him. “

Yes, as long as you can go to the auction, anything will do.” Lin Suer has always been comfortable with the situation, as long as she can go to the auction, she doesn’t have much complaint.

Ouyang Luo drove Lin Su’er to the teahouse and walked into the teahouse. Lin Su’er realized that there was a cave in it, although it looked like an antique teahouse outside.

But inside is like the lobby of an inn where you can watch dramas and listen to storytelling. The center of the lobby is a large platform, underneath the platform is full of tables and chairs. The second floor looks like a guest room in an inn. Some people of high status sit.

After all, Ouyang Luo has some status in the upper class. Once he entered the teahouse, someone recognized him. Ouyang Luo said a few words to a waiter, and the waiter immediately took them to one of the private rooms on the second floor.

Walking into the private room, Lin Suer saw a greasy uncle with a big beer belly sitting there, drinking tea with a face full of intoxication.

Think about it, this is Boss Zhang.

This boss Zhang also seems to know Ouyang Luo. Seeing Ouyang Luo coming in with Lin Su’er, he stood up in surprise, “Master Ouyang, why are you here?”

“Why? Can’t I come? Of course I am here. I have something good for you.” Ouyang Luo took Lin Su’er and sat down without seeing him, took a teapot and poured Lin Su’er a cup of tea, and continued: “I have some good medicinal materials here. I want to borrow yours. Famous names are auctioned at auctions.”

Although Boss Zhang was respectful to Ouyang Luo, as soon as he heard that he was doing business, his obese face immediately showed a shrewd look unique to a businessman.

“Really? Then I still have to see what kind of pill is like. I can’t just take everything to auction at the auction. Then I will slap me in the face.”

“Of course.” Ouyang Luo gave Lin Suer a look, and Lin Suer immediately took out a Lin Suer medicine from his bag and handed it to Boss Zhang.

Boss Zhang took the pill and took a casual look, his face changed drastically, even when he faced Ouyang Luo, he became excited, and shouted, “What the hell? Who do you think I am? Actually, I used the pill of the junior pill master Bring it to me and say it’s a good thing. You are too much!”

This face change is faster than the sky. Ouyang Luo is not afraid. Instead, he slaps his fat face with a merciless slap, “Fatty Zhang, don’t give you shame, but you are facing me. You dare to shout so loudly, don’t you want to live anymore?”

The moment this slap hit Boss Zhang, he felt a little confused, but he also reacted. He covered his face and said aggrievedly, “Master Ouyang, you really can’t be so excessive, and I won’t be able to take such a pill. Someone buys it!”

“Fatty Zhang, you should test this medicine for this young master first.” Ouyang Luo said again mercilessly.

Although Boss Zhang was very reluctant, he took the pill tester and started to test the pills, but as he put the pill into the tester, he kept seeing the rapid rise on the tester’s display, and his face became more and more serious. complex.

“This…this is a tenth-level pill?” Boss Zhang was a little surprised in an instant, “Who is this? Which one can actually come up with a tenth-level pill? Such a supplement is hard to buy!”

Ouyang Luo took a sip of tea and turned his lips in Lin Su’er’s direction. “Just in front of you, she is the pharmacist who trained this medicine that is hard to buy.”

Boss Zhang looked at her wretched face with two small eyes. Lin Suer, just like seeing a treasure, “It’s really unpredictable. This little girl looks like a high school student at best. I didn’t expect to be able to practice it. These Chinese medicine doctors can’t practice medicine. It’s not bad. , The future

generations are terrible!” As expected, he was a business man, and he immediately flattered him. He even sat aside to pour tea for Lin Suer himself, and asked the waiter to deliver two plates of snacks in succession.

Lin Suer dislikes this kind of flattering person the least.

She picked up her teacup and asked in annoyance, “Boss Zhang, let’s talk about you.” Although she knows that he needs to be introduced to the auction house, who is this person? She hasn’t figured it out yet.

Only then did Ouyang Luo start to introduce Lin Suer seriously, “There are three most famous introducers in this auction house, Boss Zhang, Boss Liu, Boss Zhou, among them Boss Zhang has the biggest name.”

Lin Suer knows Ouyang Luo and will definitely do it. Look for the most capable person, and nod your head to show your understanding.

In order to please her, Boss Zhang took the initiative to explain to Lin Suer, “Today is the beginning of the auction, and an auction will be officially held every other time. Every introducer must bring out the best pill that he has found. In auctions, the higher the price of the auction pill, the greater the reputation of the introducer, and the greater the reputation of the next auction house.”

Lin Suer understood what he said. It turns out that there are also some in this auction house. There is a certain competitive relationship. He is now going to auction here through the relationship of Boss Zhang. Boss Zhang wants to earn fame, and she wants to attract Katharina, and each gets what she needs!

“Okay, I understand.” Lin Suer nodded gently, “Then I will trouble Boss Zhang to auction these pills for me.”

“Where is it?” Boss Zhang smiled and waved, “I should thank you for the medicine. “When the

two were chatting, a horn sounded in the lobby on the first floor, and the host of the auction shouted loudly: “Please bring your own medicinal pills to the stage.”

Boss Zhang had also prepared originally . There were several medicines that he thought were very powerful, but compared with the medicine Lin Suer brought, it was simply not worth mentioning. He took it out and threw it aside, and poured a few from the medicine bottle Lin Suer brought. The tenth-level pill, anxiously wanted to send it down, but Lin Suer suddenly said, “Boss Zhang, wait a minute.”

“Miss Lin, what do you mean? Aren’t you going to go back to find another introducer.” Boss Zhang is a little nervous.

Seeing him with a wary look, Lin Suer was a little funny, “Don’t worry, I am not such a credible person, I just want you to change a few pills.”

So, Lin Suer took the initiative to reach out and put his hand in. The few grade ten medicines of her were replaced with several grade eight medicines.

Boss Zhang couldn’t understand, and scratched his head, “Why should I switch to level 8? Level 10 is better.”

Lin Suer shook his head as he looked at him eagerly for quick success, “No! Auctions must have a process. More attractive.”

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