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Chapter 779 Sky-high price

Chapter 779 The sky-high price

This is Lin Suer’s previous experience from participating in the rough auction. Of course, he must pay attention to hype. If every medicine he takes out is of tenth level, there will only be the first one. It will make people feel shocked, and the rest is meaningless.

On the contrary, there is a gradual process, and finally the tenth-level pill will be taken out, and people will feel shocked.

Boss Zhang is not an elm. After all, his head is a businessman, he immediately understood, and gave Lin Su’er a thumbs up, “Miss Lin, you are amazing, you are quite business-minded, and it makes sense.”

Lin Su’er just smiled lightly. He smiled and didn’t say much. Boss Zhang held the pill and gave it away. Lin Suer and Ouyang Luo still stayed in the box to drink tea and chat.

After drinking two cups of tea, Lin Suer felt a little bored, so she narrowed her eyes and looked out the window of the private room, looking at the people downstairs.

However, most of the people who come are rich, and many of them are elderly people who want to buy medicine, and there is nothing special.

She was looking at the lobby downstairs, and suddenly there was a sound of sound. The place where people were chatting immediately became quiet. A host in a suit stepped onto the stage and said, “Today’s auction officially begins. “

Behind the host was an elderly man in a suit. The host introduced, “This is a professor at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a highly qualified TCM doctor. This time, he will use the pill tester in front of everyone. Monitor the level of the elixir.”

At this moment, Boss Zhang also returned to the private room, and said with excitement, “It will start soon. This year I will definitely be able to make a lot of money and show the limelight. No one else wants to compete with me.”

Lin Suer just smiled and did not speak, knowing in her heart that today will definitely not be ordinary.

At the beginning of the auction, the first auction was only the pills brought by some unknown introducers, which was meaningless.

It took a long time before it finally came to the auction of the three most famous introducers.

The first to take the stage was Boss Liu’s medicine.

Her pill was delivered to the stage by a few ladies of etiquette and placed in front of the professor of Chinese medicine. The professor of Chinese medicine first took a closer look before putting it in the tester, and finally put the screen of the pill tester on the host’s In front of him, the host read aloud the content on the screen, “Boss Liu, five high-level qi pill.” As

soon as the voice fell, there was an excited discussion on the scene.

“High-level pill? It’s amazing!”

“It’s been a long time since I saw a high-level pill. The pill that she actually took out was all high-level. It seems that she is in the limelight today.”

“What level? Isn’t it made by a senior pharmacist? Why don’t you say the level of the pill itself?”

Lin Suer sat in the private room and muttered softly to the audience. Looking at it with her spiritual eyes, the pill on the stage was indeed a little bit spiritual. Power, but spiritual power is not pure enough.

Sure enough, the host looked at the pill tester again and said, “This pill is a third-level pill.”

The excitement in the lobby was cut by half in an instant, but it was made by a senior pharmacist. Started the bidding.

“I’ll pay 10,000 yuan”

“What the hell? It’s embarrassing to come here, 10,000 yuan, I’ll pay 50,000 yuan.”

“One hundred thousand.”

The prices were higher than each one, and Lin Suer listened to the increasingly outrageous numbers and couldn’t help feeling, “It’s really an auction for the rich. One medicine costs 100,000 yuan. There is really nowhere to spend money.”

“The upper class spends money like this.” Ouyang Luo didn’t care. “And now Chinese medicine is already scarce.”

With the two people talking, Boss Liu’s medicine was sold to a local tyrant for a price of 200,000 yuan. Bought it.

This boss Liu is a woman, 30 years old, sitting in the private room next to Lin Suer, and seeing the pill that he introduced sells for such a price, he smiled from ear to ear and poked his head out of the private room next to him. He said, “Big Brother Zhang, it seems that I won today.”

Before Boss Zhang could answer, he heard a head sticking out from the private room on the other side and said, “Old Liu, don’t be so arrogant, our Dan The medicine hasn’t come out yet.”

Boss Zhou Yuan, one of the three introducers, was speaking, and his face was full of pride now.

Boss Liu’s smile faded slightly, “Yo! It seems Boss Zhou brought the baby? My medicine is made by a senior pharmacist.”

“What senior pharmacist, the medicine of course depends on the level of the medicine itself. What’s so amazing about the pharmacist.”

Between the two of you, the lady of etiquette at the stage has already put Boss Zhou’s medicine on the stage.

The TCM doctor only glanced at the pill, showing a look of admiration, and finally put it in the pill tester.

The host was also a little surprised when looking at the screen of the pill tester, and finally announced in a loud voice, “Boss Zhou has six seven-level intermediate recovery pills.” After the

audience was quiet for two seconds, there was a sudden burst of surprise. The pill that Boss Liu took out was even more intense.

“Level seven, my mother! How come there are so many good things this year.”

“Oh, someone just paid 200,000 yuan for the third-level pill. Now they regret that their intestines are all green. How about the senior alchemist’s practice, it is the third-level.”

“What are these messy things for? I want a few pills! Three hundred thousand.”

The people underneath started a new round of bidding, and the prices offered were more powerful than one. Lin Suer frowned and asked Ouyang Luo, “It’s only level seven.” As for?”

Ouyang Luo twitched the corners of his mouth speechlessly, “Miss Lin, are you stimulating others? These bosses are already very good if they can find level 4 or 5 pills, and a 7 level one comes out. , You said how rare it is.”

In the few minutes when Ouyang Luo was speaking, the bottom price had reached the point of madness.

“Five hundred thousand.”

“What is five hundred thousand, I will pay one million.”

“One and a half million.”

Lin Suer shook her head with emotion when she heard the price, “Tsk tusk, it’s just a medicine, all sold. Millions, it’s really a fast earning person, so stupid to use money.”

Finally, Zhou Yuan’s pill was sold for 1.5 million, and then it was Boss Zhang’s turn.

After Zhou Yuan’s bidding just now, almost all the proud people use their chins to look at people. He stuck his head out of the box and stared at Boss Zhang, “Old Zhang, I don’t think you should be ashamed. Just take your medicine. Take it back, it’s not better than me anyway.”

Boss Zhang has been looking forward to it, and he couldn’t help being a little nervous, but when he heard Zhou Yuan saying this, he immediately looked at him with disdain, “You won’t be embarrassed, wait a minute. Let you see the world.” As

soon as the voice fell, the few medicines Lin Suer refined were delivered to the stage. The Chinese doctor only glanced at it, and his eyes widened immediately.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, “Is this old Zhang really so powerful?”

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