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Chapter 783 Ouyang Pharmaceutical

Chapter 783 Investing in Ouyang Medicine

“Good, good, nineteen!”

Boss Zhang no longer considered it, and agreed loudly. When Lin Suer heard him agree, she immediately grinned at him, “Boss Zhang, thank you so much. You are here, but don’t be too reluctant.”

“Yes, what Miss Lin said, there is no reluctance. It is my honor to be able to cooperate with Miss Lin.” Boss Zhang smiled forcefully.

“Then why are you

crying ?” “I’m crying with joy.” Boss Zhang was crying with heartache, and Lin Suer and Ouyang Luo couldn’t help but stare at each other.

“Lin Su’er, you are so amazing.” Ouyang Luo watched Boss Zhang take the pill out of the private room and couldn’t help giving Lin Su’er a thumbs up.

“I just watched Boss Zhang fall into Qian

‘s eyes , wanting to destroy his prestige, and…” Lin Suer looked at Ouyang Luo seriously, “I want to buy your company’s stock, can I? Buy a share. !”

Ouyang Luo was a little strange when she heard her, “Why would you want to buy my company’s stock? Didn’t you hear from Aang before, are you ready to start your own company?”

“Well, I was really planning to start a company and recruit all employees. Okay, but I came across Catharina’s thing again. I thought about taking a little longer and canceled the plan to start the company. This time I can make a lot of money by cooperating with Boss Zhang. That one is 10th grade. All the medicinal pills are sold at such sky-high prices. I should get a lot of money if I sell these pills.”

“How about buying your company’s stocks and funds? Or if you have any good projects next, please help me directly Invest the money.”

Ouyang Luo looked at Lin Su’er and frowned, “You want to give me so much money, why don’t you just ask Aang to invest for you? Their Bo family is involved in a much broader industry than mine.”

“I don’t want to have so many links with Bo Qingang in terms of money and affect my feelings. Would you like to help?”

“Okay! I am definitely willing to help, and you will become my shareholder after buying my company’s stock. I can ask you any medical questions in the future.” Ouyang Luo can be said to be very desirable. Now Lin Suer is willing to have a relationship with his company, and he is eager.

“Okay.” Lin Suer immediately took out his mobile phone and transferred a large sum of money to Ouyang Luo.

When the two people were talking, Boss Zhang had already taken the medicine down. After successfully selling it, everyone surrounded him, reluctant to walk away, and asked excitedly.

“Boss Zhang, you have discovered the baby, who is that junior pharmacist? Can we meet him?”

“Yes, I want to see him too, want to see who this expert is, let us see him? Let’s see you!”

“I want this pharmacist to be my personal dietitian. If you let me see her, I must hire her with a high salary.”

Boss Zhang couldn’t refuse for a while, but could only say with a smile. Everyone, let me first ask the pharmacist if he would like to come down to see you. What do you think if I take him down?”

“Okay, boss Zhang, you can go up and ask, and you will bring her our meaning. . ” “

Yes, how much money the line, we want to ask her to give us mixing drugs, both these drugs are her out of practice, it shows that she can practice again, you ask her how much I booked. “

” Good.” Boss Zhang listened to these people’s words and climbed up to the private room on the second floor, and conveyed their words to Lin Su’er.

Lin Su’er raised her brows. What she wanted was this kind of opportunity. It seems that she has successfully beaten her fame now. All the rich people know that she can practice this tenth-level pill. That’s not bad!

“Miss Lin, look…” Boss Zhang looked at Lin Su’er, wondering if she would like to go down to meet those people.

“Let’s go.” Lin Suer glanced at him, got up and walked downstairs. Boss Zhang followed her, and the two went downstairs. All the rich people gathered around. They didn’t expect that the young man in front of him was so young. The little girl in, who turned out to be a pharmacist who can make a tenth-level pill, is still asking Boss Zhang.

“Old Zhang, what’s the matter? Is that pharmacist unwilling to come down to see us?”

“This is the pharmacist who can make tenth-level pill. He has very good medical skills at a young age.” Boss Zhang Pointing to Lin Suer.

“What?” All the rich people shouted in unison. They didn’t expect that the ordinary-looking girl in front of him was so powerful. After looking at Lin Su’er several times, she still didn’t believe it, and asked her, “Those Did you practice the pill or did you buy it from someone else?”

Lin Suer looked at them and said one word at a time, “I practiced it!”

“You are so good, and you look at you at most twenty years old. , Is there such a powerful Chinese medicine technique? You can practice this pill that many Chinese medicine experts can’t practice?” These rich men still don’t believe it.

“She really did it. The pill that you just bought was tested by the pill tester, and it was really done by Miss Lin.” Boss Zhang once again stamped and certified.

This time these rich men didn’t hesitate anymore, no longer doubted, and said to Lin Suer, “Can I ask for five? But I don’t have 50 million. The price is good. I can buy it with you for a long time.”

“I want too! But I don’t want a level ten, just level eight

is fine .” “Yes, yes, I also don’t have that much money. I want a few grade 7 ones. How much money do you think is appropriate? “

Lin Su’er’s pill immediately became in short supply. Everyone stopped asking her directly, but asked her how much is appropriate.

She chuckled twice, looked at everyone and said, “I’m sorry, my pill is only today’s batch for the time being, and I can’t sell the others to you.” When these

words were said, the faces of all the rich were disappointed. But someone still asked stubbornly, “Is it because you only practiced these today? It doesn’t matter, we can book first. When will the next batch be available?”

“The source of my medicinal materials is limited and can only be sold. Part of it, I can accept reservations from so many of you. This medicinal material is very rare. I have to go back and wait. It may not be the next time.”

Lin Suer finished speaking out loud on purpose and left the auction house, Ouyang Luo After watching her leave, she also walked down from the private room upstairs and followed her away.

“Did you leave like this? Why did you speak so loudly just before leaving, as if you were shouting with a horn.” Ouyang Luo got in the car and asked Lin Su’er.

Lin Suer smiled and said, “This is my purpose. Have you forgotten why we are here?”

“Of course I remember, it was because of Catharina.”

“Yes, we were here to arouse her.” Note, it’s best to draw her out as soon as possible. Now that my pill is so popular, I told them that the pill is limited, and Catharina will definitely be unable to sit still. Wouldn’t it be the time to draw her out? ?”

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