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Chapter 784 Hot search

Chapter 784 Hot Search

“What if she doesn’t come? How do you know that she needs this medicine like this? You just said that it’s just the material and it’s not impossible to buy it. If she doesn’t come to you to buy it this time, we I don’t know when to wait yet.”

“No! She will definitely come and buy it.” Lin Suer said categorically, “Because she would worry that the particularity of this medicinal material would lead to a complete out-of-stock, she would definitely be unable to sit still, and Saving people is like fighting fire.”

Lin Suer remembered that Bo Heng, who was seen in Catharina’s manor at the time, was almost dead. Catharina hadn’t rescued him in the past 20 years. If you don’t hurry up In time, he would be completely helpless. He needs this pill more than all the rich in this auction house.

They are only used to regulate the body, but Catharina is used to save her life.

These medicines are the medicines of Ghost Doctor Valley. She will definitely be curious about where the medicine materials come from. She will want to find the materials she needs. Then she can refining medicines by herself to save the life of her sweetheart.

With so much temptation combined, she will definitely come to contact!

Lin Suer was not anxious to go back to school or his house, but directly said to Ouyang Luo, “We two go to your hospital and wait! I have already told Boss Zhang just now that if you want to buy medicinal materials, let’s go to your hospital and wait. You can contact him or contact me directly. I am an employee in your hospital. If nothing happens, she will definitely send someone to contact you tonight.”

“Okay.” Ouyang Luo insists on helping people to the end. In principle, she brought Lin Su’er back to her hospital. She also wanted to see if Lin Su’er was really such a god, and whether she could say everything accurately.

Lin Su’er waited in Ouyang Luo’s hospital until the evening. Someone actually contacted Ouyang Luo and directly said that he wanted to buy the medicine that was in the hands of the junior pharmacist at the auction house today.

When Ouyang Luo received the call, Lin Suer was listening to her. Ouyang Luo drove the speakerphone and asked her what she meant. After Lin Suer nodded directly, he took a pen and wrote a word on the paper: Sell!

Although Ouyang Luo could not understand why Lin Suer did this, he still said directly as she said, “We sell, and there are medicines.” After

hanging up the phone, Ouyang Luo looked at Lin Suer a little puzzled, “Why are you so easy? I promised to sell it to them. Don’t you think we’ve missed an opportunity? We should follow the vine to find the person who made this call. Catharina’s call to find a man means that we don’t want us to know that it’s her. We should look for her. That’s right.”

“Don’t worry, I have arranged everything. Selling the medicine to her is also in my plan. Don’t worry.” Lin Suer put on her bag and left after finishing everything, “Okay.” , I also delayed you for a day today, and accompanied me to the auction house, and asked me to come to your hospital to disturb, I will go back first.”

“I’ll send you back, if something happens to you this big night,” Aang had to tear me up, and Xiaonan won’t let me go.”

Ouyang Luo said to send Lin Su’er to get out of the hospital. Lin Su’er only walked two steps but felt that her eyes were blurred, and she immediately stretched out her hand. Holding on to the wall, I want to control this feeling of dizziness.

“What’s the matter with you?” Ouyang Luo held her hand quickly and asked worriedly.

Lin Suer stood firm, stretched out her hand to rub her temples, shook her head gently, and then opened her eyes. This dizzy feeling slowly dissipated, and she could see the world in front of her clearly.

“It’s okay. It’s probably because I have spent too much time practicing medicine in the past two days. I don’t have enough sleep. It’s okay.”

Lin Su’er waved her hand indifferently. In the past few days, she has indeed spent too much time refining medicine. Even if she was lying in bed and looked like sleeping, she was actually busy in the medicine spirit jade space, medicine spirit. The flow of time in the jade space is different from the outside. Others only have 24 hours a day, but she is almost there 30 hours a day.

“Are you sure it’s okay? You should go back to my hospital for a check. It’s very close here. Make sure you are okay. You look like low blood sugar like this, and you suddenly feel dizzy.”

“I don’t have low blood sugar or anemia. Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Lin Suer smiled and shook her head, and gave Ouyang Luo a very comforting smile, but because of the sudden dizziness, she suddenly felt a little helpless. .

It’s been a long time since Bo Qingang went to see her in her school, nor did she take her out of the school to eat. She eats the cafeteria all day by herself. Sometimes she is too busy to save meals. This dizziness is also due to nutrition. Isn’t it enough? I don’t know what Bo Qing’ang is doing now, and he doesn’t take the initiative to call her all day.

While walking outside, Lin Suer took out her mobile phone and dialed Bo Qingang’s call, but the phone rang for a long time and no one answered it, and finally hung up. This has always happened recently, and Lin Suer couldn’t figure it out. What are you busy with?

After she hung up the phone, she looked at Bo Qingang’s phone number on the screen of her mobile phone. Bo Qingang was always the one who cared about her the most, but now she was dizzy and recovered to call Bo Qingang. He actually No answer, this really makes her feel extremely complicated.

Ouyang Luo followed her all the time, watching Lin Su’er look a little disappointed, and was about to persuade her to say something, when he saw Lin Suer’s face solemnly scratching the phone, as if he was looking at something, he leaned in strangely and saw The photos on Lin Suer’s phone were also shocked.

Lin Su’er suddenly saw a hot search popping out, and the words “Bo Shao” were very conspicuous, especially the words Xiao Mengqiu that followed, which stinged her eyes a bit. She clicked on the hot search without thinking about it. , But I didn’t expect to see these photos.

In this hot search report, many photos of Zhang Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu were posted. The two went to various places very intimately, holding hands, eating together, going to Bo Qingang’s company, and even going to the Ang’s home. A property under his name stayed overnight together. These photos showed Bo Qingcheng’s profile face and his front face, including his back.

In each photo, the clothes of the two are different, indicating that they are not photos taken on the same day.

And Lin Suer can also see that these photos have not been ps, and this person is indeed Bo Qingang, not a fake news fabricated.

In other words, he has been with Xiao Mengqiu these few days, and he hasn’t answered his phone!

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