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Chapter 780 Eight-level pill

Chapter 780 Eighth-level Pills The

TCM doctor put a few pills into the ammunition tester and pushed the screen to the host. At the same time, he looked up at Boss Zhang on the second floor strangely.

The host looked at the screen on the pill tester, and said strangely, “Boss Zhang, six primary blood

nourishing pills .” After finishing talking, he also sold a key, without telling the level of the pill itself.

The audience below were a little disbelief, and asked again, the host confirmed that it was indeed a primary pill.

The whole audience burst into laughter instantly.

“Is this self-defeating? It’s funny to even take the primary medicine.”

“Boss Zhang, are you kidding us? You just used it to make a joke.”

” Okay , what else is auctioned? Let’s go, let ‘s go, It broke up.”

Zhou Yuan, who heard the voice in the lobby, laughed directly, “Old Zhang, are you kidding me?”

His eyes looked at Boss Zhang with mockery, “It’s just a basic medicine. That’s it, I think you are here to make a joke.” But

Boss Zhang faced the ridicule from the sky, but took a sip of tea with a plain expression, and said, “Old Zhou, let’s take a look at it with patience. . “

Zhou Yuan heard this, I thought this boss just embarrassed, hat and no cattle, it is ridiculed,” Zhang fat, is why bother? lose lose the chant, nothing to be ashamed of. “

next Boss Liu had just been robbed of the limelight by Zhou Yuan. He was holding his breath and didn’t know how to spread it. When he saw that there were others worse than her, all the primary medicines were taken out, most of the anger in his heart disappeared.

“Big Brother Zhang, you don’t need to die here to save face and suffer. If you come up with a medicine made by a junior pill master, even if it is the same as that of the other brother Zhou, it is a level seven.” The

three introducers were originally competitors. Relationship, now that Boss Zhang is embarrassed, he is eager to taunt him.

They originally planned to continue taunting him, but they did not expect the host on the stage to speak slowly and say a loud voice, “Next, we will begin to announce the levels of these pills.”

Zhou Yuan heard this. He even said mockingly, “The level will be announced soon, Boss Zhang, or you should stop listening, it’s shameful.” When

he said this, he deliberately increased his voice, and everyone in the lobby heard it. He laughed, but laughed twice, and heard the host announce loudly, “This pill is eighth level!” For a

moment, the whole scene was silent, and the needle fell in audible silence, especially the ridicule just now. Boss Zhang’s Zhou Yuan’s entire face froze.

“How is it possible?” He exclaimed excitedly, “It can’t be level 8.” After

so many years, he has basically never seen a level 8 pill. How could it be possible for the boss to take it out, but it was still a junior pharmacist.

The host was decisive, and even pushed the pill tester forward a bit. Everyone saw that the screen was clearly written on the tenth level.

At this moment, everyone was shocked to no avail. Looking at the pill on the stage, how funny it was just now, how excited it is now.

“A level eight medicine! It is estimated that this auction will only be seen once in a lifetime.”

“Boss Zhang is now exaggerated. Seeing the shocked faces of Boss Liu and Boss Zhou next to him, he raised his chin triumphantly. , Huh! Two unseen people, now I know how it feels to be an axe in front of Lu Ban. The

host saw a wave of successful show off, and immediately began to shout: “Then please make an offer next. “

As soon as the host’s voice fell, everyone started a fierce bidding as if they were waking up from a dream.

“I pay two million.” A rich man with a beer belly and a Mediterranean hairstyle shouted loudly.

The roar shocked the audience, “I’m going! It’s two million directly, how can people bid.”

But the most indispensable people on the scene is money, and he also aroused the desire to win against him. Yelled, “Isn’t it two million? I paid 2.5 million! I have to get such a good medicine. Although it is only made by a junior pharmacist, I can’t stand the high level of the medicine itself.”

“This How dare you take this kind of medicine and keep it at home, OK? I’ll give it three million.”

“Four million!”

Everyone was eye-catching, the price soared, and even brought some smell of gunpowder. Seeing the higher and higher prices, Boss Zhang in the private room laughed forward and backwards. The first pill was paid such a sky-high price, and the next few subjects were not overwhelming.

Finally, after a fierce price increase, the first eighth-level pill was sold for 5 million yuan, which is a sky-high price for a single medicine!

Hearing this incredible price, Boss Liu and Boss Zhou in the private rooms on both sides were so shocked that they could put an egg in their mouths.

A full five million yuan, in this auction house, it can be said that I have never heard of such a high price for a pill.

Both of them were extremely unwilling, especially Zhou Yuan, gritted his teeth and said, “Zhang Fatty, did you mean it on purpose? You just want to take out this pill to destroy my prestige. I think you might take it next. The second and third-level goods are coming.”

Boss Zhang shrugged and looked at him disdainfully, “Really? Then keep your eyes open and watch it.” At

this time, the professor of Chinese medicine had already picked up the first offer provided by Boss Zhang. He sniffed the two pills in his nose, looked at them again, and finally put them into the pill tester reluctantly. He didn’t want the host to announce the results of the test, and he personally directly. Said, “This department is also an eighth-level pill.”

“Ah!” As

soon as I said this, screams rang out at the scene. Just now, many people regretted that they did not snatch the pill. Now they came out with an eighth level medicine, and immediately began the crazy first. The second round of bidding.

The last two elixirs were sold at the same price of 5 million.

Boss Liu and Boss Zhou in the private room turned purple with anger, but Boss Zhang couldn’t stop laughing.

Zhou Yuan finally said helplessly, “What about level eight? It’s just trained by a junior pharmacist, and no

matter how powerful it is, he is an ordinary person.” “That’s right, I think you can’t find a high-level pharmacist. Right, it’s shameful.” Boss Liu next to him was also helplessly laughing.

Many people sitting in the lobby were a little uncomfortable because they hadn’t grabbed such a powerful pill, and they echoed what they said.

“That’s it. It’s crazy to sell the

pill of a junior pharmacist for five million.” “Yes, for such a powerful introducer, he just took out the basic medicine to grab money, get out! No more shots.”

“Yes, we applied to stop looking at his third pill.”

Seeing these jealous words, Boss Zhang was not angry at all, and said with a smile, “Everyone should calm down. , Look at my last medicine. I only prepared three pills today.”

Seeing his plain appearance, Boss Liu and Boss Zhou were a little skeptical. Is it possible that his third pill was an intermediate alchemist or Practiced by a senior alchemist?

The people in the audience were much quieter. They looked up and watched the Chinese medicine doctor on the stage put the pill into the pill tester.

After the results came out, the host looked at it and said, “This one is still made by a junior pill master, but the level of the pill is…” When

they heard it was a junior pill master again, the two bosses were relieved. I wanted to make a good mockery, but I didn’t expect to hear the host’s exclamation.

“Oh my god, it is, it is… my eyes are not blooming, right?”

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