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Chapter 782 One Nine Divided

Chapter 782 Ninety-Nine Division

is actually a young boy who seems to be young, and most importantly, these fifty-six million don’t seem to be a big deal to him. After he finished the offer, he still sat with a flat face. In terms of position, it didn’t show the slightest pain, and there was no unnecessary change in his expression, as if the fifty million was only five hundred yuan for him.

After a brief shock, the host also reacted and shouted at the audience: “50 million once, 50 million twice, is there anyone

else to increase the price?” No one dared to increase the price anymore, the host After waiting for two seconds, he said in a loud voice, “Okay, fifty million three times, deal!”


With the final word, the host excitedly struck a hammer, and the price of 50 million was set. This shocking tenth-level pill can be regarded as a master.

This tenth-level treasure pill was bought in this way. The rich man who had just bid for 40 million was furious, and the others felt that it was a pity that they were unwilling and helpless in their hearts. , The whole person is a lot of decadence.

This is a rare pill of tenth level. How much they want it, but they paid a high price of 50 million yuan. They can’t afford the higher price anymore, and they can only convince themselves. Let the person who gives the price.

There was a sigh in the lobby. Everyone felt it was a pity that they missed a rare treasure. Boss Zhang looked at these people sighing on the second floor, drank the tea with excitement, and moved towards the bottom loudly. call out.

“Don’t be so sad, everyone, we still have a lot of tenth-level pill, you can buy it again, I can make it convenient for you, everyone, don’t worry, there is still a chance.”

This sound is like giving it to the desert. Everyone drank a sip of water, and everyone looked up and stretched out their hands towards Boss Zhang above his head, like people who have been suffering from a long drought.

“Is that right? Zhang boss to leave me one, how much I can!”

“I want one, Zhang boss to see the relationship between the two of us on, give me a leave.”

“I have to, I Also!”

Boss Zhang stood on the second floor, looking at the crowd in the lobby, thinking that this time his limelight was completely enough.

The faces of Boss Liu and Boss Zhou turned from white to black, like coals.

“Don’t worry! There are all of them. I will tell you the quantity when the time comes. Boss Zhang generously agreed to all the customers before turning to look at Lin Suer by the table.”

Lin Suer was holding a porcelain bottle in his hand. Boss Zhang had already done so. I noticed that there are a lot of medicines in the porcelain bottle, they should all be grade ten, there is nothing wrong with it.

“Miss Lin!” He sat down with some excitement, his fatty face was trembling with excitement, his small eyes kept staring at the medicine in Lin Suer’s bottle and said, “Sell all these pills to me. Give me a price, how much?”

Boss Zhang thought in his heart that he was helping Lin Su’er today. He should give him a few discounts and sell it to him at a high price. He will be able to sell it this year. The profit is full.

Unexpectedly, Lin Su’er twitched her mouth and said with a smile, “Boss Zhang, I didn’t say I wanted to sell it to you.”

Lin Su’er’s words made Boss Zhang’s smile freeze on her face. What does this mean? Is it possible to lose face? But he has already told so many customers that he has a tenth-level pill here, but Lin Su’er won’t give him it. Where can he find a second person who can practice a tenth-level pill? Isn’t this a slap? ?

Thinking about this, Boss Zhang started to feel anxious, with cold sweat on his forehead, looking at Lin Su’er, “Miss Lin, you, this…”

Looking at Boss Zhang’s anxious appearance, Lin Su’er couldn’t help laughing. Come, slowly say, “Boss Liu, don’t be so nervous. I’m not saying not to give it to you. I just want to give it to you in another way. I will give it to you to help sell it, just like acting as an agent. You help me. As an intermediary to sell these medicines, what do you think of me taking some money from the middle?”

Boss Zhang heard him say that, he was relieved instantly, and patted his chest, “Oh, Miss Lin, I thought you didn’t want to sell it to As for me, it’s just that, of course, but I don’t know how you want to get it?”

Boss Zhang’s eyes rolled round and round, and he said kindly, “How about five to five points?”

He felt that the split was ten points. It’s so generous, Lin Su’er definitely won’t lose, he can also make a lot of money, what a perfect plan.

“No! Twenty-eight.” Lin Suer stretched out a finger and shook his head, and said these two numbers lightly.

“How is it possible?” Boss Zhang subconsciously refused. The 28th is simply too much. This bully is bullied to the top of his head.

Boss Zhang was so angry that he stared and turned his head. He didn’t want to talk to Lin Su’er any more. Seeing this, Ouyang Luo had some temper again, and was about to slap him again, but Lin Su’er stopped him and winked at Ouyang Luo.

“It doesn’t matter. Since Boss Zhang is unwilling, Master Ouyang, take me to the other two bosses. Anyway, this introducer is not only Boss Zhang, and he is definitely not the only person who wants my medicine.”

Ouyang Luo heard Lin Su’er. If she said, she immediately understood what she meant, nodded towards her and said, “Yes! The other two bosses definitely want it too.”

The two people said this. The two bosses Zhou and Liu next to them happened to walk to their windows. Lin Suer said loudly, “Hey! Are these the two bosses? I heard you just now. Talking to Boss Zhang.”

She deliberately increased the volume, just to let Boss Zhang hear the majesty of killing him.

Sure enough, Boss Zhang immediately turned his head when he heard what she said, but he still didn’t agree directly. Instead, he slapped Lin Suer’s flattery, “Miss Lin, someone like you is definitely not short of money. Can you discuss it carefully? Now, how about four or six? I’m four and six.”

“Twenty-eight!” Lin Suer repeated it again. She had already noticed that this boss Zhang is a wealthy person, although she doesn’t So lack of money, but just don’t want him to make too much money.

“Oh, my goodness.” Boss Zhang was so anxious that he started stomping his feet, “Three Seven!”

“I said twenty eight!”

Lin Suer said, she wanted to go to the window to talk to the two bosses, Zhang The boss was anxious and immediately said, “You think about it again, don’t be so unfeeling.” When

he heard this, Lin Suer lost all patience and threw two words to him, “Nineteen!”


Boss Zhang Hearing this number, the whole person was stunned, so anxious that the palms of her forehead and palms were cold sweat, this little girl was too cruel, actually she was nineteen.

“Let’s go, he doesn’t seem to hear what we are talking about. Let’s go, let’s find someone who understands humans.” As Ouyang Luo said, he pulled Lin Su’er to find boss Liu and the others.

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