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Chapter 781 Hua Tuo is alive

Chapter 781 Hua Tuo is alive

The host’s exclamation made everyone hold their breath. Looking at his face, he was obviously shocked. It seems that the level of this medicine is very high.

Zhou Yuan’s original smile froze on his face, his face became pale for a few degrees, and he muttered with some guilty conscience, “Could it be that this pill is ninth grade?” After

he finished speaking in a low voice, he took care of himself. Shaking his head freely, thinking that this is impossible. The level 8 pill that came out just now is very rare. Unless Hua Tuo is alive, he can practice level 9 pill, otherwise it is impossible. The current Chinese medicine does not have this. Level!

But Boss Zhang was at the window and heard the voice coming from the private room next to

him . He smiled disdainfully and said, “Of course it’s not at level 9.” Zhou Yuan felt relieved when he heard what he said, and he was relieved instantly. On the side came Boss Zhang’s ridicule, “This pill is a tenth-

level pill .” Tenth-level pill!

Boss Zhang increased the volume when he spoke. The voice from the second floor resounded throughout the lobby. The people on the first floor heard it clearly. Everyone was shocked by these four words, and looked at each other in disbelief. Some of the reactions are not enough.

People who come to this auction site today often come to the auction house, knowing what the tenth-level pill means, this is simply impossible.

Boss Liu was also stunned with surprise, but he reacted swiftly and couldn’t help sneering, “Hahaha, Fatty Zhang, I think you are here to train your lung capacity to brag, how could it be a level ten? Pill, I think you are confused.” But

Boss Zhang didn’t want to pay attention to her at all. He didn’t even look at him. He just said, “Then you continue to listen to the host’s introduction.”

Needless to say at this time, everyone’s eyes have been focused on the host. The host has never seen this level of pill, just like holding a treasure, taking the pill from the tester. When he came out, his hands trembled a little, and the TCM doctor next to him stared at the medicine with a look of yearning.

The host continued to introduce with some disbelief, “Yes, this pill is indeed a tenth-level pill. I have hosted so many auctions, and it is the first time I saw a tenth-level pill. Today is really a big profit. .”

His voice slammed into the lobby loudly and loudly. Everyone was stunned by his words, especially the tangled and complicated looks appeared on the faces of Boss Liu and Boss Zhou, their faces pale and stunned. In place.

After all the people present were shocked, they slowly returned to the divine voice, and a fierce discussion broke out, and the voice almost overturned the roof.

“Oh, my goodness, the tenth-level pill, I am eye-opening today!”

“Tenth-level? Is it really tenth-level? Am I dreaming or really participating in an auction? Just pinch me. , It makes me feel that it is not real.”

“No, who trained it? A junior pharmacist can practice a tenth-level pill? I’m afraid it’s not Hua Tuo alive? Which pharmaceutical company’s genius, or which one? The professor of the Chinese Medicine School?”

“I want to see who this pharmacist is? I’ll hire him to help me

maintain my body. How much money per month will do!” Everyone sighed, but there was something in their hearts. Huge greed, after the shock and sigh faded, everyone looked at the pill in the host’s hand, showing a wolf-like look. It’s a good thing to eat a nutrient that might cost a year. Got to be taken.

And if it is auctioned here, it becomes a peerless treasure, and it can be used as a collection or sold to other people to make a fortune, and it must be won.

The host looked at the pill in his hand, as if he was looking at a huge gem, and slowly said: “Now start bidding.” As

soon as the voice fell, the rich people sitting in the lobby began to cry out impatiently.

“I’m paying 10 million.” A fat man with a fat body and a three-high figure preemptively paid a sky-high price.

The host has presided over so many auctions, and this is the first time he has heard of this incredible price. This is not an auction of diamonds, but just a medicine. It is incredible to say a price of 10 million.

But think about it carefully. After all, this is a tenth-level pill. Ten million is nothing impossible. Maybe you can’t buy it.

As if to verify the host’s words, I immediately heard someone calling out a higher price.

“Fifteen million.”

“Twenty million.”

“Twenty-five million.”

“Thirty million.”

“Three, do you have to fight Lao Tzu? Do you believe that Lao Tzu has ruined you?

” I just grabbed it with you. I just fell in love with this medicine. I will compare my worth with you today to see who can get it.”

Two people have just started bidding because of raising the price. There was a big quarrel, and even felt so noisy, so he started fighting.

The lobby on the first floor instantly became a mess, and many people joined the war.

Lin Suer was sitting in the private room on the second floor. She stretched her head out of the window and looked at the scene below. She suddenly felt a little admired for the professionalism of the host. She was able to hear clearly when these people made quotes.

“Thirty-one million is it? Is there a higher price?”

“Thirty-two million? The boss is so rich, is there a higher price?”

“35 million.” The

price is so high Getting more and more outrageous, Lin Suer was a little frightened sitting on the second floor. This was higher than the price of the rough stone auction she had participated in before. In their eyes, her pill was already higher than the price of those diamonds.

The price is getting more and more exaggerated. It finally became quieter when it reached 40 million. The price of tens of millions for a medicine is too exaggerated. It is about to catch up with their annual maintenance cost. Can’t afford the higher price.

Just when everyone thought that the drug would be sold for 40 million yuan, suddenly a calm and cold voice came.

“Fifty million!”

The voice was not high or low, not too big or too small, but it floated into everyone’s ears clearly.

In an instant, everyone present was as if they had been given a hold technique, and everyone was stunned in shock.

Fifty million! What is this concept? A full fifty million, how many people can earn fifty million in a year? Who is so lavish? Spend 50 million for a medicine!

Everyone wanted to take a look at this big rich man, turned around and started desperately looking for the bidder, but there are so many people in this lobby, where can I find it?

But Lin Suer was different from them. She sat on the second floor and could clearly see everyone. She quickly locked the bidder.

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